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  1. RT @Projguineapig: Woot woot! Under 240lbs!!! #4HB #lowcarb Happy #cheatday to me! #paleo

  2. 1st Amendment still matters: 1st Circuit Court of Appeals upholds right to openly record police officers: http://t.co/dGsH2Yu

  3. 80 #lowcarb and #paleo blogs listed at http://t.co/INYO44e - scan the headlines and click through.

  4. New blog added to LowCarbDaily.com ... SaVanna Sims, a student studying to be a RD discovers #lowcarb - http://t.co/wtKzcPE

  5. SEO myths: the truth about those companies promising to increase your sites' ranking. http://www.netmagazine.com/features/top-10-seo-myths

  6. 3rd Party commenting systems - Disqus is my choice for Wordpress, but there are others. http://t.co/UxQoZzs #in

  7. A good friend from the past, Troy Getty, contacted me on LinkedIn; he's now a VP at eBay, and let me shamelessly use his name on an app for a position in Phoenix.

  8. One interview down ... hope for another this afternoon or tomorrow (for a California based company, although it is in the cental valley and would probably still require relocating).

  9. I received a promising call from a recruiter for a manufacturer in the marine industry. It is back east, in PA, but that is closer to the grandchildren! Plus PA is a low tax state.

  10. New profile pic ... no beard, no 'stash, back to the 80's!

  11. Gee, Hugh, you're a lawyer, so you're not expected to understand that chemistry is harder than radio! #hhrs

  12. Google+ ... Facebook killer extraordinaire.

  13. Hi Henk ... I think I'll have to do that; permissions to delete or remove posts is added after a certain amount of posts. I went ahead and made the post "112' Bradley Custom built Tri-Deck Motoryacht" hidden (but I can un-hide it if that's the wrong one when I get back from vacation).

  14. Hi Bob,

    I got your message regarding the pictures. Is this in the forums here? If so, when you click them they should expand to a larger picture.

    You may have javascript disabled in your browser. Check the configuration settings to see if you can allow javascript for messing-about.com to enable enlarging the pictures.

  15. Hi Tom,

    Yes, click the down arrow next to your name at the top right, select "My Settings" and the time zone selection should be the first item on the page that comes up.

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