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  1. We're up over 3,000 now, so I'll have to look and see who the 3,000th person was.


    I periodically prune the membership rolls. Many people register and then never return, so they get cut after about a year. A lot of people read messages once a week or so, but have never commented, so they are kept on the rolls..

  2. The new server is up and running, with good performance over the last 36 days. Backups to two geographically distinct locations are in place, and I am gradually adding customers to the server.


    Premium Wordpress hosting, where I handle all security and administrative tasks, including updating of the Wordpress core, plugins and themes, is $20 per month. This is a turnkey service, and you don't have to worry about disk space, bandwidth, or anything else. One hour of premium support is included per month, and additional support is billed at $45 per hour, in 15 minute increments.


    Details are at http://hostkabob.com/premium-wordpress-web-hosting/

  3. Looks like we are nearing the 3,000th member of the community:




    I usually prune the member list every year or so, so that represents members who have been here, even if they don't post, at least once in the past 12  months or so.

  4. Here are the two documents ... I think they are both using stats from one study. One is a 2011 proposal for new safety standards bought about by the guy that created SawStop who couldn't sell his invention to the saw manufacturers, so he tried to force them to adopt it through regulation.


    The word I was trying to think of for injuries caused by flying wood is "avulsion" ... tearing or separation of a body part from the body.



  5. For some reason, our event calendar disappeared at some time in the past. It is now back, along with the chat function.


    I have also added a CDN feature. CDN stands for "Content Delivery System" that caches images and other content and serves it from the server nearest to you. If you had slow loading pages on the site, it should be a bit faster now (especially for our members from Australia, New Zealand and the EU).

  6. Jeff, I think I do remember seeing the damage to your thumb a few years back. I'll have to see if I can find the table saw injury study again; it had a second type of injury other than cutting that was very common, and I've forgotten what they called it exactly, but it had to do with crushing of fingers due to impact with flying wood. I remember being surprised at the number of that type of injury.

  7. Yeah, it would be spam on most forums. I'm still on the fence, because they are so commercial in nature. But they do provide some links out to a boating related site, so there might be some benefit to us as well.

  8. I haven't found a guard yet that I like, but I haven't used the more expensive ones. Charles, I like your idea, but I would be concerned about things flying back into your face if something catches and "explodes" on the saw. I had a piece of red oak shatter a factory guard one time, and I determined that the flying plastic was probably more dangerous than the flying wood.


    I use sleds for cross-cutting, and don't cut large panels on my table saw (I cut ply with a circular saw first). The problems I have had are usually with panels; get them out of alignment a bit and they can be airborne. And ripping, of course; I had an offcut move into the blade - after the cut but the saw was still running  - and shoot the offcut back and through drywall and then stucco. It would have impaled me if I was on that side of the blade. I shut the saw off after every cut now.


    There's always a tendency to grab at something flying, but loose wood on a table saw is like a grenade and the only defensive measure is to get away from it. Somewhere I have a report on saw injuries, and I seem to remember that ripping was the most dangerous activity followed by trying to control wood that is starting to fly.


    I also assume a stance that is counter-intuitive at first, but you get used to it. Slightly sideways, with one foot foward, and all your weight on the rear foot. If something happens, you'll tend to fall backwards instead of forwards into the blade.

  9. Most of my sites, including this one, are moved over to the new server. All is well, with premium security software, distributed name server management (using two additional geographically distributed servers) , etc. are all working fine. The last step is to implement a daily backup routine to provide daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly backups on a remote server, and then I will open up the server to new accounts. Estimated time line is end of next week.

  10. I to have gotten the script message.   My upload seems to finish, and then just disappears.   And the page just quits.  I can scroll up and down, but can't upload again until I x off the page.  When I return I can try again, but it continues to just disappear.  Some times the page just locks up and I have to wait for the message that tells me the page is not responding.  If I reload the page, the same thing happens again.


    If you can try it again ... I think I have it nailed down now (at least I know where to go to adjust the settings that are affecting the upload!)

  11. OK, if I can impose on you guys to try again ... thanks to your efforts I was able to duplicate the problem on my end, and then edit some PHP settings to allow larger uploads. The one of my grandson at LegoLand is just over 2MB, so I think I have it configured correctly now.

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