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  1. My lomited wxperience with a balanced lug is that the downhaul requires a hefty tug. A 4:1 system ir higher is recommended by Storer. I know that this is a standing lug rig, and not aa balanced. But the luff still requires significant tension. The balanced lug rig I sailed did not have this. The luff billowed, and kept me from coming about. Not good.
  2. I “think” the sail gets hauled all the way up, and then the downhaul is tightened. If this is done, I think the yard will be held close to the mast, eliminating the need for a parrel. I didn’t want to comment on this, because I have only sailed this rig once. Nate at the shop has sailed their Mandy. I’d check out photos from past Messabouts.
  3. I’m stuck on the “if it’s raining while sailing” phrase. First of all, who cares? Wet is wet. Secondly, an Anderson/Elvstrom bailer works fine, as long as you’re going over 4 mph. That’s what I have. If installed properly, THEY DO NOT LEAK. Many of us have them in our boats. I meN, most of us do. Exactly what do you have in your boat— simply a drain hole and a plug? That would worry me more than an Anderson bailer. The down side to a bilge pump is that now you need a battery. Just some random thoughts.
  4. Yeah, Hirilonde, that’s what I meant. The transom knees.
  5. The easy way is a hole through the breasthook. (Round off the edges with a router.). Just slip your line through and tie a stopper knot under. That only works if you have some extra blue paint. I have D-rings on my larger boat. The sheet likes to hang up on them from time to time. Cleats would be worse. The Amanda is a fine boat. I think you will enjoy her.
  6. @musicmanx2 My wife and I will be in Punta Gorda for the month of March. If you want some help, let me know.
  7. I’m going to play with that on my boat. Thanks!
  8. @Gira Gira— I sure would like more detail on that boomkin. Such as, how does it withstand the forward loading, when sailing downwind?
  9. I think the most difficult part will be matching that beautiful brightwork of the coaming.
  10. @Pete McCrary— That’s awesome! You win! Now, let me say the Man Prayer (from the Red Green Show) I’m a man, and I can change. If I have to. I guess.
  11. That was it. I was so impressed with the workmanship, I thought that it was a commercial knockoff, made by a maker of fiberglass boats. The finish was absolutely perfect. I hope somebody snatches this beauty up.
  12. Is this the one built by a machinist, or something like that?
  13. Is this the one built by a machinist, or something like that?
  14. @Oyster— I beg your pardon?
  15. I know that Graham and Carla have us beat, but we’re closing in on 52 this November.
  16. I agree with Graham about the capsize drills. I will send your neighbor Ted a soft shackle to use for that loop.
  17. I agree about using fire hose or other rub strip. On the keel, somebody here suggested gluing a strip of 3/4” nylon webbing onto the keel. You soak it in the epoxy before applying it. Wears like iron! I might do this to mine this winter.
  18. For non-skid, I mask off tje area I want it. Then, I buy fiberglass screen at the hardware store, and glue it down with epoxy. Once tje epoxy has cured, I trim away tje excess at the masking tape line. Then, I primer and paint it. It is pleasant to the touch, and looks great. I’ll show you my floorboards at this year’s messabout. In the meantime, you can zoom in on these photos of my cruising panel.
  19. Everybody at B&B uses sections of piano hinge for their hatches and compartment covers. On my rower, I just used a pair of white plastic hinges made by Sea Dog. They are working out great, and only cost a couple of bucks. (Got ‘em at Fisheries Supply.). They’re there behind the dog in those photos.
  20. Samantha, I’m thousands of miles away from my boats, so I can’t take good closeup pix right now. If it needs to be locking, there are some commercial latches that work well. Alan just out some on Chief’s new CS17.3. I think he carries them in inventory now. I used locking latches on my Bay River Skiff, since I stow some expensive electronics in my seat tanks. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/sea-dog-line-anti-rattle-hatch-fastener/222110-1 On my rowing boat, I use a bungee latch. Look past the dog in these photos, and zoom in. Mine latch down. The crude sketch I just made shows them latching up. The tails of bungee make a good handle. Maybe some of the others have better photos to share.
  21. My challenge will be to make the reefing lines easily removable, yet preserve Richard’s clever one-sided system. Note to all: Ted and I are collaborating on modifications to Avocet.
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