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  1. Ok' date=' now it's really cold in the south. How do the phony greens explain this as global warming? Could it be their science is based of faulty data? I am just a country boy but I know what a barnyard smells like! :lol:[/quote']

    I asked one here the same thing, and there's actually a pretty detailed answer. Has to do with the same thing, as it affects global weather patterns both directions. Yeah. Could be, I'm no scientist. But then, neither are most of the greens.

    I have a problem with most of what they say (I'm old enough to remember the Time Magazine article about the coming Ice Age because of our destruction of the rain forest, or something like that). Public policy should not be made on the basis of a "manufactured crisis" just because the media likes to report on the weird, unusual and scary. We have to remember our heritage, and that we tend toward hysteria ... and I'm not just talking about the Salem trials ... but also prohibition, eugenics and forced sterilization, our current anti-smoking laws, the landfill crisis, the health insurance crisis, the on-again-off-again homeless crisis. (In a related story, now that our silicone breast implant hysteria is over, silicone can once again be used for breast augmentation and restoration. That may not be big news in other parts of the country, but here in California ...)

    oops, sorry about the diatribe. :oops: I'll be good from now on.

  2. Sign of adaptation to new format: Jake and Paul are having a virtual water gun fight. That's classy guys :roll: .

    You should have seen the "smileys" I didn't upload! The guns almost didn't make it (shows my tolerance level ... I may not have high standards, but I do have SOME!)

  3. Gee I have got to type faster' date=' not going to happen. :lol: Are you set up on another NT server Frank?

    For my money the best way to go is unix/linux servers. But that's just me. :wink:

    Paul J[/quote']

    No sir! We are now on a Linux server, and messing-about.com was the first site on the box (others are on it now too). Its actually a 1.6 ghz processor, which is almost unheard of (for instance, the shared Raq4 servers at RackShack are 400mhz, and they put up to 99 sites on those.) Last time I checked, the maximum processor usage was 18% last month (that's all users). So the combination of a fast server and Linux, should make the site faster. The next step up is a doosy ... I corresponded with the owner of http://www.boatdesign.net, which pushes between 40 - 50 GB of data each month, and he is on the RackShack dedicated servers ($100 a month). But until you get up beyond 20 GB of data transfer each month, that kind of expense doesn't make sense.

  4. Frank' date='

    I have no problem with Netscape in most web sites. The other php boards are no problem at all along with most all php and asp sites. But sometimes the java can be a pain and so is true with javascript if it is not well written. I use some javascript on my web site and it works well in everything over 4.0 no matter the browser. I also use frames and tables with no problem at all. I even use Frontpage 2000 as an html editor and it works just fine. As a matter of fact the frames and tables work better in Netscape than they do in IE. [/quote']

    That might be because of Front Page's coding style ... the problem with Netscape is in how they interpret font tags ... you have to re-specify the font for each table, rather than the HTML standard of applying the last font tag to the table. IE is better in that regard, but you are absolutely right ... IE is a fat, bloated pig, like most MS software.

    Now the older versions of Frontpage and many of the other html editors have some problems with some scripts and the code is not generated well. And yeah I know it's not rocket science it's way worse and there are no absolute answers. But one thing I know for sure is IE sucks the big one. :wink:

    Frontpage is also a big, fat, bloated pig. I hate adding in the "Frontpage extensions" onto a site and using up several megs of diskspace. HTML does not require ballast!

    I just thought I would let you know about the little things with the new setup. Like I said some one has to pay attention to it. Oh and one more small point, I don't think you want to really say that the other 25 to 30% are SOL because of the change. I think we as people who build and design our own website have to make them work for every body. Not just IE and Microsoft's vision of what the internet should look like or even be. Microsoft sucks.

    Actually, I'm just giving you a hard time. I do appreciate it! There are always little things you miss, and little things that go wrong just when you start thinking everything is hunky-dory. BTW - most of that other 30% are "Mozilla Compatible" browsers, which is what IE is reported as :!: , which must make you chuckle.

