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  1. Not much else to report besides gloop and dry. I'm doing the cloth in sections, and allowing a good cure since I can't go green, as it were. Slower, maybe not as good, but well suited to short windows below 90f. I must start a new thread about what's been up. This boat is baby stepping along on the epoxy's schedule.
  2. Alright. I'm almost done with a base coat that should provide no clue as to what is to come, so I will post a pic of the totally built boat later, after the bottom paint dries enough to roll her back. The economy cloth is so light and open, my I unthinned porch and floor paint was dripping through the weave to the inside! I had to watch for drips on the inside! Haha. Anywho. It really is done, and a real live boat, almost. Can't quite float, yet, but in a few more coats...
  3. Good gravy, y'all, I finally got some darn glass on this boat. I forgot how much I hate sheathing with glass, but my wife and I can still lay it down, Jack. I had a go alone, and it was no bueno, so I had the brains help. My wife is awesome, y'all. She is a mixing, ooring wonder. There are some awkward slants and vertical spots to gloop, y'all, and she just dripped along right in front of my squeegee. Magic, y'all. I got a whole bunch stuck down nice and tight, with very little extra resin. Happy. Next layer will slightly overlap the last, which will be coarsely sanded to fair and ready for bond. Then the transom and extra bottom/lower chine layer, and the stem layers, which will be biaxial cut from scraps... I really hate doing glass on separate days, but it is what it is, with this crazy hot weather. I also built that punt, already wrecked it, and am now effecting repairs. Also, repairing the kids pirogue in preparation for the big camping trip. And, I'm really, really about to sew in my kayak's coaming. I may achieve the record for slowest continuous duration build ever. I'll get some pictures up when I go take them. Peace, Robert
  4. Awe. Some. We took my mom, because she wanted to make sure she could go one last time, and oldest son and I were checking out the ships. They are very nice. It would be cool to watch those guys work, eh? Thanks for the heads up, Frank. Peace, Robert
  5. Sorry, bud, no experience whatever. I have always only used paint or varnish. Peace, Robert
  6. Personally, I'd rather the camp. I think maybe I'd be more inclined to laser focus on the boat if there were no other distractions, including finding food, and travel to and from lodgings. Easier to put in full days, and get good rest, you know? Plus, if you're in the sticks, no need to fear "missing" anything, because even small towns got cool stuff. Just my opinion, but I think it would be nicer. The atmosphere and all. Good luck, either way, and let us know what happens. Peace, Robert
  7. PAR, I sure ain't trying to argue. I ain't at all knowledgable about motor boats. I just thought to post the boats in question, to see them. These seem sort of like flat iron skiff skillets with roundish dory sides slapped on. The 16' and 19' power dories from The Book... Again, not advocating, just relaying them. This is a thread I can learn a bit from, I think... Peace, Robert
  8. What about "Grampus" for the whale's name? Chessie and Grampus sounds like a bluegrass duo. Plus, grampuses are cute. Well, for cetaceans. Peace, Robert
  9. Sure. Not to be that guy, but did you check The Dory Book? There's a 16 x 5'5" semi dory and a 20 x 5'9" semi dory in there. Both have outboards in wells, but that's easy to fix, eh? The 16 is claimed to be able to handle a 25... I can put up the lines and offsets if you need. Or, I can keep digging, too. This sounds a fun project.
  10. Dave, You want a rowboat, sailboat, motorboat? And you mean a skiff, like a real transom, like a Lowells skiff, or what have you? I have a ton of old crap to dig through, including lots of lines and offsets of interesting boats I hand drew or copied. Sounds like a fun project. I love lapstrake. I like cutting the bevels and gains... Anyway, we'll get you rolling, somehow.
  11. Dude. That was worth the effort visually. That looks pretty darn slick...
  12. Shoot, man, sorry. I got mine from my grandpa. Just buy one with some decent steel in the blade. If they don't specify the metal, don't buy it. Or, go buy an old on from a second hand shop, yard sale, swap meet, etc., and get to work on it. And, yes, your clamps will work great. Check them every few to make sure they stay tight. Peace, Robert
  13. This may shock some of you, but the boat is really progressing. I am doing an elaborate paint scheme I don't want to ruin, but suffice to say the patching is basically complete, and I put several in actual wear spots, so win/win. I may put on a few more for grins, and I may still do a false seam or two, also for grins. The coaming is painted and smoothed, and getting more paint. It will be an integral part of the livery, so no sneak peaks of it, either. The paddle is also progressing slowly. We have had an oppressive heat wave, nearby wildfire, and I have had two run races just occur. Still, eking it out... Peace, Robert Perhaps after this build I should become the Action Tortoise instead? Nah! Male cats are plenty lazy and slow moving until the action starts...
  14. 8" knife would be a fine all around tool, and none too big for a paddle. Now you're going to need a shaving horse, too. Peace, Robert
  15. Man, Pete, you are humbling and inspiring. I always like the moment paint ties it all together. It looks really nice in there.
  16. Just be very careful. Planes are very addictive, too. Peace, Robert
  17. Yes. A very creepy, imdustrial, Chriatmas tree, but I'll go with that. That or a crazy 50s sci fi robot. Either way, looks like your about done watching glue dry on this one, eh?
  18. I checked out his blog. I'm all in. Shoot, I'm doing the same kind of silly thing my own self, for a different place, because I HATE being cold.
  19. I think a nicely executed steadying sail would look great on these boats. Too much sail makes a powerboat look sad, but just enough makes it look smart, I think. Peace, Robert
  20. Yes, I'm still fairing this stupid boat. The cheap ply had lots of little checks to fill, lots of wire holes left to fill. I'm really not trying to be too crazy, but on a bigger sailboat that will be around for a while, I think it best to take a little time. These seams need to look good before I glass them and try to clean it up after the fact. I've been repairing other boats, finishing the kid's punt with them, and working on the other bits for this boat, like foils and spars, too. Just stuck in a big progress eddy, no big deal. Peace, Robert
  21. Oh, I meant the bit crazy part. It'll get better... I think an axe handle is a fine tiller, and a great multi use tool in Alaska. Bring a bit! I'm anxious to see this project unfold. Peace, Robert
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