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  1. Shoot. I didn't mention the paint job is coming along, too. Seriously, I am getting pretty close to launching this bad boy. Probably in grandmas pool, just like so many others over the years... Hey, it's where I learned to roll. But, I can't roll anymore. Anyway, this paint job is going to be awesome. I had my doubts, but it has turned from iffy to okay. Soon. Very, very, soon. Peace, Robert
  2. Sorry about your dad, but happy about your dad, too, you know? What a great thing to do together, what a memory to have. What a nice way to spend time together, spending time together, you know? May you build many more together... But this. What a special boat! Thank you for sharing the personal aspect, which makes your boat that much cooler. Peace, Robert
  3. Before I thin the blades all the way down to the final thickness, I'm gluing on some polyester cords. The cords wrap around the tip and cover the last lamination by an inch, or so. Mostly, the cord is an attempt to protect the endgrain with a little "armor". The little grooves will be filled with some thickened epoxy before I finish the paddle. No, it won't look terrible, because I planned to put a little flair on the ends with a brightly colored tip design of some sort. I think a blond paddle with white turkshead knots as drip guards and painted tips will look fancy. Or, it will look terrible. The boat is yellow with green trim, so I'm thinking yellow tips with a thin green stripe... Oh, this is the euro style paddle I'm making for the kids boat. Peace, Robert
  4. Oh, for sure. I'm making it for my oldest son to use in his pirogue. I'm still working on the paddle for this firefly, too. I hesitate to say my, because I'm beginning to realize my paddling days are numbered, if not behind me... Well, I will gift it to someone, or donate it to be raffled or somesuch. Yes, after I paddle it a few times! I'm a little limited in paddling time, not dead or stupid. Just gotta keep the hours low. That said, I am working on some new stretches and strength exercises to keep my back together a while longer. And no, paddling doesn't help, the twisting actually exacerbates my issue quite a bit. Building boats for other people doesn't hurt, though... Anywho, back to the kids boats, and one more coat of red. Shoot! I gave a hint! Peace, Robert
  5. Okay. If anyone remembers the camo job on my freeb, this camo job is coming along the same way. It is almost at the point that it doesn't look horrific again, but it was touch and go for a minute, there... I have been working on a lot of other stuff, including a euro paddle (eek!) and some boats for the kids, but also just stuck in the throes of an intricate paint job. I will be able to launch soon, though, to be honest, paddling has become harder and harder for me. I need a backiotomy! Peace, Robert
  6. Maybe smoodging a little in the notches would be okay, but I wouldn't want to manhandle oiled frames. I'm pretty sure enough will wick in to protect the joint if you really slather it on. Also, as Jeff said, the inside of a well cared for and stored boat will be fine. Just keep swimming! Peace, Robert
  7. I had to look up that word. Mistake. Strange word. Never made one, so I had no idea what it meant. Har har. Haw haw. Shoot, if I were a lady, I'd be called Miss Take! Hehe. Pete, you remain awesome. Period. The admission, the repair, the attitude. We don't just come here to learn the technique of building boats, you know, but sometimes the other skills. You are a fine teacher, Pete. Now, about that whale... Puff? Kind of train themed, kind of whale themed. I'm thinking of how a whale exhalation looks sort of like a steam train... Plus, Puff and Chessy, Chessy and Puff. Either way it sounds pretty okay. My boat is shy one chunk of glass, but the Queen Mixer decided to open a ghastly wound on her thumb pad. The good news is, mine ain't near as complicated a finish as yours. The bad news is, as soon as I finish my boat, there's another waiting! Tough problems, eh? Peace, Robert
  8. Good gracious. I ain't made a euro style paddle in a while, y'all. I'm down to the 150, then some 220. Sandpaper. The tips will get a few strands of epoxy soaked polyester threads wrapped around the very edges, as much to stave off splitting as protect the ends. Oh, and, of course, turkshead knots... Peace, Robert
  9. So, after those coaming builds, you weren't prepared for frustration? I know what you mean, though. These things are done, and it's time to paddle! The finish on my baidarka is coming along better than I hoped, but also slower. Intricate paint schemes almost always do... The sharpie idea is brilliant. I draw on everything with sharpie, but never thought of cloth on a boat. Well, no I for sure have to build a castaway. Then I can draw a Chinese carp on the skin with all the scales and all. Oooh... Your boats look great, and two tone would be super cool... Peace, Robert
  10. Well, why do anything the easy way on these two, eh? You've put in a tremendous amount of effort, and it is truly paying off. I love the little paw prints. Peace, Robert P.S. I once did a cotton duck covered boat that I coated with a few coats of orange shellac, then sealed up with varnish. It looked a lot like real skin.
  11. Many of the movements required to roll and self rescue I have difficulty doing anymore, since I wrecked my back, which is one reason I only ever paddle calm water I can stand up in anymore. Don't get old, and don't jump your bike. Peace, Robert
  12. Now you're thinking like a real addict. Peace, Robert
  13. You can always make a few paddles to satisfy the built jones while you figure it out. They are pretty relaxing and cheap to make... Peace, Robert
  14. That thwart looks mighty handy to lean a fish pole against while you paddle over to some stick up, or bed, or somesuch to fetch a little snack. That seat looks comfy enough to paddle all day. Stretch your hamstrings a lot, it helps with sitting legs out in front. Peace, Robert
  15. Fat guy in a little boat? Not so much here, or here, but RIGHT here... Man, I love you more and more every day! Peace, Robert
  16. Yeah, Jeff. He relayed on his build thread his experiment with the taller seat. There is much subtle humor in Anyssdncr's posts. I really love his style. The canoe is gorgeous, by the by, Jeff. Peace, Robert
  17. Chris, No hard feelings. I will continue to follow your excellent progress and fine work, but, respectfully, silently. I am truly sorry to have offended you. It goes against everything I stand for to hurt another person. I wish you nothing but happiness and continued success. Peace, Robert
  18. Gosh, that is a beautiful picture. Quite a sky! Peace, Robert
  19. Russell, I think you mean to cap the coaming. These are some rough sketches. The caps I've used have all been solid wood, and simple caps, like the one on the top left, but a rebated cap would also work well and look snazzy. A false rebate, of sorts, can be made by using a top cap, and a separate piece of wood on the side. For the shapely ends, you can either laminate thinnish strips of solid wood to the shape, then scarf them into the solid caps, or you could cut a solid piece to the curvy shape, and use one solid piece of wood. These solid wood end pieces would also be scarfed into the other cap piece(s). Anywho, that's what I would do for that problem. I hope I was helpful. Peace, Robert
  20. I think we're on the same page, now. Give me a bit to sketch up an idea or two and I'll put them up here. I'm thinking you want to cover the coaming top with a cap of some sort to protect the ply edge. Peace, Robert
  21. Well, I'm a little gun shy, now, but... Russell, can you post a pic of the area you're trying to cover/fix. I'm having trouble visualizing the aft ply you are trying to cover, but I'd like to be able to try to offer some advice, or my idea, or ideas. Anyway, you're boat is looking fantastic, so I'm sure you'll figure out a good way, too. Peace, Robert
  22. Chris, I apologize for offending you. I am trying to build a B and B boat, by the by. I will refrain from commenting further on your great work. Sorry, Robert
  23. Ah, but a good canoe is all those things...
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