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  1. It’s a PRAM, Paul. If it’s that windy, I’ll stay on shore and read a book. So, no. No reef in this little sail.
  2. I finally got to take my new rig for a sail. WOW! She is definitely faster than the spritsail rig. IMG_6695.MOV The advantage of the spritsail rig is simplicity. It’s quicker to rig up the boat for sailing, too. But the Marconi rig is more fun to sail. IMG_6698.MOV
  3. Yup. Primer brings all the little flaws to the surface. Now, the real work begins. Total Fair is your new friend!
  4. I’m camping in Michigan now, and still working on Two Bits. She’ll take part in a DCA rally in Traverse City in early August. Ted Johanson and I will be cruising on Avocet, towing Two Bits behind. Here she is, rigged for towing. I’m also finishing up the new sailing rig. I’ll use that next week, when we move to a campground on a lake. (Photos to follow.)
  5. I use a very long set of jumper cables for my extension cord. The wire gage is extra fat, and they never have gotten even slightly warm. Connection to the battery is easy. I clipped the other end off, and connected it to the motor with something suitable.
  6. I added the thinner after the induction time at a 20% rate. I added about 10% more halfway through the process. I used Awlgrip’s thinner product, because Alan said that it produced better results than Devoe’s thinner. I wish someone would teach me how to spray these boats…
  7. “Potato Cannon” comes to mind when I see these. (I’m jealous.)
  8. Needs a (large) hole, too! Naw, it is a seat, properly positioned for rowing. Previously, the seat was too far forward. D3E001C0-368E-4CB1-B1F2-E29BFF56B100.MOV When I rowed Tom’s TP8 at last year’s messabout (see photo above), the difference was astounding. There’ll be a structural support underneath that cantilever, too.
  9. During my working career, I worked in just-in-time automotive production. It appears that the JIT mindset has followed me into retirement. Tomorrow, we will pack ip Two Bits, and roll out of here on Monday. The modifications cost more than two bits, but she should be faster and safer than before. Not shown is the completed sailing rig with masthead float. That photo will appear in about 10 days.
  10. B&B recommends the Awlgrip thinner. I had a quart of N333, which I used on the interior and first coat. About the same performance, except the interior was better. I think it was the heat and maybe humidity.
  11. I just finished modifications to my Two Paw8, including painting her with Devthane 374 2- part polyurethane. It came out a horrible mess. I’m hoping that someone can tell me what went wrong. I mixed the paint 4:1, and allowed it 20 minutes induction time. I then added 20% thinner (Awlgrip reducer). I used a mini velour roller and a 3” Corona Urethaner brush to tip it off. Halfway through the process, I even added about 15% more reducer, to make up for evaporation. It’s hot and humid, here in the Carolinas— 90+ degrees and about 80% humidity. But it never laid down. The brush marks are horrible. I had simply rolled the first coat, and did not tip. The orange peel was so bad, I sanded and tipped the final coat. “Final” is the operative. We leave for a 4-week vacation in 7 days. There is no time to amend my sinful ways. I will be using her as-is, and putting my shame on display to the world. What did I do wrong? I need a mentor to begin spraying these boats. That’s what they deserve. Am I stuck with this until then?
  12. Your boat looks lovely. Speaking of brush marks, I just finished painting my Two Paw 8 with Devthane, and it came out horrible. It is worthy of a separate post. But here’s a horror photo. Sorry if I came off snarky about Japanese vehicles, but it is how I feel. I do believe that Graham is right. In my Ram and a friend’s GMC pickup (as well as my minivan) we have a Tow/Haul button. It drops the transmission out of high gear, and revises the shift points in the computer’s logic. We both pull heavy travel trailers. Once, he forgot to switch on his Tow-Haul mode. It cost him a new transmission.
  13. Thanks, Ted, for checking the level ess of the bunk. This past week, I watched the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”. When I got to the bedroom scene (between John Candy and Steve Martin), the thought of sleeping cheek-to-cheek in Avocet was making my nose twitch. LOL. It takes many times to learn the ins and outs of a new boat. I’m looking forward to our cruise next month!
  14. I know what I said previously, but my preference for attaching the halyard to the sail is a stainless steel shackle, like this one: https://www.fisheriessupply.com/race-lite-ss-small-boat-rope-halyard-shackles
  15. Sailing is defined as hours and hours of boredom, interrupted by moments of sheer terror. Sounds like you had a defining moment. Keep on sailing and learning, my friend. I’m just glad that Joan remained calm. That’s the most important thing.
  16. I don’t have halyards on my boat. But if I did, it would be like this: https://l-36.com/HybridHalyard.php
  17. Be sure to watch Alan’s latest video on CS17.3 setup. Lots to learn in there.
  18. I should explain that foam floatation is required for power boats. But all of B and B’s sailboats use air chambers for floatation.
  19. I rigged up the sail for the first time. The boom is 2” too short! (My wife says “same old story!”). Some day, I’ll check the dims of the sail. Maybe it’s too big. But I’ll make it work for now, and make a longer boom later.
  20. No need for foam. They were airtight floatation chambers. They weren’t big enough to be as effective as I would have liked.
  21. Is there no other way to enter photos except for a link? I want to add photos of my Flyfisher build, and can't find a build thread on the forum.
  22. Oh yeah. Not a biggie. I’ll post some photos of my build in the build photo page.
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