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  1. You guys know my MIL’s name is Sandy? Seriously. I been sanding, too. Peace, Robert
  2. If I don’t call it stealing, how can I pretend to be a pirate? Yar! Peace, Robert
  3. Damn. Stealing that technique. See? There’s a reason it took me so long to put windows in my boat. Windows? Yep. Okay, truthfully, the ports on the Frolic are done, but the new boat will certainly be done with trim rings, ala Oyster. Okay, well that’s a lie, too. The next boat already has its ports laid out, too, and they will also be ringless... The trim washer/faucet washer deal, though... Peace, Robert
  4. Working on details. Too smoky from the fire to go outside. Ken, the motorized one will be a copy of an Austin 7 Ulster with a 200cc engine... Peace, Robert
  5. Elliptical deadlights. Or successively larger round deadlights. Maybe three? Either would look classy on this little sweetheart. Peace, Master Of Aesthetics
  6. Molds? That’s balsa, there. :) Spose it would be much easier to just gloop stuff into a mold... I always do things the hard way. Which, the car model progresses. Peace, Robert
  7. Footy RC boat. Waiting for a bulb. Once the RC is figured, it can be mounted, and the deck put on. The topsides will be white, with a gold bootstripe. Peace, Robert
  8. It’s not like I ain’t busy. Peace, Tiny Stuff Maker
  9. I will tone down the cyber attacks, Frank. Sorry. Seriously, what them two said. I have a great idea, actually. I can sell a boat and donate the proceeds. Win win. Then I have to build another boat! Peace, Robert
  10. Wait. Why does the house look so wonky? Chick, my buddy and I have always maintained the difference between a pro builder and an amateur is that a pro knows how to fix errors. Or, rather, how to seamlessly integrate unplanned variables into the finished package. Reading these threads just makes me more angry we don’t live in Luxembourg, or somesuch. Shoot! Even I could drive all the way across Luxembourg to visit friends for a day or two. This big old patchwork monster we inhabit? Shoot, it’s a day or two to get across it! Hahaha. One day, Brother, I hope we get to giggle and fuss and carry on with our dumb jokes and puns around a burning pile of tree bones on a stretch of finely ground rocks, adjacent to a body of liquid life. Until then, well, thankfully we got forums! I got mad love for you Chick. You’ve become a real friend, buddy. Thanks for all it. Mostly for just being a real guy. Just a normal, real guy, like allus. You’re a good example to follow, Brother. Even if you can’t cut straight. ? Peace, Robert
  11. Oy! Sorry, you lot. The past few months have sucked the life out of me, but I’m better. Sorta. Plus, I also got a spate of real work, which is nice. There is a pic attached of something I’m making. 3/16” pine boards gotten out from the tree by hand. Chop, split, plane, (hand)saw, chisel, file, scrape. And, we’re in the midst of a 30 day stretch of 100f plus temps, with overnights in the 70-80s. This is not brilliant epoxy weather. Haha. Lately, though, it’s the fire. There is a BIG one close by, and we’ve already helped a few friends evacuate. But! Just yesterday I shaped the forward end of the rubrails a bit, and got out the rudder blade and leeboard for sanding today. They’re getting faired, and paint prepped. Peace, Robert P.S. I have been eking out a model of the body style I intend to use for the pedal car. Yes, I have many irons in the fire. Shoot, this ain’t even mentioned all the softball daughter’s been playing. You know, in softball when a girl hits a homerun, they give it to the folks? I got two, so far this summer...
