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  1. That looks AMAZING. What a lot of careful work! You should be proud. Peace, Robert
  2. Well, I'm not sure we got enough sheer in there, but it's close enough for a town this size, eh? I'm going to finish up the epoxy parts today, then Junior is a full partner. He already helped rip out the wales, chop false frame head "spacers" for the slotted inwale, and trace, cut, and laminate the bits for the breasthook and knees. The little guy is a workhorse, and a slave driver. I will always set aside all my junk for the kids, though. Peace, Robert
  3. I always blame everything on TC/ICP protocol transit algorithm. I try to backfeed the processor network to unspool the drive. Sometimes works. I have no idea what the heck goes on inside those wizard boxes. Peace, Robert
  4. Pete, Please make sure to brag that you are tougher than a well built oak stool. And always emphasize you snapped it over your thigh! Seriously, that stool makes it seem more serious that I thought. I'm really glad you aren't really hurt, and Chessie lived. I hope your trailer is perfect! Peace, Robert
  5. I will leave my aluminum canoe, then. Seriously, what better place to play dueling banjos than there? Maybe I'll have to bring a regular guitar, too... Peace, Robert
  6. I've been trying to memorize what you wrote. I decided using notes makes me look not as smart as all that. Seriously, I'm going to use that on my computer nerd buddy. Is it exif, or e,x,i,f? Do you word the acronym, or say the letters? I want to sound legit. By the way. I posted a photo just now. It is so easy to do. This forum really did nudge me back onto the web. But, I'm still not facebooking, sorry. Peace, Robert
  7. Okay. This is the model we are replicating for youngest son, who fell in love with boats this year. The real deal will be about 7 feet long, and have maybe 10 feet of sail area. Just enough to fart around with. This project is filling time while epoxy cures, and then, in a few days, as the primer and paint start to cure on the bottom, as I start to really wrap up my sailboat, dang it. Whoo-hoo. I'll put up some pics of the little boat when it goes 3D. Yes, we are going to paint it just like the model. Peace, Robert
  8. Don, Dang it, you are funny. At least, my kind of funny. I just do some dumb strum, and some banjo style finger picking, because we got the high string on top, too, dontcha know. Still, it's the playing what's mean, like real nasty and ear melting goodness. The uke is as happy and goofy as the ding dong what strums it. Be warned, though, the closest I can come to singing is a low, moaning, wail, somewhat akin to what a Bigfoot might make if caught in a painful trap. I'll just accompany the chorus instrumentally. I don't know if I'll ever be able to find that great of a hat, though... Peace, Robert
  9. Okay, okay. I know I said I was back on my other boat, and I am. Glass is curing now. Meantime, the tiny guy decided HE needs his own boat, and he's right. Luckily for him, the scrap pile was full, and we already had a model, and a rough plan to work from... I will post some pics of it here. Peace, Robert
  10. Honestly, I think oldest son is ready for a few road trips. And, if a guy had his little cuddly sailboat done, a small little tow vehicle ain't gonna eat too much gas, and it's only gas and food, because, of course you sleep in the boat on the way. See the sights. What's a few weeks to last the rest of a lifetime, eh? Meet some friends face to face. I'm really only kinda half joking. It COULD happen. I'd love to finger pick some bluegrass over there... Fingers crossed. I'm working hard on the boat again, so it should be done... Peace, Robert
  11. Banjo, eh? Dang. I'm a big fan of campfire music, and I play a mean ukulele. I'm going to have to try real hard to get there... Peace, Robert
  12. Thanks, Frank. Not even a big deal. That just means I'll wait to post the pics of me being goofy. I'm actually impressed as heck with myself that there really are such things as instructions in the picture file. Am I a hacker now? Thanks, brother. I may have mentioned it before, but this is quite a unique and wonderful forum. I do love it here, so. Thanks, again, Frank. Peace, Robert
