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  1. You know, too, I think part of the problem is all these FLAT surfaces. They are harder to fair than curvy ones, I think. Anyway, almost all hand longboard, here. Some touch ups with a short block, but mostly longboard. And, a big part of my fairing has been airy coats of filler troweled on with a big knife, to help blend edges where the cloths meet. I smoodge some on, let it dry a few days, peel it back to bedrock, check for fair, repeat. I keep moving around, doing bits here, then there, then back around again. The work is just slow and exacting, and I'm more of a go, go, go guy, so it's like pulling teeth to me. I do the same trick for sanding, Paul, but I use thinned paint blown through an airbrush. Lots of air, a little paint, and a really light dusting of dots that show contours well. Of course, I've been farting around on little detail bits, building other boats, off boating in said boats, running some footraces, building a new boat shed... Peace, Robert
  2. Yea! Dude. It is going to smell GOOD in that shop this winter! What are you planning to fasten the laps with? Ooh, I like clenching nails, but I'd sure want to practice on a few. It's been a while... Peace, Robert
  3. The aesthetic standard I am aiming for is Essentially Un-Ripply. Changed my mind and used tapes, and now I'm trying to make them disappear. Hahahahaha. Luckily, gloss yellow hides a multitude of sins. Wait... Back to the long board. Peace, Robert
  4. Somewhere on this forum I wrote about how I would never build a stitch and glue boat again, never work with epoxy and glass again. I don't know, some other lies, probably. Let's just say, I keep finding reasons to use my other boats, paint on the kayak some more, ride bikes with the little one (who ain't so little anymore), collect p cans what for making pie... The workout from the longboard is nice, sort of, but goodness gracious, do I hate exercising with a respirator on. No y'all, I ain't trying to breathe no sanded glass particles. I may actually have a white boat, soon. Well, white primer. This sucker is going to be so yellow Don will be green with envy. Heheh. Peace, Robert
  5. I'm not sure this will come across properly, but I will try. AWESOME!!! Looks like you're doing everything right in life, brother, so just keep swimming. And build your wife a boat, too... Peace, Robert The pictures attached perfectly, and are wonderful. Nice work documenting the steps. Peace, Robert
  6. I think the key on freeb is to really crank tension on the coaming, too. I didn't crank the tension quite enough, and so ended up with a little wiggle and some wrinkles. Dave, your clamp/nail combo sounds like a good idea. I stole the nail thing from Chris Cunningham years ago. Drywall nails are what I use, because they are wicked sharp and have big, flat hand heads. Freeb is a short, fat boat with a big hole in the middle. I've really got to reskin mine. The recycled poly has gotten very baggy over the last few years of near constant use and exposure. Well, not VERY baggy, but it ain't quarter bouncing tight, anymore. Gosh, I love my freeb. Thanks again, Jeff. Peace, Robert
  7. Awesome. Nice looking boat. Have fun with your paddle project. Peace, Robert
  8. I'm watching. Excellent progress. This is going to be a handsome boat, I think. Keep it up, you're almost to the sanding part! Peace, Robert
  9. Sound good Robert - be sure to put up a pic when completed. Fair trade. Thanks again... Peace, Robert
  10. Agreed. Very wonderful, Chick. Dang, this reminds me I still need to write up the punt launch adventure. I'll do it, dang it, but there ain't no pictures. You took beautiful pictures of the spot and little bits of your girl Breeze. Thanks. What a nice trip! Peace, Robert
  11. Ken, we got a kite, then flew the camera up the air on a harness, and activated the shutter by remote control. Simple. The real horror, though, is the puppy ate the boats! Well, the puddle's gone, anyway. Today, may be the last bit of fairing goop I lay on my Frolic, which means I may be doing real priming next week! Peace, Robert
  12. I'm not going to lie, Chick, I considered using some of the left over wale spacers and have a "puddle duck" regatta. These little guys will give us good reason to keep visiting grandma's pool... That would be great-grandma to the kids. Papa, too, bless them both. Actually, we have a few putt-putt boats powered by candles we run in the pool now and again, too. Incidentally, the ballast ratio is way too high in one of the walnut boats. It swamps easily. I know some of y'all never want to see rain again, but gosh what a few days for us... And, I can't work on the little boat in the rain. She's outside! Tarped, for now. Peace, Robert
  13. This I am not helping progress. But, hey, how often do you get to build four boats in one day? Peace, Robert
  14. Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle! Thanks for all the pics! Much to see, much to see. Peace, Robert
  15. I am stealing your bowed shed idea for a boat/lumber storage shed in back of my garop. Mine will be covered with painted cloth, but I LOVE the curved beam look you came up with. Thanks for the great idea... Peace, Robert
  16. Awww, Chick, you're making me blush, and I just trimmed my beard, so you may be able to tell. Seriously, this little boat is two fold, though. It's a fun way to play at building something, but also a gift for my son. I am Captain Close Enough on my own stuff, but for money, or my family, I do sometimes to it "right". Oh, and my other boat task has been sheathing vertical surfaces with glass, and the constant fairing and sanding necessary to fair a hull. Fitting fiddly little wood bits is way nicer than more longboard. Big boat is getting close, though. I may hit her with primer next week, or the following. Peace, Robert
  17. Well, there. Everyone screwed or clamped into place to take a real set for a few days. Meantime I can make the hook and knees, get some good fits all around, and glue up the whole shebang at once. Hilarious fun... Peace, Robert
  18. Oh, yeah, a slotted inwale, faux frame heads and all. No skimping on this goofy little boat. And, you bet the inwales will be let into the breasthook and transom knees. The three "frames" are where the thwarts/decks/sheets will go. A little sunken foredeck of sorts and some short stern sheets, to match the model as closely as we can. I may be ready to put primer on my big boat next week. I hope. This is a pleasant respite from glassing, fairing and sanding. Peace, Robert
  19. Agreed. Welcome, nice work, and move down to Kudzu land. Jeff is always on the forum to answer questions about his boats, and there are lots of Vardo builders on there... Peace, Robert
  20. Oh, my. That is a fantastic space to build a boat! Peace, Robert
  21. What? How do you pre-bend wales that need it (we quickly learned...)? Peace, Robert
  22. Oh, no. The sail is purely affectation to appease the child. I'm hoping maybe it will actually sail a bit, but the important thing is it LOOKS like the toy boat. The whole project is really just a desperate ploy by an old man to buy time. The kids don't last, they quickly oitgrow me, so I gotta get my kicks in while I can. My buddy has been eyeing it for a fishing boat, for these little ponds we got around here. I am not sure he realizes how tough the little one is, and how hard it will be to get this boat away from him! Peace, Robert
  23. This kind of little stuff, and more fairing, this time of glass. While the fairing goes on, the details continue, so hopefully when I flip it, I can just carry right on through... Ha. Plans. Ha. Peace, Robert
  24. Well, it's pretty close. The "frames" are cosmetic, but a necessity. This is a character boat, after all, a copy of a toy, and it has to look right. Now that the glooping is over, the little one is all in. Lots of plain carpentry, now, and he's good for that. Slotted inwales, rubrails, a thwart in the eyes, another in the sheets, and undecided amidship. The little mast will step at the aft end of the fore thwart. I think I may have enough Dacron to make about 6 feet of lateen sail. If not, really nice bed sheets it is... And, yes, I'm still glassing, filling, and sanding the other boat. Peace, Robert
  25. Dang. We ARE kindred spirits... More what he said! Have fun! Peace, Robert
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