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  1. The thing I failed to mention is that the paint I’ve been using is Devoe’s Devthane 379. B&B turned me onto using this product. It is an industrial two-part polyurethane paint. It is not priced like marine paints. It costs $80/gallon instead of $105/quart like Interlux Perfection does. There are supply issues right now, however. Good luck choosing!
  2. Just be aware that when you hang an extra 43# on the transom, you’re gonna have to sit further forward. I’ve seen this on Avocet with the H5.
  3. @Steve W—Summer Breeze is currently owned by Dimitri Krinos. That’s who did this. Derek Koslowski also sailed a 17.3 in the EC.
  4. @Aphers— I’ve already given this detail, so I’ll keep it brief. Forward floatation worked wonders in my nesting pram. The higher float encourages turtling, though. I made a mini masthead float. (Not shown.)
  5. I can’t wait to see her in the water!
  6. I have a cheap ($200) Humminbird fish finder and a removable transom mount for the transducer. I also have a rechargeable motorcycle battery. I’ve been meaning to try them out on Avocet, but always forget. Maybe this post will be my incentive to try it out.
  7. This is some good info from Hirilonde, who prefers this paint:
  8. I did something similar to my Two Paw 8. I did not alter the aft half, because I am a lazy sailor— I lay in the bottom of my boat when I sail. I am pleased with the results. First, I did a capsize test, beachside, with the original floatation scheme. She took on a lot of water. Then, I added some temporary floatation tanks to the forward section. (I wanted to test their effectiveness, before making the tear-up.). Much less water intrusion! Then, I made my permanent changes, opening up the less-effective foredeck for open storage.
  9. My friends have covered this topic very well, but I feel compelled to add my two cents. I used to love Britesides, but it has fallen from favor in my eyes, mainly it does not wear as well as two-part (two-pack in the UK) paints. One part (pack) paints are easy to apply, and are less toxic than solvent based two-part polys. And they are available. If you want a lower gloss product, go with Jamestown Distributers’ Wet Edge. Know, however, that one part polyurethane is simply an Alkyd enamel that has been fortified with polyurethane. (Am I wrong?) Also know that Kirby paints are a simple Alkyd enamel. Rustoleum’s Marine Topside paint is their standard product (a top quality Alkyd enamel) minus the rust inhibitor. Kirby’s cost over twice what Rustoleum Marine costs. My preference is the nasty-smelly solvent based 2-part poly. But I paint outdoors. This product wears like iron! I get standing water in my rower, from time to time, and have not seen any peeling. It’s all I use now, unless I’m touching up a friend’s boat. I really want to retry using System 3’s LPU. My recommendation? 1. Use a topside paint on a trailerable boat. 2. Use a 2-part product, if you can get it. Consider System 3’s waterborne product. 3. Use a fortified Alkyd enamel, such as Britesides, Easypoxy, or Wet Edge, if necessary. Here’s an interesting video comparing one-part paints:
  10. If I “come back” as a power-boater, I’m building this boat! LOL
  11. @Steve W— I had the same problem! Fortunately, Ted (Padre Point) had some, and sent it to me via the USPS.
  12. Long ago, I was told that sailing is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror. That’s part of the fun.
  13. I’ve been sailing Avocet for about two weeks now. I’m here to report that she has neutral helm (when desired)! I prefer a little windward helm most of the time. I really need to do something weird to get leeward helm now.
  14. @Steve W— I did not install a downhaul. I haven’t found it to be necessary… yet. It can be retrofitted, if necessary.
  15. I disagree, regarding not having the hatches in a daysailor. I keep everything on the boat, so when I want to sail, I don’t have to load anything. I just go. In my daysailor’s hatches I keep dock lines, my sheets, a jacket, a hat, water, snacks, my PFD, rain parka, VHF, horn, registration, batteries, tiller extension (when stored), sunscreen, etc. Where are you gonna put all that stuff?
  16. Oh, Lord, you painted her dark blue. That is going to be one sexy boat!
  17. Well, OK, maybe just this once. LOL
  18. I dunno. I don’t see a lot of attention to securing the bottom of the tent to the boat. When I did something similar, I had problems. The one time I used the tent, the wind was blowing around 15. Look at this video, especially around the bottom edge of the tent. If it had been raining, I would have been drenched. IMG_6350.MOV
  19. @Kennneee— Your boat sails like a dream! The sails are not only a beautiful color, but have a gorgeous shape. You’ee going to have loads of fun with this boat. One thing— You didn’t sail downwind much, but when you did, the mizzen kept flipping over. I am not ashamed to say that when sailing downwind, I set my sails a little by the lee. That is, a little further forward of perpendicular to the wind. I lose a little sail efficiency, but the sails stay put. Thanks for taking me sailing! p.s./ It looks like you must have heard Hirilonde, because you took your fenders in, later in the video. Funny.
  20. Amen to that, brother! LOL I just pleased to see that I’m not the only person who finds this practice unsettling.
  21. I love that Vulcan anchor you sent us. Can’t wait to get it dirty! I leave for Florida on Wednesday. Woo-hoo!
  22. Here’s the latest. The c/b is back in, and it looks like it might actually pivot! (No photo.) The companionway storage units are all done, and in place. The forepeak storage is also done. Tomorrow, I finish the runner on the trailer for the c/b. Then it’s time to start packing!
  23. @Nick C— Thanks for the input. I was given a gift of their 2-3/4” PSA rolls and a foam sanding block. That paper was made in Poland. It is pretty poor stuff. Good to hear that they have other grades that perform better, because there’s a store 45 minutes away. (I live in the country, so almost everything is at least 30 minutes away.)
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