  12. Thanks, Chick. You know what REALLY hurts. I wish Paul would come along and give me some grief... I love all youse guys. Peace, Robert
  13. What the hay. On Memorial Day, a lifelong friend took his own. Then, two Sundays ago, my children’s life long friend was gunned down in an attempted robbery. He was shot in the back of the head. Old Goofy Robert is kinked up tight, y’all. Boats just seem pretty frivolous, right now. Thankfully, I have all y’all to pull me through, and shove me along. I reflect on all the coulda should wouldas in life, and realize I need to. Peace, Robert
  14. Oaracle is the yardstick, And Gary’s adventures have informed a few of my choices. Thank You For The reminder and gentle nudge. We have been beset by a few tragedies in the family, though, and everything has been on total hold in my world for some time. Peace, Robert
  15. Stupid Moby Dick. I don’t know why I keep reading it. I know what happens... And, yes, that is meant to be Ahab lashed to the flank. Oops. Spoiler alert! I don’t generally sport fish, but I do fish for food, and when I do I’m generally sporting about it. When in Rome, though, eh? Anyway. Peace, Robert
  16. Tell her she hasn’t lived until she’s broken both at the same time. My collar bone count stands at twice on the right, and five times on the left, plus both rotator cuffs long gone. Both joints are wonky now. I can’t, for example, reach back to the back seat and grab something. Ahem. What’s worse is road rash. Did she get any? Lose any ink? I’ve done that, too! Haha. Also, remind her this is a chance to get better with her left hand. If I hadn’t broke my wrist so many times, I wouldn’t be ambidextrous. And, seriously, my best regards. I hope she’s fine, and I hope she gets her bike fixed. Or a new one! Peace, Robert Oh, yeah, boat stuff, too. But aren’t spouses what it’s all about?
  17. Pictures? Been doing detail crap stuff. Ugh. Attached upper leeboard guard/brace and filleted it. It’s getting a layer of glass just to give a solid, check free paint surface. And Tom protect the end grain, a bit. The rudder blade is basically done, save the fill/fair/file. The file is for the after edge, to get it crisp! Same same with leeboard. The little ear that the pulldown lanyard tugs On is jo8ned to the board by a joint, glue, two long stainless screws, and about 15 layers of 4 Oz glass each side and in the crotch of the bend. The rest of the board was covered, and the leading edge given a few extra layers for good measure. She’s about tomthe fill/fair/file phase, too. And, I needed a cleat for the green skiff, so I made this. Still needs the fluke/fairleads attached. Hehe. Also, another small, goofy boat is coming together. Yes, this thing keeps getting delayed, but I also keep running out of money. Stupid work. Hehe. Did I mention my daughter hit a three run homer on father’s day? Or, that I’m the speed and conditioning coach for a softball team, somehow? Or that I unloaded a boat to a cat with a private pond we can fish? Youngest Son caught a big bass out of there. California big, but nonetheless and honest 5-6 pounds. My fist fit into its mouth easily! Odd fish. Anyway. Oh! I also got some hand me down sailcloth from my sailmaker buddy to make the mizzen from. Free is my favorite color... Baby stepping. Peace, Robert Oh. It’s also summer, which cuts an honest 4-6 hours out of each day. 105 is not time to be glassing. Nor grinding... Haha.
  18. Alex, I used these directions. I didn’t stitch around, as the grommet is in tension constantly, but on strops I do sew around. Peace, Robert
  19. The trick to long boarding by “hand” is to use the body. It’s like throwing a ball. The arm mostly holds the ball and the body does all the whipping of the arm. Same same with the long board. I call it the hula. Enough sway in the hips and the arms just hold on and apply a little pressure. Just in case. Peace, Robert This curing drives me nuts, sometimes. The orange boat is not a spot where things are being glassed in small areas, and I have to wait to feather the layers as I go. It’s tedious, but really the best way. It is the sole reason I always have some easily stopped/started side project. For the waiting...
  20. If you’re gumming up, you’re spinning too fast with too fine (which, I don’t think 120 is) or you’re not cured yet. PAR set me straight with a ton of literature on epoxy not long ago, and I learned that it cures over time. Sometimes it takes 48 hours, sometimes it takes 100. It’s like paint, though, in that “dry” doesn’t mean “cured” necessarily. Just wait a few days. I just took some 120 to my long suffering leeboard, faring glass and smoothing the schmootz, and it never clogged. It cut clean and left a very smooth surface, in fact, which surprised me a bit, actually. Yes, I was using the wood eraser, not the long board. And, yes, 120 grit paper, on a 7” disc, spinning 500rpm will just eat away your knee, too. I got me a doozy of a scab to prove it. Peace, Robert
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