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  1. See, my wife new what she was getting. My goal remains to be the most responsible, least "mature" person I can be. I think my wife stays around because I amuse her. Peace, Robert
  2. Dave, everyone needs a canoe. Or pirogue. I think your boat would look AMAZING with a darker sheer strake. Do you still love her, by the by? And the paint job in question, on this fine looking canoe? Agreed. Classy. Elegant. It really looks just right. Nice work Abyssdncr! Peace, Robert
  3. Building a boat is the slowest, dumbest way to get a boat. It's also the best. Think of the time away as a recharge. Imagine how excited you will be when you get back at it. Meanwhile, sneak in there and look every now and again. You did that. Good work. Peace, Robert
  4. Wow! You should be proud. That looks great! Peace, Robert
  5. And you're funny, too?! Awesome! Welcome to the gang... Peace, Robert P.S. Are you selling your high quality sawdust on eBay? I had a friend sold an I assembled sand castle once. Really. Bag of sand.
  6. bagarre, those look like laminated bows. They really turned out nice. Not sure which I like better. Do you have a preference? Dave, Are you going to REALLY try now? I know you've been phoning it in so as not to embarrass the rest of us, too much. Me? Oh, I just might surprise everyone someday by making something what ain't been painted and puttied half to death. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  7. Hi. If you want to talk Kudzu, go to that board, because there isn't a lot of wandering around here. That said, welcome, welcome, welcome. Peace, Robert
  8. Russell, I prefer to call it a Perspective Chair. Stay positive! Pretty soon you can write your own country song, called I Built a Sweet Looking Boat, Baby. I think good songs always have Baby in the title, right? Either way, keep it up. You are getting so very close... Peace, Robert
  9. Just so you know, you are one lucky fella! Quite some fantasticly rich life you've built there. By which I mean your family and friends and neighbors, brother. Make sure you take all them dudes for a sail! Awesome work. Just keep swimming! Peace, Robert
  10. Glassed the other half last night. One more piece to cover the entire bottom spanning from upper chine to upper chine. The upper parts of the boat will just be covered in one layer of 4oz glass to hold checking. This stuff is structure and protection rolled into one, as the design calls for two layers of glass over the chines. One more layer of glass, then some fill coats, then some primer, then I can sand again! Yea! Peace, Robert
  11. So, you're saying I should make my keel strip a little taller? Hehe. I am more impressed with the boat after hearing these stories than I was before, and I was quite enamoured before. Oh, I'm baby stepping toward getting to mine. Sigh... Peace, Robert
  12. Dude. Crazy. Makes me so happy I backed into owning one of these boats. Oh, and the seat hatches ARE marvelous designs. I've been studying my plans. Lots of brains in there! Peace, Robert
  13. I agree. I forget sometimes, but I do like to hit the like. Watch this. Peace, Robert
  14. I learned to roll in the pool, too! I still launch every kayak I build in grandmas pool, just for the ceremonial effect. Peace, Robert
  15. Okay. Let's clear the air. I thought Steve meant Chick, but he meant Google. I believe we can all agree Google is not all it could be. Chick you may be mushy. I am definitely mushy in the head, strong in the body, and I have no idea what political thing I am. Humanist? I like the people. In summation: I'm dumb, humor translates poorly on the computer, and Steve is building a cool boat Google is making it hard for him to share. And, really, I think we are all cool enough here. Nobody says offensive things or takes offense too easily, I don't think. This forum is like a unicorn. I am amazed, honestly, at the high caliber of people on this board. Maybe I don't really belong here? I'm sorry for any worries I caused with my rusty German. Especially to you, Steve. Now, then, boat on? I'm prepping to glass some later, because the 100s seem gone... Peace, Robert
  16. Those whitish spots are filler. Epoxy mixed with talcum powder looks just like starved glass when you use it as a filler. It will drive you mad. Luckily, this epoxy doesn't foam too badly when you drive it around for about 58 miles before you let it settle... Peace, Robert
  17. Fiberglass, Fiberglass, does what ever Fiberglass does. It's like a web, any size, but don't get caught, because it's itchy as... Look out, here comes the Fiberglass! One half of the hull has 6oz cloth. The other half is about to get some, too. Then, both halves will be covered on the bottom with one more layer, so two layers of 6oz on bottom. Whee!
  18. Oh, she is very long. Gosh, I ain't had a boat this long in a while, in fact. I will probably just polish the whole boat off before I paddle her. I still have the paddle to finish, and I want to make a spray skirt that matches the paint. I am happy to report the fabric was pretty snug when I sewed it up, and a little iron had it drum tight. Two coats of porch and floor has filled all the weave. There are a few pinholes to schmear, but it's all good. The paint job is progressing nicely, too, by the by.
  19. Pete, That is one reason we always do glass on the cooling of the day. My wife and I did half a 20 footer the other day, and are doing the second half in a bit. Not a CS 20 footer. Mine is only 17 feet, and waiting patiently presently. Luckily, my wife has been helping mix and squeegee gloop for some years. I mostly just have to keep moving, keep,pointing, and keep quiet. Nice to have a great partner, eh? Good luck on the second half. Peace, Robert
  20. Oh, Google is crazy. I totally follow you. And Chick. I had no idea what you meant in your rant. Stupid German grandparents made me learn their language, though, und ich habe es nicht vergessen. Chick, by the by, is awesome. Me? Kind of doofy. Peace, Robert
  21. Englisch , soweit ich weiß , mit Ausnahme von ein Wort Deutsch . während ein Seitenhieb auf ihre matschig liberalen metality nehmen . Just read this. Not sure he's a mushy liberal, just trying to be funny. Some of us older folks don't speak too much computer. Peace, Robert
  22. Okay, it's a boat. It needs a bit of painting, yet, to be sure.
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