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  1. I saw one episode last year, I think, and you're right ... it was all production boat building and focused primarily on automation. The episode I saw did include some talk about the woodworkers fitting teak railing.


    I wonder what a show like this would do with Graham's massive catamaran project?

  2. Give us some background on you, what role you play with the show, and if you come from a boat-related background or ???  It would be interesting to hear some "behind the scenes" info on how you select the boat builders, etc.

  3. The cost difference for the entire boat, would have been $700 which is a ridiculously small amount to try to save in  a $20 K plus overall expenditure.


    It is one of the first expenditures a new boat builder considers, so the cost of ply may take on an overstated importance.


    In my case, I never expected my boat to last more than five years, and I considered using the cheapest materials a challenge. It's 13 years later and the boat, still living on her trailer but now at a nephew's house, is doing fine. I used construction grade lumber and exterior ply, the cheapest epoxy I could find, and marine salvage materials where possible. HOWEVER, had I known someone else in the family would want it, I would have used better materials. There's a lot of maintenance that starts to become necessary after a few years.


    If I were to build another boat, it would be a better design and I would use much better quality materials.

  4. Well, the Touch looks nice, but it isn't in production yet, and the creator is trying to finance making it using that Indie GoGo crowd sourcing project. So it wouldn't meet the immediate need of which cordless drill to buy.


    I like Bosch and Makita. My favorite cordless right now is a light weight 9v Makita that has two batteries. One rests in the charger while I wear down the other one. It doesn't have the power that a 12 or 18v drill has, but is also very light, has a slim base, and doesn't wear me out if I'm "drilling overhead".

  5. I wonder if it's really a privacy settings. I suspect Facebook is requesting a cookie from your browser.


    I recently did an article on email privacy rules regarding "nonpublic personal information" for fellow tax preparers, who are considered "financial institutions" by the Feds (so they have to adhere to the same rules as banks). Many don't follow the FTC guidelines for privacy of personal information, and do things like password protect a PDF file containing the client's social security number, birthdates, etc. and email it. In researching it, I found quite a bit of information I didn't know before: basically, privacy is very hard to obtain!

  6. That's the strangest thing that has happened here. I can click on the baby cradle tender thread and all others and no problems. But the original one with the facebook link and this one sends my computer in alert mode when I  am not logged into the forum software. When I log in and open these two threads I still have no problems unless I attempt to log in to the facebook link. Oh well, moving right along, as I know very little past pushing the on and off button on the computer or telling that little mouse which way to go after the computer is on.


    That is strange, although who knows with Facebook? There's a sidebar block named "messing-about Facebook Feed" that is a Facebook App, and these posts were added after that app was put in place.


    Let me add a new post, and see if the same thing happens. It may be that Facebook is doing something through its app (would not surprise me at all).

  7. We're up over 3,000 now, so I'll have to look and see who the 3,000th person was.


    I periodically prune the membership rolls. Many people register and then never return, so they get cut after about a year. A lot of people read messages once a week or so, but have never commented, so they are kept on the rolls..

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