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    Table Saws

    Well, that's good! I like the Italians better than the French (the Italians know how to fill up a plate, not arrange little tidbits of food on the plate so the "presentation" is more important than the food!)
  2. What's a gallows?? I can wait for a picture if will serve the answer better. A boom gallows is high like a radar arch, but positioned at the stern to hold the boom and mast when it is folded down. It differs from a boom crutch only in the size and shape of it.
  3. Which version of Netscape? I have heard that version 4 will not work with some of the newer PHP scripts, but version 7 works OK (I've also heard that you should avoid version 6 at all costs, but I guess it will display the PHP stuff).
  4. And I thought I was bad for taking over 2/3 of our 3 car garage! I can't imagine the reaction if I put boat parts in the house (although I did stretch out the sails and work on them in the living room).
  5. The font size is harder. I'm amazed that they don't have a "accessibility" pack that has a stylesheet with relative font sizes so using the browser's font sizing would work (or CTRL-mouse scroll wheel). I'll have to wait until I can sit down and change the entries in the stylesheet. I'll make it an option so people can choose it over the default. But it will probably be a week or so until I can get to that.
  6. I'm working on the accessibility issues with the forum, and changed the highlight on the scroll bar. Is it more prominent now for you? I know you had trouble seeing it before.
  7. It is a lot of coastline. It would be hard to put enough ships out there to track it all, but it would be nice if there was some kind of technological answer to the problem. Something like Norad for the sea.
  8. Welcome to the Cuban Coasties! But hey, shouldn't we have at least known they were there? Maybe we need to give Tom Ridge a pair of binoculars and a 18' Sea Ray runabout and have him at least patrol SOMETHING! :wink:
  9. Frank Hagan

    Table Saws

    Wow! Very nice, TT. You are right, the majority of the time you're making 90 cross cuts or rips. I guess with your set up you would have to build a jig to angle the stock and feed it through.
  10. Sure. You will have screws going down through it to hold the bottom on, so it might be better to laminate them horizontally rather than vertically (but I suspect even vertically would work OK).
  11. I show RADAR 13 as an active user. Did you try with that username? If you did, I can change your password and email it to you (you'll be able to change it by going into Profile after logging in). Please email me first with your email address in the message (you can click on the Email button at the bottom of this message to send me an email).
  12. Frank Hagan

    Table Saws

    I also live near the beach, and fought rust on my old table saw. Bought that expensive spray-on aircraft preservative and everything. Then someone told me about Johnson's Paste Floor Wax, and a little jingle to remember. You apply it once a day for a week then once a week for a month. And then once a month for life. Works well, and I must admit I don't get to it every month. But it works well just the same.
  13. Frank Hagan

    Table Saws

    Look for used Delta, Jet or Powermatic "contractor saws". I bought a new Jet contractor saw which I absolutely love, but new its just above your $400 price ($549 or something like that). If you can find them used, they will be about 20% less than that (they hold their value well.) I had a 70's era Craftsman, and they are junk. The trunnions on the bottom, that hold the cast iron table to the saw itself, are aluminum, and the bolts creep constantly. If I took the time to set up the saw with the blade parallel to the miter slot each time I used it, it worked fine. I built my entertainment center that way. I even upgraded it with a kit to align it easier ... some hardened steel studs and brackets that allowed you to use an allen screw to move the table slightly. It made it easier, but it was still a pain. Just not worth it. CAUTION: PERSONAL OPINION AHEAD! Delta, Jet and Powermatic make good saws. Grizzly has some slightly less expensive, and I've heard good things about them, but I haven't had personal experience with them. If you run into an old Rockwell, check it out and buy it if its in good shape (they are the forerunner to Delta, and very well made ... but they are about 40 years old now). Stay away from anything by Ryobi, Craftsman (now made by Ryobi, I think), Ridgid (made by Emerson, who used to make Craftsman) and any of the cheaper "table top" saws by anyone. They aren't worth it. The contractor grade saws are pretty good from the three I mentioned. I bought the cheapest contractor saw from Jet, as it has the pressed steel side tables. It works great for my purposes, but I could have spent another $200 or so to get cast iron side tables. I just don't think its worth it at that level (its not quite like putting a fur coat on a pig ... which doesn't make the pig any prettier or happier ... but close, in my opinion). It is well balanced, the blade was within .005 of being true, the table top flat, and you can balance a nickel on end and turn it on and the nickel will stay there while the saw runs. It can cut 8/4 hardwood stock without a problem, but you may get some bogging down ripping long boards, especially if you aren't using a rip blade. The sawing capabilities I have with the Jet JWTS-10 (I think that's the model number) are duplicated in the Delta and Powermatic of the same size. (All three have cheaper "home" or "hobby" saws with 1 hp motors which are not worth the trouble ... they run in the high $300 range, but are no better than the saw you gave away, IMHO.) BTW - my brother also has my old Craftsman.
  14. Tom, are your jib sheets outside of the shrouds in this configuration? I'm thinking of getting one of these as an alternative to my standard jib, and installing a $15 roller furler with it.
  15. Can you try it again? Maybe try one sized just below the 600 x 400 size, and then one just over it. It might be that the software isn't picking up the sizes correctly. I did notice that if I have the settings set one way, the post takes the settings and keeps them, so I can't change the settings and make the picture display. But for any posted currently, they should display if they are 600 x 400 or below.
  16. Scary thought! But sometimes I think its the simple things we tend to miss. And shaking it all about might just be what its all about.
  17. You had me going right up until the end! Thanks for a much needed laugh this evening.
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