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  1. Yes, we permit direct posting of photos here. We have about 20 GB of photos hosted so far.


    The other option is to use Google Photos, free if you have a Gmail account for unlimited storage at the compressed size they use. It's a little tricky to get the photos to post. 





  2. Thanks, Ken. I've been looking at the hand powered Trailer Valet: https://www.amazon.com/Trailer-Valet-V211-Tongue-Silver/dp/B007G2IH4Q/


    Still pricey, and probably not good pushing up a slope (even though they say it can!) We're also looking at moving the gate back a few feet so the gate opening isn't right across from the gas meter. There's a post, and then the thickness of the gate right at that point, so moving it back a few feet will free up another 8" or so of space right where it's needed. I should take a video of what I see when backing up.


    To be honest, I think what would help the most is one of those drop cams or Yi cameras that I could position on the flat at the top of the incline and view it on a tablet as I back into the space. I may try that. 



  3. Thanks for the tips! The prior owner used the marine repair place about a mile from my house and the guys there know the boat. He just had it serviced, but they probably were not looking for that kind of thing. What I can see of the bellows looks good.


    There's no hour meter on the boat, but it doesn't look very used. He had it serviced just recently, but just for a gear oil and engine oil change (which he did yearly, even if he hadn't taken the boat out that year). 

  4. Some of you know about my health issues with the blood clots in my leg. They have resolved themselves, but I remain on blood thinners and have peripheral neuropathy in my right foot that is aggravated by sitting. So I stand all the time unless I can recline and almost lay flat. My foot is numb, which makes me clumsy for some reason, and occasionally gets that pins and needles feeling that drives me nuts. I have a lot of fatigue that the docs think is a reaction to the blood thinners, and I'm scheduled to go off of them in September, so perhaps that will change./


    After giving my Weekender away to my brother I bought a Potter 19 sailboat. Nice boat, but the thing takes a full 45 minutes to rig, and then another 45 minutes to de-rig. And backing it into the side yard was a real ordeal. I have to back the boat up a grade, around the corner of the garage, and navigate between a gas meter and a fence that are 8' 6" apart. Because of the grade I can't see either the fence or the gas meter in the mirrors. The 8' 3" trailer made that a huge hassle. But the kicker was that I couldn't really rig the boat any more as the movements required . So we sold it.


    Building another boat is out of the question. I toyed with it but I don't have the stamina to do much actual work. Maybe after I'm off the meds I can consider it again.


    We bought a used Bayliner 175 bow rider to take in the harbor and put around. There are rare days here when the swells are 2' or under, and on those days we can use the "big pond" outside of the breakwater. Not sure I trust a bow rider in anything bigger. And we can use it on lakes or take it to Mission Bay in San Diego. The trailer is less than 8' wide, and the boat is lighter than the sailboat, so it makes backing it into the side yard much easier. We took it out on Sunday and launch was 15 minutes ... but I think that will get down to 10 or so as we get used to it. Backing it into the side yard only took about 15 minutes, only requiring me to get out, scratch my head and plan the next move 3 times. 





  5. I have the plans for Hull #3, the original BJ 24, purchased on 3/4/2002! I dug out the plans and Tom included a cost list of the first one he built, Liz. A sheet of 12mm okoume ply was $49.37 back then. His 50hp outboard was $6,065 too, so the total boat, engine and trailer came in just over $15,200. I think $20k would probably be the lowest cost to build one now.


  6. I will be selling my sailboat and trading to power. I'm just tired of rigging to launch that takes 45 minutes and then repeating the process in reverse when I end the day. 


    I have the plans for the original BJ that I purchased when they were first offered, I doubt I'll be able to actually build another boat, especially one this large, but was interested in what you spent (less the outboard, anyway). 

  7. One advantage of a forum is that the question asked, and answered, is current. That's why we don't tell people to search for the answer, or moderate them and say they should search first. Things change, and a certain type or brand of plywood may have been great 2 years ago and absolute rubbish today. 


    A database of owners would be good for mess-abouts and that sort of thing, though, so I'm open to it. 

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  8. I  fixed it but you may need to go back in and re-edit it again for any headings, etc. you had.


    When you go to paste text from another program paste it in "plain text". In Windows you can right click and choose Paste as Plain Text. That will remove any formatting codes that will confuse the plain HTML editor here. 


    On a Mac, use Shift + Option + Command and hit V


    Or, you can compose the message in a plain text editor if that's easier for you. Use Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on a Mac. You can copy and paste them without worrying about any other formatting codes. 