    Gee I sound like Linux is my next stop. Not yet but one of these days it will be bye bye Billy, it was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun. :lol:

    We might be there faster than you think with all the Open Source stuff coming up. Its improved a lot in the recent years. Of course, I have to maintain compatibility with work, so until they pull the plug on MS and go with StarOffice or something, I'm probably stuck with MS on my home machine.

  5. Weyhay Frank :lol:

    Good to hear it's finalised' date=' although a week just isn't enough.

    I was just talking to a motorcycle shop in Bray about a tank bag that he has in stock, so I'll arrange to come up over the weekend you are there. That is, unless you want to come down to Cork for the weekend. We are about 150 miles from Bray. [/quote']

    When we get closer, I'll get my daughter to commit. They might be able to take time off when we are there, but a lot depends on what Trinity Biotech is doing at the time.

    But remember, these are Irish miles, we don't have a great big three lane highway between the two, in fact most of the road will be single lane each way. so you are talking about 4-4.5 hours in a car, or 3 hours in a train (which you will have to get in Dublin).

    Leah has told me that looking at a map doesn't give you an idea of how long it will take ... miles alone don't tell the tale (although I'll bet you could look at a map and be able to make a good guess of the time required, but she has been, like her mother, "map challenged" from birth!) She did say they just added a large spire-like thing with a light on it for the tourists in Dublin, so I'm sure that will be on our list of things to see. Actually, I would love to find one of the beehive structures used by the early Irish monks (who, after all, saved western civilization when the "continent" was sinking into the dark ages).

    One of the guys on the Woodenboat forum is coming over with his wife, brothers and parents, and has been in touch with me with questions etc. so I will be able to meet up with him in August.

    I can see a new business venture in my future :D

    Bill's got your vehicle already slated, I see. But isn't that a little large for those winding Irish roads?

    I meant to mention to you about our executive secretary at work. She said when she visited Europe, she like Ireland best. I asked how long she was in Ireland, and she said a day and a half, but it looked much nicer from one of those bus windows than Spain did, for instance. Thought you'd like that in-depth analysis of your country from one of my countrymen!

  6. There you go Frank. You have been thinking about a larger sailboat even looked at P-19's. This looks like a good one for people looking to expand there sailing grounds while still keeping the boat size and overall boat weight down. Plus I love cat-ketches in small boats. A joy to sail they are.

    Paul J

    It is tempting, that's for sure. It looks like a better layout than a Potter 19. And not as large a project as the Princess 22'. But I suspect timing is not quite right for me for anything that size, at least for a few years (I have a set of the Spindrift plans I intend to build this spring; I'm thinking I can get it substantially built before I have to explain myself!)

  7. Frank' date=' the forum fits the screen now. Thank you. Does anyone know where to go to find more of the cute little nautical pics, other than what Frank has on the site?[/quote']

    Do a search on Google for "Free Nautical Icons" or "clipart", and you should get some candidates. I had snagged some that were available for everyone to use without violating a copyright a while back. But new stuff comes up all the time.

    It has to be less than 6k, and 100 x 100 pixels or smaller. If you find one you really like, but its larger, several of us have editing programs that can reduce it.

  8. Hmmm ... can't seem to find it over there. I remember the builder used a router in a jig to get the right angle.

    I just used a surform shaper and a straight-edge, like is done in the video. I thought it was going to be a tremendous chore, but found it was actually pretty easy to get them trimmed down to the right angle. I think the key is that you are making a good surface to screw the sides into ... small gaps and that sort of thing aren't going to matter, especially is you use as much 3M 5200 as I did! An epoxy fillet would also fill any gaps or voids.

  9. Strange! But it looks like its fixed now.

    Pictures larger than 640 x 480 can be uploaded ... up to 800 x 600 ... but they appear as a link instead of as a picture. So ... I don't know! I'll check the error logs when I get back from Chicago next week (I'll be able to log in, but I don't know how much time I'll have to do any maintenance type of stuff ... real life keeps intervening!)

