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Where did the nickname "Thrillsbe" come from?  In my younger days, I organized many whitewater rafting trips for my friends.  One of them started calling me "Thrillsbe" (rhymes with my last name) because of this.  It caught on, and stuck.  I even named my Catalina 27 "Thrillsbe", much to the confusion of other boaters. Occasionally, as I have with this forum, I perpetuate the name.  As to the boat name being "Local Honey", no, I am not a bee keeper.  A good friend gave me all the wood I used in building her (except for the plywood); it was all local hardwoods.  Since she is yellow, and she's a honey to sail, that's what I named her!  I hope this eliminates at least a little confusion on your part.

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