  9. Let me know if you have any problems deleting attachments!


    Upgrading the software had a few surprises in store, but I thought all of the old settings would copy over correctly. It is an entirely new code base so maybe they couldn't keep every setting exactly as it was.

  10. You can find posts you have made with attachments by clicking your profile and then selecting My Attachments. The page listing them allows you to download them from the server by clicking the filename, or edit them in the post by clicking the Forum subject / title link at the right. 


  11. 7 hours ago, Action Tiger said:

    Thanks, Frank.

    I feel like a tool, now, so I put up some more pics for PAR. More to follow, PAR...


    I don't want to be a baby, but I also don't appreciate rudeness. In any part of my life.

    Blue humor? Well, sure. Bad puns and goofy jokes? Yep. Busting my chops? Sure. 

    Advice? Please.




    I really, really love this community of people, as I hope is evident from my years of postings. I'll keep putting stuff up.


    Sorry for being an alimentary terminus. :)





    I'm just very glad someone alerted me to it. Way too much of that kind of behavior in the world, I think, and this little corner of the Internet has always been an exception to it. I like it this way. 

  12. On 2/27/2017 at 10:51 PM, Action Tiger said:

    The thought of you coming along and dropping your crass opinion on my future threads makes me reluctant to post them.


    I may not post anything else here.


    You don't have to worry about crass opinions any more. We only have one rule around here, the same one that has been around since 1999 when I first started hosting the original version of this forum: be nice. 


    We have a lot of nice people here. 

  13. 9 hours ago, Hirilonde said:

    So far Ken wins the old argument.

    I think so. I can't remember the year I got the Epson Equity II computer (PC XT clone), but it was produced starting in 1985. The Apple IIe started in 1983. I had to search for those dates because I sure can't remember it well enough to know it off the top of my head. 

  14. 9 hours ago, PAR said:

    I never owned an XT, though I did use one (256k RAM). The 286 I had was an AT (DOS 3.0) and the good old days of hair pulling and cursing while you cold booted after a freeze up. I never got Win8, not having a need for the touch screen stuff. I've also learned to wait until the bugs are sorted out, before making an OS upgrade. It takes about a year, before any new OS is sorted out well enough to consider. FWIW, I beta tested Win 3.1a and still have those 3.5" disks around some place. I wonder if they're worth anything. What I remember of these old machines was unreliable hard drives and controllers. I lost a lot of data before I realized how important backups (remember the old tape drives) actually were. My first backups were on cassettes, yeah the same ones used in the WalkMan. Damn we're old . . .

    I went from a Epson Equity II pc-xt to a 386sx that I built ... if I recall, the 386sx didn't have the math coprocessor or was still 16 bit instead of 32. I remember paying $400 for a 40 MB hard drive then too, and was amazed it was a half height drive (about 6" wide by 8" deep and 2" thick - but just from memory on those dimensions). Now I have microSD cards that can store 1,600 times that drive's capacity, and they cost about $30, but I lose them if I'm not careful because they are about the size of my fingernail.

    Yeah, we are old.

  15. 7 hours ago, PAR said:

    This was a painful lesson I had to learn some years back. A stable system is a happy system, so once you've got a machine in a place where it works well and doesn't give you the blue screen or death or similar, don't screw with it. 

    I learned my lesson as well, back in the days of the PC XT. I learned quickly that upgrading an OS is an exercise in futility. The only computer since those days that I've done an OS upgrade on, without also upgrading the motherboard, is my wife's laptop that had Windows 8. Horrible OS. Windows 10 is a great improvement on Windows 8 because, like you said, it retains most of what made Windows 7 good. 

    If I want to upgrade to a new OS I buy or build a new computer. Safer that way. 

  16. 22 hours ago, PAR said:

    Hey Frank, what's this new "Leaderboard" thing? Most popular threads?

    Looks like it's most popular and most active. One of those "gamification" things to make you more interested in the forum. Like any of that is going to fool us. 

  17. 22 minutes ago, Chick Ludwig said:

    Not complaining! Just noticing another little "bug". I tried to "italicize" part of a post, and it wouldn't do it.


    Thanks again Frank. We all love what you all is doing!


    That's what this thread is for ... all of you are my guinea pigs in testing this. Actually, I held back upgrading for over a year as the software vendor ironed out most of the kinks, but the old software was reaching the "end of life" status soon. So security updates would not be forthcoming sometime after that. Let's see if I type some text and then try to italicize a word in it. (That seemed to work by highlighting the word and clicking the I button). Now let's try clicking the button and typing ... that works too.

    What OS are you using (Mac, PC, etc.) and browser?

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