  10. Questions:

    (a) How do you post a picture(s) so they appear with the posted message' date=' such a Gordie has done .

    (B) How do you post 2 or 3 pictures with a single posting? There appears to be a single "site" available with the "attachment" procedure.


    You're finding the "Add an Attachment" box below the message box (when you are entering a message) right? You can add up to three in series in that box ... put in the filename or click "Browse" to find it on your computer, and a File Comment if you want, then click the "Add Attachment" button. Then, after the screen refreshed, add another one in.

    The last couple of times I tried to attach a line sketch, (jpeg 240 x 450 ), I got an "error" message and that my posting would , "Be Stored" ???

    A "guru" I'm NOT !


    Hmmm ... I don't know! Did the picture show up with the post?

    The upload feature has some limits set on the size of the picture you can upload, the size that it will display, and the types you can upload. Jpeg files are fine. It can be up to 200k in size, with a maximum dimension of 800 x 600 pixels. So you are fine there.

    Finally, if the pic is at or above 640 x 480 in size the picture won't show, but it will "store it" on the server and provide a link for people to click to see the pic. I can configure this for any size picture, so if the forum gets too slow with pictures, we can provide just links to pictures.

    But none of these seems to fit your picture. Try posting it again in this thread and lets see what happens.

  11. 13 below?

    I'm traveling to Chicago tomorrow, and one of the engineers there told me it was 6 below last night. I have to figure out a way to NOT get outside of any building while I'm there. I don't even own warm clothes!

    I'm hoping they allow cigar smoking inside in Chicago still .... I don't think I could stand outside, even for a good cigar (can only indulge myself when I travel, you know).

    Then again, maybe this fellow has the right idea to warm up ...


  12. OK, I'll have to look at that. My HTML editor does have a preview mode in all resolutions, but it obviously doesn't work as well as it should!

    My goal was to make 800 x 600 attractive, without scrolling or other irritants, even though the more progressive among us are at 1024 x 768 :wink:

    BTW - I looked at the site stats this morning; a high percentage of folks are using some variant of Windows (over 95%) and IE (somewhere above 75%, can't remember exactly). You won't have problems with Mozilla, but Netscape is bad, bad, bad. At least if you use tables in your html!

  13. I wish I could take him up on the offer ... Graham's support is excellent in any case, but I would imagine when you are building one of the first models of a new design you get a lot of interaction with him!

    The post is at This Link for those that want to link in directly.

    Maybe we can get some drawings of the new boat up, eh?[/url]

  14. Fintan, my friend, we have our flights arranged to visit your island country April 10th through the 17th.

    We'll be staying in Bray, and my daughter tells me I can not rent a car and drive (something about Americans driving on the wrong side of the road there ... although she says there's more trouble with American pedestrians getting squished while looking intently the wrong way for that bus that sounds so close.) I think she's getting too much like her mother.

    How close are you to Bray?

  15. Thanks, Mike!

    Say, are you guys up to a semi-organized meet of Weekenders and Vacationers in California sometime this year? I'd like to issue an invitation to have a mess-about type of thing if there's enough interest.

    That is, if you haven't salvaged the Weekender parts to make a Bugati or something :lol:

  16. Man! That is cold!

    I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow so I hope the "warm snap" happens soon. I'll take my down jacket, which all the guys from the east laugh at, because I look like some Southpark character in it. But it keeps me *almost* warm.

    So, when are you going to build an iceboat? :lol:

  17. It is cool. I pre-loaded several into the board, but really, its best to find one you like (or made!) and use it. I'm not artist, so I stole my captain at the wheel from one of those "Free Clip Art" sites on the 'net.

    For those that can't make their own, you can enter "fish clip art" or "sailboat clip art" in Google and find free clip art graphics you can save to disk and upload here as your avatar. The limitation is that it can't be larger than 100 x 100 pixels. If you don't have photo editing software that can reduce that great 125 x 120 pic for you, just send me a "PM" (private message) with it attached and I'll see if I can resize it for you and mail it back.

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