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  1. Trying some Google ads now, and may hide those for people who donate once I get a donate button set up. I hope they aren't too intrusive.


    Things are stable on the server side but I probably will need to upgrade by the end of the year. I hope to avoid that but it looks like I will need more resources for things like the image hosting, etc. by then anyway.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Oyster said:

    Since this is probably one of the best run places on the net, can the members participate in the funding?   Its great to come here and not be buried in junk at any time day or night.


    I could put up a donation button for PayPal or Patreon; I'll look into what I could add for paying members as a bonus. 


    I'm working with the data center now on mitigating the attacks and turned the registration form back on with some changes; we'll see how it goes with the other measures in place. I'll keep everyone posted!

  3. Unfortunately I have had to disable registration due to excessive resources being used by phony registration attempts and "contact us" form spammers. I am looking at upgrading the server and resources, but I am not sure the 64% increase in costs is worth that solution.  


    If you have someone who wants to join messing-about let me know and I'll add them manually for now. 







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  4. 4 hours ago, Chick Ludwig said:

    I don't know how to reduce the size. I've posted hundreds of photos without a problem. Why now????



    You should be good to go. I mis-read the configuration file and granted everyone a generous 2,000,000 kilobytes of file space when I thought I was giving 2,000,000 MB.


    Kind of like when you mis-read inches for feet and end up with a dinghy 40 feet wide.

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  5. It is the kind of thing that you can turn off when it pops up. Many people just close the notification without choosing to either accept or block them, and it pops up on every page refresh.


    I was reminded how much of a bad experience it can be when I last visited my mother, and she had constant pop ups from the notifications area (lower right) on her Windows 10 system. There was a constant stream of them, even when all her browsers were closed. You can turn them off in Windows, but it's harder to find the switch in the browsers.  

  6. I have attempted to disable the pop up that asks you to "allow notifications" when visiting the site. It is done via a script as the software does not allow disabling it because the software developers are evil (well, "irritating" might be a better word). 


    Let me know if you still see the incessant "Allow messing-about to send you notifications" messages. 

  7. It still seems to work. This was about 42 years ago, and yes, real men wore ruffled shirts in those days.




    You should be able to upload files using the "choose files..." link. It inserts them at the bottom of the post but you can then insert them by clicking on the small plus sign in the lower left corner of the image. 

  8. I'll have to dig into it some more when I get a chance. I'm sure there some kind of indicator in the CSS that a post is new. 


    they keep making everything lighter and lighter on websites; there's a group called the web accessibility standards group and they are very upset about it. Eventually they'll get back to black text again and abandon the stupid light grey look.

  9. Photobucket recently went to a paid model, and broke everyone's existing photo links. They charge over $40 a month now. 


    messing-about lets you upload your images to our server, but if you want to use a photo sharing service, you can use Google Photos. It's free, with unlimited storage, but has been hard to figure out how to link to the photos. This video shows you how: 



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