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  1. Hi Paul, the carborundum powder in the epoxy slury is hard as heck ( don't plan on any sanding!) and it is pretty slick, by virtue of the epoxy it is suspended in. I used it on the keel of our nesting 2Paws we built several years ago, I think we drug it about as much as not in our Southern skinny water! It has held up pretty good. I have used graphite powder to make hatch slides, most definitely not the same stuff! Been following along for several months and looking forward to meeting some of you guys at the MessAbout! I appreciate all the collective knowledge on this site. We hope to pick up out CS20 MKIII kit at the MessAbout, so here come more questions and ponderings! Jay
  2. Just a thought, does the collective wisdom have any experience with a carburendum epoxy slurry on the keel? Very tuff, hydrodynamic, not expensive. Jay Southcoast
  3. Alan, I appreciate your efforts recording the build on your 17. Bout ready for another installment? Will Graham's modular technique be used on the CS20 MK 3? I am getting my shop cleaned up and ready to start a 20 mk3 after the MessAbout.
  4. Alan, thank you for your efforts, I am sure I will reference the videos many times! I plan to pick up my CS20 MKIII at this years MessAbout. Jay
  5. I have used the notcheless rivnuts on previous projects, I dipped/rolled them in 3M 5200 marine adhesive with the intent to prevent dis- similiar metal corrosion and to bond them into the tube. Jay
  6. Hi Doug, how is the build going? You have a beautiful boat and I sure look forward to your updates. After my visit, I am trailer shopping, found a dealer in New Orleans that will " work with me" on the spring rates and axle location. We will seen how that goes. I am working to complete several smaller projects and get my shop cleaned up to start in late October after the MessAbout. Jay
  7. Mice.... My wife said her car was running poorly, so I started looking around, decided to check the air filter. The entire air box was was full of cat food! Bet there was 1/2 pound of gourmet cat food inside the box! On a Subaru Outback the intake "slit" is about 8 inches x 1/2 inch. Not sure how the little buggers got it in there. Our cat has taken this personally. Jay
  8. Thanks Jeff, I had the boat in service with the PVC as per the plans. This shape hull really didn't do well with that fabric. I think I will order some of your Dacron fabric and "speriment" a bit! Thanks Jay
  9. Well, thanks for the info. I was hoping that it would flex enough. The PVC material just doesn't look good, and it doesn't seem to be that robust. It "bruises" over the stringers and seeps. I looked at Hyplon but the boat would weigh probably 100 lbs then! Search continues.... Jay
  10. Hi all, new to forum and need some advice. Several years ago I built a Victoria Patagonia "type" kayak from the Yost site. It was originally covered with the PVC fabric SS shown in the original plan/website. This stuff consumed many hours pulling and tugging to get it to lay out without wrinkles. Still looked like Charlie Chaplin's Lil Tramp character! Just wondering in the 11 oz Dacron would be a good option. Many years ago I worked as a A&P aircraft mechanic and did my share of aircraft recover work with Dacron. I am confident that I can get it to pull tight and look good, but wonder if the coating materials would stand the skin being folded? I hope I am attaching a picture of the framework so you all can see. The boat is very handy for us to have a stack of material that becomes a 18 foot kayak. Your thoughts? Jay South Mississippi
  11. Great Doug, my wife and I are leaning forward waiting on picking our kit up! We REALLY want to meet you and see your boat and we are waiting on your next blog update. When you have your hatch cover made, let the fabric folks know to retain the plan that they made yours with, I am a big believer of R&D, ( research and duplicate )! We have been sailors for a long time, one of my frustrations is the outboard engine, what is the combined thoughts of this braintrust on the Torqeedo electric outboard for e CS20 MKIII? A little more expensive but I hope I won't have to tinker with it as much! Thanks Jay
  12. Following this thread with the greatest interest, spoke with Carla, and I will be picking up a CS 20 MKIII at this years MessAbout. Several years ago I built a nesting Two Paws. A very elderly lady lived across the street and she would come occasionally to visit... And to watch the progress on my little dingy. I had completed the fairing, rub rails and the boat was looking really nice. I had primed the boat with hi-fill primer so our neighbor lady thought the boat was finished. When the time came to cut the boat in half, I kinda waited till our neighbor was around on her walk, then started the cut, she suddenly disappeared into her house and called my wife at work, knowing that I had sniffed paint fumes and had gone off my rocker!! Hope to meet some of you guys at the MessAbout Jay
  13. Any current comments on the hatch system? It is a elegant way to access the main mast and anchor, cooler in the cabin, unlimited headroom, but will it leak?? Thanks Jay Southcoast
  14. I built a 2 Paws 8 years ago, exactly per the plans, plenty robust! Strength certainly isn't a issue. Jay
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