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  1. Just in time for you, I JUST learned a neat trick. Lay out your fillet. Then, lay your tape on a piece of plastic. I used strips cut from a shower curtain liner. Saturate the tape with resin on the plastic, then lift the tape, plastic and all, and invert it into the fillet. Use a tool to smoothe the glass and fillet to shape together, right through the plastic film. Leave the plastic in place, then come back a day later, and the plastic comes right away to reveal a nice, smooth joint. Yeah. I figured it out almost too late to use on my frolic, but in plenty of time to use it to finish my CS. Peace, Robert
  2. Well... I really DO kind of need to reskin my freeb... Peace, Robert
  3. I think Jeff wanted you to spill, because you got THE "skin boat look" with your finish. Beautiful. And, don't I know what great little boats they are. Peace, Robert
  4. Yep. This is my wife's new boat. We rescued it from certain death. It needs a little work, but nothing big. Lots of logistics involved in retrieving it is all. And, I've been really busy with actual money making work, too, which is always a double edged sword. The Sneakeasy is going into a slot in the garage to wait until spring. I just may drag it out to Appalachia to hang out with some old boys I know out there, though... And, I promise you I will get this story up. It is a long one, though. I can also put up,some adventure stories about the kids in the boats. I'll due some work on them. I really am slacking, sorry. Peace, Robert
  5. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations. Peace, Robert
  6. Heh. You bet. There is always an inquiry after a sinking, right? Really, I was just reliving it, confirming I'm the ding dong I thought. Making sure I didn't make myself look too good. Meanwhile, this is the dumb thing I did... Peace, Robert
  7. Chick, Boy I been working on it. Me and my buddy even got together to compare notes and all. I'm really working on it. See, it is sort of convoluted, and we have to word it carefully, so as to avoid both blame, and outright lying. Meantime, I have done a really stupid thing. Good stupid, not bad stupid. I will post a picture tomorrow of the dumb thing I did, and then I'll get back to typing. Peace, Robert
  8. Yes, I know. Plywood leeboard!? Well. Yes. Normally I wouldn't, but the layout seems okay, and the sister ship has run one successfully, and I am hoping the glass sheathing will give a little more stiffness... The glass seams have almost disappeared from my hull, too, and it is almost not wavy looking. Peace, Robert
  9. Careful, Dave. This building boats is addictive! Dang, I bet it smells GOOD in that basement! I got some pine stickered up the hill, but it don't smell like cedar. Peace, Robert
  10. Sabres?! Forget everything I said. Go Sharks! Seriously, it's hard to remember these vessels are built for our pleasure. The whole,ordeal,is,supposed to be fun... And, life? Well, let's say she's just gonna keep smacking us around, so we just have to keep getting up and carrying on, eh? I plan to drag myself all the way out there next year, boat done or no, so maybe I can see yours in the flesh then? And, yes, keep posting. You ARE an inspiration. Peace, Robert
  11. Steve, Just peruse this thread and see what kind of year you had, then you'll know why you're not done. Props to you for even keeping it together, man, much less building a boat, too. You are inspiring as I struggle through a long build myself, especially as my setbacks are mostly excuses, not real. Just keep swimming, buddy. I haven't even been able to TOUCH my core sound for ages, though I see it gather dust daily. Here's to a great end of the year for you, and the best one yet, next! Peace, Robert
  12. This thread is awesome! Thanks for the info, guys. Peace, Robert
  13. So. I've been foiling the foils. Carving plywood just sucks. Lots and lots of glue. I have to go out there in a few and I'll snap some pics. Almost fair, too. One last little round to really make all the reinforcement cloth blend in smoothly. And make sure all these dang flat looking planes look flat. Peace, Robert
  14. Amos, I have no recommendation for you, sorry, but I wanted to congratulate you on your progress. You are a diligent lot! Peace, Robert
  15. Do it. Tons of good threads here to look through, and lots of good people to help you out. Do it. Do it. You really won't ever regret building your own boat. If you do, there really is a lot of help available here, including the amazing BandB guys themselves, and quite a few excellent builders. Good luck. Peace, Robert
  16. Don, Graham, That is one FINE looking skiff. I mean, just beautiful. Peace, Robert
  17. I didn't even notice that. Then I zoomed in, and there it was.That IS a very nice touch. Peace, Robert
  18. Okay. Garage is full of boats, and the rain is here. So, a quick and dirty skin on frame boat shed. Not very elegant, but sturdy, and waterproof. Peace, Robert
  19. Pete, I am going to miss this thread when you're done with your boat. But, I am so happy for you that you are almost done. Peace, Robert
  20. Can I hitch my wagon onto this thread? Seems you're all having a ball. Sorry, I couldn't bite my tongue. Peace, Robert
  21. I don't know WHAT wheel weights are made of in California, anymore, but it AIN'T lead. It melts weird, is really hard, compared to lead, and machines more like a hard metal. The dentist is a good source of lead, though, from those little torture devices they put in your mouth to irradiate it. Peace, Robert
  22. Pictures, brother, will help us help you better. Peace, Robert
  23. You're welcome. I'm phone only, myself, so that's the only way I can post stuff. Nice work, as usual, by the by. Peace, Robert
  24. There is an image tag in phone and tablet photos the forum software doesn't deal with well. It seems the code on the image is newer than the forum software, but Frank has indicated (on a thread where I asked about sideways pictures) he will be implementing an update. Until then, shoot all device photos is landscape to upload them here oriented properly. Peace, Robert
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