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  1. Okay. I know I'm not old, but I did have a TRS 80. Peace, Robert
  2. I hope can get out there. It sure would be a great time. Meanwhile, it's prime time, out here! Whoo-hoo! One coat of primer on. Peace, Robert
  3. Somebody call? I will never be able to say enough about how awesome B&B is. I'm a second-hand, almost-not-even-done, backed-into-it CoreSound owner, and I was welcomed by Graham with open arms. One of the fam, just because I got a boat. Kits? Sure. Why not? My first boat was a Greenland style kayak, built by eye, all steamed and mortised and all. I think if you know how to work wood before you build a boat, you'll find it more enjoyable. Peace, Robert
  4. Hello? Is this me? Looks good. Peace, Robert (I remembered my password!)
  5. Man, I can't wait for the weather to change, because it is prime time! Whee! Nothing left to do in the boat that doesn't need a rise in temp, so she sits. The mainsail is a balanced lug, yes, and I'm adding a tiny leg of mutton mizzen. Oh, and I can't wait to paint it. All that yellow! Peace, Robert
  6. Chick, I've been off to a disastrous beginning to my year. Barely even checking in. I LOVE your tales of WHOA! and will certainly read them. Plus I got a few to relate just for you, buddy. Peace, Robert
  7. Man. I like the way your mind works, Graham. I wish you all the joy you can wring from such a trip. Peace, Robert P.S. Yes, I really am going to get going on #55 this spring. I really would like to drag her out there and sail around with you. That's my CoreSound dream...
  8. Amos, Condolences. I've lost two this year, already, but not like that. Peace and love to you, friend, and to his family. Peace, Robert
  9. Best canoe ever. Based on a White guide model. Man, that puppy could carry a load, and paddled as sweet as a dream. You may be able to discern the heavy skid plates made from polyester ropes. Also a layer of polyester over the glass. This boat was built as a rock bashing fool, and she was. But, hard stuff in the water is gonna wreck your boat if you hit it, no matter what. For a heavy expedition canoe, Jeff, I'd beef up the gunwales, add as many stringers as you can stomach, and use a couple thwarts, a yoke, and the seats. Expedition implies to me a long trip away from civilization. I'll gladly suffer a few pounds for peace of mind... Peace, Robert
  10. I used nylon once. Never will again. That's just me. I much prefer the polyester cloth, but I'd used cotton canvas again before I ever used nylon again. Again, just my preference. Good luck with the boat! Peace, Robert
  11. Man, Gents, I have had a rough start to the year. This is nice. Thanks, Pete, for sharing. And, thanks, Chick, for pushing us. I'll get some more up here, too. Peace, Robert
  12. Beautiful. Just, beautiful. Peace, Robert
  13. Yes, weather freeze. I always assume computer errors are actually caused by me, because they usually are. But, man, it has been really freezing here, which is a little unusual. Meh. Better than 120 degrees. Peace, Robert
  14. Okay. If I can post photos, now, anyone can! Once again, Thanks Frank. Although, with the freeze on (for real!), priming and fairing have slowed. No pics to post. Peace, Robert
  15. Holy Awesome, Batman! Thanks, Dave. Peace, Robert
  16. I can't attach photos. Don't know. Same same I've always done, but no picture sticks. Peace, Robert
  17. Well, it needs to be said. That looks SHARP! Oh, and Merry Christmas, Chris. Peace, Robert
  18. Those are some fine looking eggs. Guess you're worth keeping around, eh? Wait? Shampoo is an ancient movie?! Well, I'm officially old! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Peace, Robert
  19. Oh, Chick. His place is always good for learning something and having a laugh. There's a lot of clever fellows around these bits. Peace, Robert
  20. Chick, I am NEVER getting in a power boat with you. Super funny, actually. When we had bad wrecks on our bikes, and stuff went flying everywhere, we used a term borrowed from skiing, I think. Yard Sale. As in, oh man Action Tiger caught his front wheel in that rut and now he's having a yard sale. Or, Chick's out there having a yard sale in Turn Two. Excuse, me. Flipper's have a yard sale, y'all! Peace, Robert
  21. I like coming here the most, because we are all fans of the "barber shop" joke. You guys always make me chuckle. This forum has got to be a fleet of catboats. So many one liners. I'm sorry. I will leave now. I got foils of my own to wrassle, but it's freezing here... Peace, Robert
  22. Man, G, you are about the coolest guy ever. By the by, I might have used a saw rather than a knife. Oh, you know I'm not going to wish you plenty of headwinds, right? How about a nice reach, so you can use the board, but don't need it? Peace, Robert
  23. Oof. Still, better a break than soft tissue damage, because soft stuff just doesn't heal well, especially as we age. My wife is still not 100% from a three year old bad ankle sprain. Is Annie casted? Above the elbow, I'd bet. Ick. At least it's not muggy summer time. Peace to you both Pete. You continue to demonstrate your finer qualities. Enjoy the time to hang out and nurture. Peace, Robert
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