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  1. Had the same problem Don, on this primer I simply went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of 1/4 nap cheap rollers with the intention of changing then at the first sign of delamination. Didn’t have any problems at all! I have a bunch of the yellow foam Wooster 1/8 foam roller cover. Now, who in the heck can ‘splain to me these gourmet roller covers are 7 inch long…..and all I can find are the 9 inch frames! I tried to cut the 7 inch in half but that started the delamination process almost immediately.
  2. Hi Joe, the 545 primer is super easy to roll on, I am thinning it about 20%. Just rolled it on. It is easy to give it a light sanding over sanding scratches, kinda highlights them! Remember Carlita made her debut in gray 545 before the spiffy red/white livery. I have yet to decide if I spray or roll the Awlgrip. We rolled our CS20.3 and it came out reasonable. Spraying Awlgrip takes a lot of PPE, and it will be midsummer!
  3. On to the next phase! Awlgrip epoxy primer 545.
  4. If the Awlgrip masters smile upon my it WILL be at the Messabout
  5. Thanks much everyone, as we all know, Graham designs wonderful boats! Just want to do his vision justice.
  6. Finished the electrical system, chart table, and galley! Satisfied to see the Raspberry boot up properly. Countertops are Stonecoat, an epoxy with glitter and some color details. Shiny! now I am absolutely out of excuses not to start painting outside…./..
  7. Hi Don, I built s/n#2 and used a ski boat ballast pump, it is plumbed up with 1/2 pvc with the intake as far forward in the tank as possible. I had some concerns of mud and gunk getting into the tank being hard to clean but that hasn’t been much of a problem. We have been inspected several times but no problem with water being in the ballast tank. The pump gets all but a qt or so out, then if I want to really dry the tank out I use a sponge and jack the front of the trailer up to get the little water left to sponge out. When the boat is stored we leave the hatch cover off and I guess evaporation dries it out no problem. I put the intake/outlet in the centerboard trunk, might not be the best place because if I do any pinstripes on the bottom of the bay, I get mud in the tank from the muddy board. We finished the boat in 2015 and the pump still works fine, a little noisy till I mounted it in some rubber mounts.
  8. I built mine with the forward sliding hatch and we have been happy with it. It slides on starboard slides in pieces of B&B sail track. We have had it out in pretty rough weather and hasn’t leaked and it is large enough for me to wiggle through…….but Carol is the usual anchor deployment crew.
  9. Hi Dave, my boat, Southern Express CS20.3 is s/n2. The raising of the cabin top is quite recent, don’t know what s/n the change took place. I have comfortable full sitting head room, sure is nice to have a cozy place to lounge around after a day of sailing !
  10. They sail like magic! Although with the Flinders project I vaguely remember!
  11. Oops, you are absolutely correct, I fell for that! I guess it is a slow print week so they are recycling! There are some more current comments in the comments section of the article. In the back of my mind I was wondering why no mention of the MK3 series of the Core Sound series…
  12. Did y’all sea this month’s issue of Small Boat Magazine? Nice article on the Core Sound series.
  13. Beautiful cruising area! Like more pictures is possible, we planned to cruise this area next winter with our CS20.3, now maybe the Flinders. Can you suggest a place to launch and leave truck an trailer in a secure area?
  14. Looks super nice! Isn’t it great to use the boat a season to see what would make the boat more comfortable!
  15. Beautiful boat, and your website is really good! Takes a lot of effort to document your build, nice!
  16. Thanks for the good news on this type of bottom anti fouling. Almost like a oil thread on a motorcycle forum! I shouldn’t have been surprised but was on the weight, the shipping weight was 42 lbs for the kit.
  17. Ever notice how everything we mess with is sticky and takes a while to dry? Going to try Coppercoat for the bottom protection, boat will be trailered but likely live at Keesler AFB marina in the water quite a lot. Hope it works!
  18. Yea, know what ya mean, I find myself a sittin quite a bit! Sometimes I am thinking, sometimes just a sittin!
  19. Me too Steve, that is my plan and I am looking forward to seeing your boat! The outside is ready ( and has been for several months) to prime/paint. The fiddly stuff takes time, as we all know! I probably should quit changing my mind on things, several areas have been remodeled even before I finish.
  20. Well, I have completed my B&B designed windvane prototype for the Flinders. Take a look! Still got some clean-up and priming and painting to do but the basic structure is completed. It will kick up both if it hits something and can be manually pulled up to reverse around the docks. The horizontal link from the bellcrank to the rudder trim tab has a magnetic connection so it can be disconnected when the vane rudder is retracted. The main rudder is fixed (doesn’t fold). The disc on the lower end of the vane tower is for steering adjustment lines. May just cleat them to the coaming initially but after all the adjustments and general tinkering is done might consider running them around the perimeter of the cockpit just for some added bling!
  21. Hi all, might want to consult the web site “the ultimate hang”. As some may know, I motorcycle camp quite a bit with a homemade hammock. There is a calculator on that site that give the angle and the weight exerted on the tree (or mast). I think I would consult our favorite marine designer before I subjected my masts to a point load. It is more of a load than I thought!
  22. The overhead will have another coat of (not shiny) varnish. I looks kinda red in this photo, but it is actually white oak, much lighter than it appears in this photo. The cabin sole will soon have Plasteak, but I think I will wait till MOST of the paint, varnish and even epoxy blobs are dropped. Still have several more electrical items for the motor bay, house batteries are in the stub keel, so there will be still mo wires!
  23. Just letting the world know....still at it! Really enjoying the build. This is the overhead at the nav station and galley area, radio installation is completed and the motor bay, not much to see there. The blue bundle in the motor bay is the Torqeedo battery, just layed a old yoga mat over it so I don’t short out as I crawl in and out. Soon I will be starting the disassembly project for final coat of varnish. Boy, there are a lot more wiring projects than I initially thought! May have gone “overboard “ on some of it!
  24. Congratulations Alan an Taylor! Henry is starting a wonderful adventure! and I hope you guys are all caught up on your sleep for a while! Fun times!
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