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  1. I have been following along. This is a good thread. The questions and answers are valuable, because sometimes a person asks a question another wouldn't even think of, and often questions and answers span multiple builds, here. That is, the techniques being discussed are transferable. There is a lot of good boatbuilding advice in this thread, lots of good technical instruction. Very, very cool. You are doing a great job, Walt. Just keep swimming! Peace, Robert
  2. Graham, I used to think you were cool. Now I KNOW you are. Though I dug they grey, I really think the red is fab. Beautiful. Peace, Robert
  3. I have used orange shellac as an undercoat to give color before. I used it on cotton canvas, though, but it may work on synthetics. Peace, Robert
  4. I, too, am terminal. I like this forum mostly because everyone else understands. I've spent my life making stuff. My job description. I make stuff, mainly out of wood. And I will fix a bike or paint a kitchen... Whilst in college, way back before computers, a friend found an old cedar canvas canoe and some books in the library. Rebuilding a canoe is fun. Then I learnt how to make kayaks by eye, to fit, using body measurements. Then I learned how to loft boats, which is pretty easy for a person with my art and draughting training. Then, I built a boat to plans someone else drew. Now, I can't stop. Something about boats I enjoy making most. I do thank you all for the cyber friendship. It's nice to have this little Barber Shop. Peace, Robert P.S. How could I forget to mention you, Ken?! Never start naming names. Hehe...
  5. Ah, crud. I feel like I won an award and left people off my acceptance speech. Everyone is welcome to my parties! Especially you, Bob! High school. Heh. I remember being covered in paint and glue and grease. There were other people there, too, and some of them smelled nice. I was BUSY, though. Actually, the only difference between now and then is I don't HAVE ago be anywhere, ever, really. Well, I did get married and have the kids and all, but I DO the same stuff. Just slower, and closer to the ground. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  6. Offense? I was trying to politely call myself a dumb butt! Ha! I'm probably the smartest alec, that's for sure. This place is a unicorn. It is an unspoiled anchorage. I have grown very fond of the folks on here. So much so, I'm really missing PAR coming along to crack me up. I love to come here and read about the other weird boat guys somewhere else. Most people just tell me I'm nuts. And Chick, messing ain't all that bad, but serial building. In wood? That constitutes a serious weirdo! You are always welcome to comment or whatever on any thread I ever post anywhere, man. You've got a great attitude, and seem a nice fella. Ditto, Dave. Youse guys are great. Peace, Robert
  7. Being the dumb variety, as I feel I have well proven, I cannot conjur a smart response. I don't think. Heh heh. Peace, Robert
  8. They are pretty, but now I will snob out, just a bit. For most decorative stuff, I use cotton, mostly because a really thinned out clear will soak in well, locking the knot in place. Also because I can get really tight knots that aren't prone to slipping. Synthetic fibers is slick, you know? I actually do a fair amount of knot work, and have cords in various sizes laying around. Well, they're in a bag. My second choice would be polyester cord, and for some small stuff I prefer it. So called Venetian Blind Cord is great for coachwhipping and cockscombing and whatnot. Or any lanyard or sennit type work in smaller sizes. I always paint my knots, though, even if just with clear, to really lock them into place. Oh, and be extra careful with paddles. They are so easy and quick, you might just start making them like a habit. Peace, Robert Oh, the knots are to be green, to match the stripe in the blades, and trim on the boat. I was told. Hehe.
  9. Your lift shows your stuff, if you will. You had an idea, listened to advice and experience, changed your idea, and came up with something much better than the sum of the parts. Your system fits your situation, but it also demonstrates HOW to fit a system to a situation, and how to calmly and rationally think a problem through, and then come up with the INDIVIDUAL solution for the situation. Just brilliant. These are the trials of home builders. Your lift also shows that no matter how smart we get, we still need good friends! All those guys deserve a nice little cruise with you. This is an excellent thread, Pete. A fantastic document, despite my repeated attempts to tarnish it with my "wisdom". I have learned much about how to compose my own build threads, and how to best document my own CoreSound, erm, rebuild. I'm still building up the kitty and scratching my head about a few things... Thanks for entertaining my comments and suggestions. Long live Puff! Peace, Robert
  10. Zibodo, It would make it much easier to answer questions with pictures, too. Most of us aren't very familiar with the details of all the boats, but some have enough experience to make judgment calls and give advice with enough info, and you know how many words a picture is worth, right? It sounds like you're fine. Some of the frames are placed at odd spacings in my firefly, too, so I'm sure it's meant that way. A picture or two really would help everyone help you, and learn from you, better. Nice work on the stringers, by the by. Keep it up! Peace, Robert
  11. Three coats yellow, sanded smooth with 220 between coats. Three more coats, then I put on the green stripes. Then I will clear over the whole works. With 496 coats, and some wax. I'm not playing, this time. Still not sure about the knots. I'm thinking white, but I'm also thing red, white, and blue. Is that too much? Peace, Robert
