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  1. Looks like the PHP file limit was reset to the default of 2MB when we restored the server. I've increased it to 20MB. Its rebuilding now, but will take an hour or so (so don't test it before 10:45 Pacific time).


    The forum settiings were the same, no post can have more than 16 MB in total file size including images. That should be plenty!

  2. We had a brief outage of all websites on June 2 when we had to reinstall the server OS. This affected all HOSTkabob.com hosted websites. Server security has been tightened up a bit, so please let me know if you see anything unusual in the forums, especially in regards to posting images, email notices from the site, etc.



  3. Clicking the "Report" link when you see a spam message does help! I can then go in and zap them.


    For a long time the Invision Power Board shared database of spammers worked really, really well. As soon as one IPB board banned someone, they were prevented from registering at any of the other IPB boards. But the spammers have found a way around that, and we've had about 5 spam messages in the past 2 months.

  4. I don't recall if the measurement is taken with the deadwood in place or not. I think it should include the deadwood, which you probably haven't placed yet. The deadwood moves the measuring point up on the stem enough to make it another 3+ inches in length overall.


    The plans are with my Weekender at a nephew's house, but that's what I recall. My original website on making my Weekender is up at http://www.frankhagan.com/weekender/ and I've got some information there (warning: very ugly, 1990's era site that was hand coded. I knew it was ugly then, and its even uglier now).

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  5. Spammers are getting through our automated system lately, so I've changed permissions for "New Members".


    When a person signs up and confirms their email address, they are a "New Member". Previously, they could post a message and have it appear immediately on the forums. Now, their first message must be approved by me before it appears. If approved they move to "Members" status and can post just like everyone else.


    messing-about.com is pretty pristine compared to other Internet forums, with a great user community and not too many spammers. I'd like to keep it that way!

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  6. It's definitely not a financial transaction you want to repeat very often; the cost of materials is probably more than the boat is worth. But, the process of building it with your Dad isn't something you can put a value on.


    Check to see if you have a Sea Scouts chapter near you as well; if you itemize deductions the gift of a boat to a charitable organization can be taken at fair market value.

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  7. Hello everyone,I was just updating my passwords and realized I have not been on this forum for quite a while.Just thought I'd drop in to see if any of the "oldtimers" were still around. Barry? Frank?Joel (weekender Island Girl)


    Yep, still here of course, but haven't been on the water in years now. Life has conspired to interfere with the things I love far too much the last few years!

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  8. Absolutely beautiful! Did you tell your grandson's parents about it, or is it a surprise?


    I built a very similar one for my grandson about 8 years ago, but it had a flat bottom. The plan had built rocker feet for it also, and they used it that way once the grandchild got older. Now it's a toy box in the kid's room. I actually liked working with the copper rivets.


    I live in Oxnard, next to Port Hueneme. Is your son or daughter in the Navy?


    I saw one episode last year, I think, and you're right ... it was all production boat building and focused primarily on automation. The episode I saw did include some talk about the woodworkers fitting teak railing.


    I wonder what a show like this would do with Graham's massive catamaran project?

    From the inception of the design all the way to now is a story that will probably never be told. But it is such a story for the entire industry. The man is a walking genius in his own right. The massive wiring that's now taking place would rival most aircraft carriers too.



    One of the problems is probably the time frame to tell such a story. You count the hours when making media, and being there for each step of the build would take millions of dollars. But they could recreate the years of building with images and interviews, and have someone film the launch, and create a pretty good segment out of that.

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