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  1. Oyster, Kilz? What are you, a savage? It's Bulls-Eye, man. Really, though, it is Bulls-Eye. And, thanks for the advice and encouragement. Your food coloring in alcohol gig just got stolen and added to my bag of tricks. Awesome trick. May use it on that car body.;) As to the topcoat. Poach and flow, as is my wont. I've been using porch and floor on my boats since I read about Pete Culler using house paints. Yep, even THAT dude used house paint. Peace, Robert
  2. The plan all along! Haha. Seriously, if the model wasn't proven, I'd be more skeptical, but it's a cheap boat to build (you really don't want to know. It's ridiculous) and I don't have to worry about babying it or loaning it out. It's all so crude, and rough and ready, really, but it should still look nice. Ish. The real hilarious job will be the Sneakeasy rebuild. I aim to have the finest Bolger box afloat, too. Well, my wife will have. It's HER boat. I just get to do all the work. Peace, Robert
  3. PAR, Yeah, Brother, that's pretty much what I've been doing. Don, he means spraying, VERY LIGHTLY, a contrasting color over the area in question. The pattern of contrasting dots really exaggerates any unfairness. Here is a non boat object given the same treatment. Peace, Robert
  4. I don't know. Some area of the chine, trying to show the fairing in of the tape. Hard to photograph. Also showing the circled blemishes. The other is just a head on shot. She needs one more overall sand and another coat of primer. Those minor blemishes I will hit with some glazing before I sand, but she's smooth enough, I guess. Hehe. I ain't got a picture of the new foils, yet, but I'm ready to glass them. I'll get some shots up, yet.
  5. Haha. Life. Just curious is all. Gosh, it'll be a long while before I even consider starting another boat.:) Finishing a kayak I'm going to give away (just paint), finishing my dumb boat off, then the Core Sound I bought needs finishing, and then the wife's Sneakeasy we got needs rehabbed. Whew. Now I'm tired. I need to go lay down.:) Peace, Robert
  6. How many sheets go into the little bugger, Chick? Peace, Robert
  7. Oh, Don, can TASTE it! So close, yet so far away. Hehe. I was all set to glass my foils yesterday and it started raining. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. I will begin painting the hull this week. I really am excited! Peace, Robert
  8. Man, I do love you, Chick. I, for one, am VERY interested, because I can't really paddle, anymore, but I love canoeing. I'll be watching with much interest. Peace, Robert
  9. That weird ladder keel will create some drag, and she's still full of water, but she looks sweet! This is my type of boating, here, so, I will be following with interest. Peace, Robert
  10. Hehe. Oh, man. This ALWAYS happens when someone is watching the expert at work, too. I did this on a trim job once, while the dude was watching. Awesome. Peace, Robert
  11. Yep. The difference is, after you've done it a few times, you "know" what you've done. Well. Theoretically. Hehe. Peace, Robert
  12. Foils have been foiled. Mostly. Skid ropes going on leeboard, then final fair, then glass. Final smchootzing over rope and glass edges will seal it all up and then I can sand it super smooth, so I can cover it with a nice orange peel paint job.:) Sail plans are in the hands of The Man. He is figuring and estimating. Oh, man. I can smell it. Or is that me? Peace, Robert
  13. The best part of the forum is the personal interaction. I like asking and answering questions, too. Then again, I'm not very tech savvy. Peace, Robert
  14. And, then you cut to length... Actually, both foils are well foiled, I just ain't got pictures, yet. I'll get some, maybe today. Gosh, the leeboard foil looks really good, to me. I'm happier than I was with the ply foils, anyway, so either way, I win. I also "skid plated" the skeg with polyester rope. Well, I actually used several small cords. I'm fairing them in with gloop, and once that bit is smooth and sanded, it's time to prime the after half, then Paint The Boat! I got so far behind last year with the Core Sound acquisition, then the Sneakeasy acquisition (mind, I ain't worked a whit on either boat, other than figuring and staring) that I blew right through all my launch date hopes for this'n. I was hoping to be geared up to adventure this summer, not be shaking her down, but I'll take it. Peace, Robert
  15. Graham, You are awesome. That is all. Peace, Robert
  16. Oh, aye, Oyster. I got a stack of iron would make Arnie blush. I did weight the board, too, while it was curing. This shot is just the board hiding under the dining room table so the glue can really set up. The screw holes won't be so bad, because I plan to sheathe the board, anyway. I really did not want to take any chances. Luckily, I don't have to do much gluing up of big stuff like this. Were I doing this often, I'd make a press. I foiled the new rudder already, and I'm hoping to get to this bird, soon. It's baseball and softball right now, though, so I'm spinning like a top, boy... Peace, Robert
  17. Here ya go, PAR. The leeboard. Strip laminated 3/4 inch strips make up two slabs, which were then glued together with the seams staggered to make a 1 1/2" thick board. 1/2" thicker than plan, but plan was for a ply board, and I just can't. The pine is a bit lighter, so I made it a bit thicker. The thicker board also makes a better foil possible. Yeah, the whole shebang will be sheathed and skid plated. I hope I used enough clamps... Peace, Robert
  18. My own father left when I was 8. I can't even begin to imagine what you must feel, but please remember all the good times with your dad. And remember that he wanted this boat to be. This boat will be so special when you finish it. You have persevered through a bunch of doodoo, Brother. Your strength and resolve are inspiring. Peace, Robert
  19. You seen the one where the dude just built a dory?:) Peace, Robert
  20. Here you go, PAR. And thanks. Making glass and gloop look smooth and nice takes time, by hand. It's my exercise and my hobby. The first shot is the leeboard blank being cut to length, in preparation for glue up. Each half is stack laminated pine. The seams over lap a touch. The holes are for the 11,000 clamps. This is how you cut stuff with a hand saw, by the by. Keep flipping, and keep the kerf along the line. Cut slowly. It'll be okay. The finished leeboard will a tad thicker than the plan, but will provide a better foil shape, and a better board. I think it's a 0012. I don't know. My buddy cut me some templates. On his fancy machine. I want to do the foils by hand. The rudder is the same stack lamintated pine, but just one layer. They were supposed to be 3/4", but ended up slightly thick. Say 3/4"+ and 1 9/16"... The rudder will be foiled, too. Then, both will be glassed, both sides, then given rope skid plates. Second is the skeg, Also stack laminated, glued, filleted and taped into place. Tape to be filled and faired. The third is an older shot showing the overlap of the bottom glass over the topside glass. The smudgy black line is a cloth edge that had to go away... Anyway. Peace, Robert
  21. Much more Tigger than Tiger, really. Now. How do I get down from his tree... Peace, Robert
  22. Thanks, Frank. I feel like a tool, now, so I put up some more pics for PAR. More to follow, PAR... I don't want to be a baby, but I also don't appreciate rudeness. In any part of my life. Blue humor? Well, sure. Bad puns and goofy jokes? Yep. Busting my chops? Sure. Advice? Please. Meh. I really, really love this community of people, as I hope is evident from my years of postings. I'll keep putting stuff up. Sorry for being an alimentary terminus. Peace, Robert
  23. Ah, yes... The Committee. That's funny, right there. And, for the record, I just find epoxy tedious. Mixing and temps and all. Usually I just gouge holes in boards, jam sticks in them, tie the whole mess together with twine, then sew an old pee stained bed sheet around it, soak the whole mess with old cast off porch paint. The only glue I usually use it to scarf sticks, so I use powder or tube glue. Peace, Robert
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