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  1. Alan thank you for your response - and also to Graham who answered some questions in an email.


    Another question - why is 1208 biaxial specified - I believe this is biaxial with matting? And I am led to believe that it is mostly used on GRP molded hulls and that the matting doesn't confer much structural advantage when laminated to wood - is this for abrasion resistance or am I missing something?


    Thanks again

  2. "As you may notice the deadrise of the boat has been customized. She will have a 15.5 deg. at transom . Almost all frames , bottom stringers and the keel had been re designed ( with the help of Graham obviously ).


    Will also incorporate some lift strakes  and a flat pad ( not sure about the flat pad or delta pad what ever they call it ! ) "


    Out of interest - what changes did you make?


    What were the reasons for this?


    How difficult was it to do?


    Love your build so far.

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