  13. Okay, I am real dumb about computers. In fact, I ain't owned one since last millineum, and this is an iThing. See, this forum is so easy to use, I have never had any problems, except pictures. I figure it's been a few years, I should ask. Okay. When I put up pics I have taken landscape, they post fine. However, any pics I've taken portrait style always turn on their sides. I have tried editing the pics to be oriented landscape on the device, but it seems there is some embedded info or whathaveyou that insists the photo turn sideways on the forum. I got a few stories to post about how dumb I am, but I need the pics to prove it. This IS the Internet, after all. I'd like the pictures to orient properly, too, because I'm weird, I guess. Again, how can I get portrait style shots from my iThing to post without flopping over in shame? Peace, Robert
  14. NOBODY, can like 50 things... Peace, Robert
  15. Whoo. Okay, I'm back at it. I had to take a break and help the kids rebuild their boat, and build a new one with them. Oh, me we made a few paddles, too... Sooo, back to the "big" boat again, finally. The bottom got a good bath with the green scrubby and some water, even though this is a non blushing epoxy. Still. I gave it a good bath with lots of clean water and a scrubby. The over laps and edges are getting some sanding, and then a scuff sand everywhere to get the final layer of bottom glass a little tooth. I would have liked to have a good chemical bond, but this is just kind of for extra protection on the bottom, and if it scrapes off a little easier than the layer stuck to wood, more's the better, I guess. I will start to post some pictures again soon, as soon as something changes. Hehe:) Peace, Robert
  16. Per month/week/etc.? Or total amount? Per week. Get to mashing! Peace, Robert
  17. I have no advice to offer that hasn't been offered. Simply best wishes, and thanks you are fine. Peace, Robert
  18. Peace to you and your good neighbors, brother. Robert
  19. Alan, I've never met or spoken to you, but I've "spoken" to Graham in a few emails, and I've read your guys' posts on this board, seen your projects and read your advice. My conclusion is, you guys are awesome. Your post is classy. Indicative of the type of people you all are. You are really sorry that a hurricane has made it more difficult to take care of customers... I find that charming, and rare these days. I'm pleased you are all safe and sound, and clean!, and I hope the same for all the rest. Peace, Robert
  20. This is really nice, PAR. Just a very vivid description of what you did, and why. There is a bunch of information about boats right in this one post. I have learned a whole heap from you, and enjoyed a bunch of your humor. I also think you have a nice eye for boats. I like what I've seen from your board, that is. Thanks. Peace, Robert Doesn't a dory being a dory somewhat depend on the bottom, and the way it's made? I mean, a dory shape, but cross planked on bottom with chine logs isn't REALLY a dory anymore than a fore and aft planked boat is a sharpie, right? Aren't some of these little distinctions in terminology as much based on methodology as geography or whateverography? I always understood the bottom to be a vital part in a dory being a dory, all else being built from it, whatever the shape of the sides or whether upright or upside down on the horse. It seems I know exactly enough to not know much, as usual, eh?
  21. Shoot! Chick, I saw turkles for the first time ever on this lake on our recent trip. Two, maybe six inches across the shell, just putting their little heads up to breathe. Of course I didn't get a photo. Despite their reputation, turkles in a lake may be amongst the universe's most rapidly moving objects... But I thought of you when I saw the turkles. Peace, Robert
  22. By the by, I also SUP. And, yes, that takes a fair amount of balance. Keep your feet as wide as possible! Peace, Robert
  23. Both of these guys are professionals. And mental equals. Peace, Robert
  24. Peace to you all. We get fires, not hurricanes, but still. I'm thinking of you all, wishing you all the best. Peace, Robert
  25. New kid boat, rebuilt old kid boat, and some stir sticks. Short double is old, single is old, and two long doubles are new. The slender doubles are generic Greenland style paddles. Now, back to that durn sailboat, so I can have a camper, so I can get to finishing off my hot rod CoreSound. Teevee is safe from me for a while to come, folks. Peace, Robert
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