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  1. Dave, No, the tip is glassed but was not appealing so I added some tint base to the polyurethane to simulate bone. Joe
  2. How long are you all waiting after painting before paddling? Canvas canoe shops recommend a month for the enamel to cure out.
  3. Thanks, Paul. Dwight, I got away with the house iron, but I was half done before getting noticed.
  4. Good, at least not like the paint problem. We still have it here, for now.
  5. Go to subject "10 " hatch". No one commented so I let it lay. I was checking fit so it wasn't completely finished then.
  6. I put everything in the cockpit and came up close to 40#, but I won't use all the fabric. I used cedar for all other parts. I haven't calibrated the scale so it could be off. Wouldn't mind it being off then I would weigh less too.. There is something about this frame, it is quite appealing to my eye. The lines are striking, more so than any other I have seen. I can't wait to get it covered and on the water. There is a lot of room for storage too.
  7. Well, glue has to dry now so I have the afternoon off. So far: This is a breakaway view of my final thigh brace Here they are assembled dry. They fit up pretty well. I morphed the masik design and one of Jeffs pictures for footpeg brackets from the book. I'll attach with Teen nuts and #10 SS bolts. Then I can remove if things need tweaking. I started out with a 90 degree interior angle but with the seat in it was too tight. Ended up with a 105 degree interior angle using a bevel square between the gunwale and the coaming in place. Finished up the seat today too Looking forward through the frames Had to sit in to check for fit.
  8. You've got the start of an idea right there.
  9. I guess you are thinking of extending higher than the cab of the truck then? That will lessen the area available for racks and decrease the distance between supports. Any reason to not stay at cab height? Or are you thinking cab over?
  10. Years ago I knew a carpenter who built a camper for a full size Dodge using canvas. I remember he laminated 3 pcs of 3/4" plywood as support at the front and back. These set the shape of the camper. I don't remember how he did spreaders though. It held up well and he had racks. With the plywood lamination you would have strength to bolt some kind of rack. I saw a strip camper shell in some pictures on a wood boat show in Washington state some years back also. Joe
  11. Well, the first iteration isn't going to work. Did OK until I got in with the foam seat. Then they aren't high enough.. I can fix that. Those extended fore deck beams hit me right on my kneecap so that is going to interfere with trying to get by without the braces. My long legs also allow my shins to bang the 8'2" frame. I can't seem to find a way to do away with the beams either. Pleased with my seat carving and the fore deck hatch support is in place. Foot bracing done too. Get my 10" hatch and I can install that. So I have time to fine tune te cockpit area.
  12. In my other SOF I have some neo on the hull with a thermarest foam just to pad up off the keel but it is only 5/8" high. Very comfortable. The Curlew keel is higher but that is negated by the seat boards. I used the plywood. But the bare plywood and my thin skinned rear end would not fit well together. I'm not sure yet about the need for hip bracing until I try it out. I did a foam seat in my OT Castine and put foam braces in such that I'm locked in. Then add some thigh braces later. The Curlew is narrow enough but I fear that locking in behind the coaming will be done with the knee and that is a weak area to try and use for rolling. Once I have my design fine tuned I'll post some pictures.
  13. I knew if I kept that piece of 4" foam I bought from Joe Greeley it would come in handy someday. Started on my seat today. I won't have enough left over for hip braces but maybe some of my scraps will work. Then again, 4" thick is going to make a deep seat hole and maybe I'll be locked in well enough.
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