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  1. Thanks Frank for keeping this great forum going!!! I agree with Action Tiger: "Frank, I rarely have ANY idea what you're talking about  :),but I appreciate how easy this forum is to use, and I can't imagine how much of a nightmare it can be to keep operating."


    The software makes all the difference; it really does handle the spammers well. It also helped when I went to my own "virtual" server instead of shared hosting where I can tweak the webserver so the forum software can do it's job without a lot of limitations.

  2. They have done this before; I don't know exactly what the problem is, but I think they get outdated or corrupt "domain name system" (DNS) files and then can't reach significant portions of the Internet. I frequent a web hosting forum and there are a few posts about them. They never admit fault, always blame others, but they are the only ones having the problem. 

  3. It appears one ISP has a mis-configuration or something ... none of the customers from CenturyLink in the southeast US can reach the site.


    If you know one of these people, tell them to complain to CenturyLink and have them unblock our IP address (or correct their DNS information). The IP address for messing-about.com is

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  4. Email filters are routinely stripping out the validation email we send out, so we are trying something new.


    People registering will now finish the new "no captcha recaptcha" ... a single check mark they click ... to register. Google reads their cookies to see if they are humans, and what their activity has been, and then allows them to go on with the process or not.




    These new members must first have posts approved by me; this is done to prevent spamming. Once they have the right number of approved posts, they have full privileges. Please help by reporting any post you see that is spam.

  5. Back in 2001, I spent $2,561. Here's the log of my costs back then: http://www.frankhagan.com/weekender/boatcost.htm


    The single most expensive items: sails from Stephenson's Projects ($475).


    In California, when I registered the boat at the DMV, they requested the receipts to see if I had paid sales tax on the materials. That avoided paying sales tax on the boat value (which was $2,561, the cost of the materials).

  6. Sorry, Egbert! Use the "Attach Files" section below the editor. The "upload file" link was removed from the image icon for some reason a while ago, and I always forget.


    Click the "Browse" button to select the file, then the "Attach This File" to upload it to our server:




    It is attached as a thumbnail at the bottom of the image by default, but you can place it into the body of the message by positioning your cursor where you want it, and clicking "Add to Post":





  7. Hey Egbert, after you have one approved post (which you now have) you can upload images to the forums. Try it now with a pic on your computer. Just click the little image icon, next to the < > icon on the tool bar.


    Keeping the spammers at bay is hard, but we do a pretty good job by requiring the first post to be approved before allowing full access and upload rights, etc. Otherwise we get pictures none of us want to see!

  8. This forum is hosted by messing-about.com with the permission of, and participation by Bluejacket Boats.

    Discussion here is generally about the Bluejacket boats designed by Tom Lathrop.  We don't strictly enforce topic rules on messing-about.com, so if a conversation leads off into a different direction, don't be too concerned.  Conversations do that sometimes!  If the topic doesn't apply at all, I may move it to the Main Forum.


    Note: Plans are no longer being sold by Blue Jacket Boats. Tom is enjoying a well deserved retirement now.

  9. Hmmmm ... the forum software guys gave me some recommendations regarding the standard search routines, and they are still indexing some of the 80,000+ posts, but the search function seems to be working better. I have the Google search app disabled for now. We'll see how it goes.

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