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  1. I have tried with limited success on insurance on my 2 “homemade “ boats. I finally ask can you just insure it while on the trailer, in transit. I ask the agent to not think of it as a boat, just as cargo on a trailer or a rv. I am much more concerned with Buffy in her SUV torpedoing the boat while she is engaged on her cell phone than I am while sailing. They weren’t particularly interested, but did write a binder which was rejected by their mothership. I do have marginal insurance to satisfy the marina, kinda like feel good insurance, and almost only on certain phases of the moon. (Named storm, space junk not included ) Very frustrating…..
  2. Naw, no AC on Southern Express, did add a spiffy Victron solar controller and a li-on battery. Boat gained capabilities and lost 25 lbs! But sometimes….. I wish!
  3. Errrr, I just completed a 6 year refurbish on Southern Express, new electric system, paint, air conditioning , and some other items, . Don’t think I could attack it with my multisaw just now! If I did the “big cut” I would consider lengthening the centerboard. But not now!!!
  4. My CS20.3 is getting a mini refit and paint…..would be a perfect time to do this mod. But…….I really haven’t had a circumstance that I felt lea helm that I couldn’t balance out. A longer board might help the windward abilities…. I am quite sure it would be worth it, that may be my next winter project. As you sea……Indecision may or may not my problem.
  5. What is that thing following you? Our Core Sound can snuggle right up to the beach, hardly get our feet wet! As in our avatar. Are you delivering it to Kalos? We are using an inflatable kayak, ok but can’t see hauling water containers in it.
  6. I agree that our CS20.3 sails hands off, if you move your board forward, I’ll take a wait and sea technique.
  7. Started sanding the boat today, never was happy with the finish on the cabin sides, I am priming it with a nice coat of Awlgrip 545 primer, then practice building my chest muscles with everybody’s favorite longboard. Fresh plexiglass ports just to refresh the look. The bonding the plexiglass with VHB tape has been a success (except where I didn’t get the tape ends touching and we had minor port leaks till I figured it out. I am possibly not astute enough sailor to tell if the centerboard needs to move forward a bit, we have lots of time that the boat was balanced and we were hands off… can’t see it being any better. Don, initially when the boat was inverted we clamped tape coved 1X4s on both sides of the keel then added epoxy with graphite thicken epoxy to about 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. I had problems with our 2 paws with the screws working on the keel strip and allowing water into the wood. Well as some can attest, we have beached the boat both intentionally (and unintentionally ) the keel is in almost perfect condition despite my abuse. I am going to open the centerboard slot slightly and reglass the slot, it always had a tendency to stick in the up position when I add mud to the board. When I added the solar panels the MPPT controller wasn’t readily available, and quite expensive. The plan is to replace the solar controller with a more efficient controller and a 50 amp hour lithium battery. We are totally impressed with the solar system on Kalos and going to build a miniature system on Southern Express. Carol has made it perfectly clear to me that Southern Express is our family boat….long term!
  8. Well Southern Express, our beloved Core Sound 20.3 is almost 7 years old, and we calculated about 2000 nm in the water and a heck of a lot more on the trailer, Southern Express is getting some love. A repaint, and some electrical upgrades. Darn lifepo4 batteries are so light and relatively inexpensive, we will be upgrading to a 50 amp hr lithium battery. Might upgrade the cushions. Moving the centerboard and adding length to the board? Still thinking bout dat!
  9. Since ya moved the board forward, and now the trunk is forward, going to lengthen the board?
  10. Let’s all commit to spending more time afloat in our beautiful boats! We will!
  11. Great Messabout, we sure had a good time, good to sea everyone! Thanks to everyone that shared photos with Carol an myself. Kalos had a meeting with Alan an Graham, few rather minor mods to be done, adding a bit to the leading edge of the rudder, increasing the pivot angle of the windvane, and added 15 lbs of lead to the tip of the centerboard. The centerboard didn’t want to extend when sailing, hopefully this bit of weight will encourage it to drop more positively.
  12. Hi Don, sorry for the late reply, we have been enjoying Kalos! Back home now and I would be glad to post a picture tomorrow of our Core Sound mast assembly. We can rig in less than 20 minutes with no rush. The cover just keeps the macramé to a minimum. Pics tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Messabout!
