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  1. ok cool, thanks mate - keep up the good work ?
  2. Hi Jan Boat looks a big 20 footer in your workshop, good to see you making way at a nice pace. Out of curiosity, what made you choose the kevlar to sheath the hull?
  3. Wow, that looks great - getting there mate, slowly but surely.
  4. I think it suits the boat's lines better sitting on the spacers. How much did you add to gain the extra freeboard? looks to be at least 3 maybe 4" amidships Try sitting it another inch or two higher, see if that makes a difference for you. It might help you decide what you do or don't like. Looks great so far mate, keep at it.
  5. Wow, he is a long way from home, pretty special and very cool to experience. Some beautiful pictures to remember it by Ken
  6. I can't remember when I first read Mark's thread. It has certainly helped me get an idea of what is involved with having the desire to build my own boat - the ups and downs. A few things that stand out in my mind from that build thread is the value and skill of our Designer here and the upstanding professional builders that helped Mark out. I find it interesting and helpful to read those builders insights and tips/tricks when they do post. I think the fight club thread is well worth a read as well. When I first read that Ken used dominos, all I could think about were these - hahaha Keep up the good work Ken
  7. With around 30 million of the pesky critters we also eat them. Here is the recipe for Possum Pie for all you other adventurous souls
  8. Hi Lotus I have enjoyed reading your marissa build and certainly enjoying seeing your vision and skills come to fruition on the Oc20.
  9. Hello lads. Another newbie joining the fray. Looks good Riggs, making headway at a good clip. At this rate you should be splashed by Christmas. Thanks for posting all your progress pics (to you and all those before you). I enjoy reading them and seeing each person's perspective on things. Keep up the good work Patch
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