  12. Dang. I just laughed loudly and scared the heck out of the pup. I'm really going to have to be on my "A" game to live up to a title like Tiger Tails! The stories always do, I just hope I can convey them. Oh, I am for sure using it, because it fits so well. Heh, heh. Tiger Tails. Honestly, I am rarely the cause of the mischief, but I always end up in the middle. Luckily, I am a solution guy, so I generally save the day. After I swear and panic. Truth be told, my swears are all g rated, so they kind of sound dirtier, somehow. Hehe. Gosh, I sure do like all y'all. So glad I found a place a weirdo like me can be appreciated. Or, at least laughed at out of earshot. Peace, Robert
  13. Well, you are getting WRC somewhere, there. Why not try a fence and deck place? Or a wholesale supplier of fencing and decks? Lots of two by stuff in the outdoor deck market, less in the fences. I mostly, like I said, get cedar and sequoia from a fence and deck guy. Big stacks come on a train from somewhere. All that jazz. He pulls out nice stuff for me as he piles up orders because I bribe him with gifts. For, pine, and ash I only use local stuff, but other stuff I get from a yard. Now, cypress would be cool. A regional flair, if you will. I intend to build a castaway for a friend of mine next spring, maybe I'll get him to spring for some stringers and a kit, save me all the unpleasant work. Either way, I think you are on a good track. I think these stringers could make the difference for some people, and I think a "complete" kit is a cool idea. And a great thing to take to your classes, eh? I wish you much luck, as always. Peace, Robert
  14. Well, the kids and I decided to replace the pirogue they had with a larger punt type craft. "We" did all the work together, which was nice, actually. I mean, they kidded their way through, but they are kids, so... Then, "we" decided to fix the pirogue, after all. And build a new paddle for the pirogue, too. Meantime, I have been doing little fiddly bits on my big boat, and working on the intricate paint job I decided to apply to my kayak. I have a few stories to share about the punt type craft I will have to assemble and put up on the board... Peace, Robert
  15. Shoot, I never mentioned how happy I am you took Puff. Happy to help, glad I could. Peace, Robert
  16. Pete, that is going to be the PERFECT green. I can envision the car, and see the boat corollary. Will you have a buff bimini? Your boat will be lovely all done up. I have a feeling it may be one of those rare 20cm boats. As in, yep, 20cm away, and it still looks good... Incidentally, I've been fixing my kid's little pirogue, and we chose yellow with green rails. I'll post some shots on the main forum. I've been neglecting my build, er builds... Keep on keeping on. Your persistent effort is inspiring, or humbling. Well, it makes me get to work on my own projects! Peace, Robert
  17. It might be cheaper to order rough 2 by stuff, Jeff. Less work on the wood itself generally means less cost per board, and you have the tools to clean it up. Plane it to 1 1/2" rip it to 5/8, then rip the rest down. Fence and deck suppliers are the way to go for that stuff, probably. I get cedar and sequoia from a fence and deck guy, and in small amounts from a local mill. Fence guy does the old CPO routine for me, for a small up charge. I get clean wood pretty cheap. My fir, pine and ash all comes from small local mills. Peace, Robert
  18. What time on the 27th? You mean a dark green, like a forest green? Sounds like a lovely livery. I think that dark strake at the sheer really makes the look, too. I am really looking forward to seeing this paint job finished and you on the home stretch. You remain inspiring, Pete, and your boat is turning out beautifully. I'm secretly hoping you do go with bright accents, too. Peace, Robert
  19. I also noticed the "next". Awesome! I enjoyed watching the expedition sailing canoe come to life, and look forward to this build. You do a great job of story boarding, if you will, the build in pictures, Alan. Thanks. Honestly, the WAY you document is as inspiring and informational as the content. I never tire of watching these brilliant boats be unfolded. Peace, Robert
  20. I imagine I can post whatever I want on my own thread, so I may as well finish this paddle biz, here, eh? The tips have been over-filled to allow fairing into the blades, and the possible paint lines have been marked. These should look nice in yellow with DARK green trim stripes, eh? Stripes will basically follow the pencil lines and the ends will be yellow. Everything inboard will be bright. And, progress continues on the firefly. When I unveil it, you will all understand why the paint job, at least, took so long. Peace, Robert
  21. Meh. So it goes, so it goes. Meanwhile, I really like that top shot, with the bow in it. It is nicely framed and composed, plus the boats are showcased well. Here's to many happy journeys in your boats together! Peace, Robert
  22. Just awesome. Congratulations. Out of curiosity, what does raining mean? Heh. Drought joke. Peace, Robert
  23. Scientifically calculated to be the optimal placement for the knots. Yes, there's one down yonder, too. This is a really thin coat of clear, to lock them in place. They will eventually be painted, as well. I'm not sure how. Maybe white, maybe yellow to match, maybe yellow and black, maybe red, white, and blue. Maybe...
  24. Here's a better view of the ends of the blades, and a decent idea of the spoon shape of the blades, such as there is... It's down to the 220, so it's time to,put on some turkshead drip ring knots, and fill and paint the tips. The cords will be lightly filled with thickened epoxy, then shaped all nice and smooth before the paint. Then, varnish on the blades to the knots, and oil on the shaft between the knots. Peace, Robert P.S. Work in the baidarka paddle also continues, but it is hand carving, not disc sanding.
  25. I'm taking it to the extreme. I'm going to let these panels "set" for a few more months before I start up again on old number 55. Make sure it's all cured really well. Of course, anyone following my latest Kudzu build will know I can take a LOOOOONG time to build a boat. Or three. Can't wait to see Carlita in her actual livery... Peace, Robert
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