  13. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, the Baofeng 5R series radio transmits on marine VHF frequencies just as any marine VHF. It is capable of transmitting on VHF 136-174 MHz which includes the marine vhf frequencies which ranges from 156-161 MHz with 4 or 1 watts transmit power. In addition it can transmit and receive UHF frequencies ranging from 400 to 520 MHz which FRS operates from 462.5625 to 467.7125 MHz. GMRS frequencies range from 462.5625 - 467.7250, be mindful that access to GMRS does require a license. It can also receive only frequencies 65-108 MHz which is the range of FM commercial radio. Only reason I posted this is was because I figured out how to program the little sucker, inexpensive, works well, and license or no, it is a excellent safety feature to be able to communicate with other marine interests. YMMV
  14. Mark, check into CHIRP, a free program with popular frequencies already programmed in. Maddening the cable that came with the radio wouldn’t work, I bought a cable for a few dollars from Amazon and it works like a champ. I very briefly tried to manually enter frequencies, nope…..way way too fiddly. So my total investment is about $30 bucks for a marine vhf radio, plus FRS and GMRS (basically walkie-talkie frequencies but with a bit more power. The walkie-talkie frequencies will be useful when someone is using the kayaks or dingy.
  15. That’s the one, we called a bridgetender and his “response” indicated that he heard us. If you want public humiliation ask a bridgetender in south Louisiana if you radio transmissions are acceptable! It does seem to be at least equal to our Icom M72, for about $200 less! Plus has access to many other useful frequencies.
  16. Hi all, this last weekend I had a opportunity to compare my Icom marine VHF radio with a Baofeng UV5R programmable handheld radio. I was absolutely blown away with their performance/price ratio! They are currently $22 apiece on Amazon! The cheap Baofeng radio is smaller, and works as well as the Icom. We called a bridgetender from 6-7 nm away and it worked great! Water resistant? Ziploc had a app for that! I have had the Baofeng radio (bought 2 ) for several months for another project but the programming is a PIA trying to type all the frequencies into it so I put it away with the thought I would get back to that project later. Well last week my rainy day project was to mess with the little radios. I bought a programming cord in addition to the Baofeng supplied (Baofeng cord doesn’t work). I downloaded a ham popular program called Chirp and loaded marine VHF, FRS, GMRS, plus several weather specific frequencies, this is a heck of a lot of performance from a $22 radio! Now…… whether the FCC is concerned…… I will have the cord and I can load frequencies and configure the cheap Baofeng radios at the Messabout this year if anyone is interested from the Raspberry Pi on Kalos.
  17. Hi Paul….correct, 300 days and 27,000+ nm in my CS20.3 would be rather extreme! Although I did spend 300 days rubbing on it!
  18. In my mind the most extreme sporting event, a solo, unsupported lap of the globe in the Southern oceans. Live coverage Sunday Sept 4 morning! Very specific set of rules with traditional type boats.
  19. Don, I haven’t had a lot of success with the soft shackles in Dynema. Light, easy to attach, easy to make they are but after being loaded or after the eyeloop is partially pulled through it is rather time consuming to open the eye back open. I rove some light line into the standing leg with some (limited) success. On the Flinders I had a lot of Dynema soft shackles on the wishbones but I noticed that now most have reverted to Dynema loops and snap shackles. Hope to see you at the Messabout!
  20. We will be there! And looking forward to meeting you! Planning our traditional crawfish étouffée diner. Cooked on Kalos. And now we can have ice cream! Ain’t technology grand!
  21. Our mizzen is on a tabernacle (I suppose all the MK3 20s are) and I just lay my sprits on top of the masts protection provided by pipe insulation, with a few bungees holding it in place. We got tired of the macramé classes untangling the reefing lines after trailering so I made a ventilated cover for the entire mast/sprit assembly when trailering, long long zipper!
  22. Boy, ain’t that the truth! I have been measuring for a dingy to discuss with Graham an Alan at the Messabout. Meanwhile, using an inflatable kayak, till I fall in….
  23. Pretty boat Ken, did you make many passages with her? Colin Archer looking hull form. We briefly considered building a steel Spray…..briefly, very briefly.
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