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  1. By the way I tried to register but it wont accept my email address.

    I have a message in on the support forum about this. I think it is choking on the ampersand in the email address, which it shouldn't do as its "legal" in an email address (but in the programming language this forum is written in, an ampersand is a command). So I'll let you know when I hear from them!

  2. Mark' date=' If you ignore the fact that the ballast in one instance is water and just locate the CG and GB where they need to be for the two cases you show, the difference in form stability should be clearer. :idea:[/quote']

    Hi Tom ... if this is the same Tom L (of Bluejacket 24 fame), can you check out the article on http://www.messing-about.com/smallboats on the Bluejacket 24 for any corrections? In moving it, I edited a few things slightly, thinking I remembered some comments from prior discussions. There is a broken link to the review of the plans I already know about (will get to that when I get back in town).

  3. Konrad, didn't you have the "compression cracks" on the keel when you tightened down the straps holding the boat to the trailer? I may have you confused with someone else, but I thought that was you ... it was one reason I'm not a fan of glassing the keel, especially if you've used green wood, as it will shrink as it dries, leaving voids and susceptibility to that kind of cracking.

  4. Frank' date=' now you really have me curious. What's the relationship between using a laptop (thus no mouse) and driving a Saturn? I like them but we don't live near a Saturn dealer and so drive a Toyota Sienna and elderly grey Olds sedan (we call it the middle-aged lady car after one of my daughters-in-law said "Oh, that suits you." Never been so insulted, etc.).[/quote']

    I thought maybe you belonged to a strange cult that eschewed mouses (mice?) on computers. And I've always suspected Saturn drivers as being part of a weird cult (have a couple of them working for me.) So I was just testing a theory. :lol: BTW, my wife drives a Toyota Sienna, which she loves.

    I'm actually working on a borrowed laptop right now that has one of those touchpad things, which I don't like very much. When I was doing a lot of traveling I had one like this also, but it made sense on an airplane (before they changed the pitch between the seats, you could put a laptop on the folded down tray, but didn't have room for the mouse).

  5. I hate all these guys, but: Raiders. By more than the 3 pts I heard was the last spread.

    (While everyone else is watching the game, I will be in my hotel room catching up on sleep. I am way too old to spend half the night smoking cigars and drinking scotch with a bunch of other middle aged men, telling stories about our wild youth.)

  6. I'm in Chicago, which is much colder than Southern California is right now, and I just noticed there is actually frost on the bottom of the window sill. On the inside.

    That's it. I'm burning the hotel furniture for warmth.

  7. Hey Frank' date=' Would it be difficult to increase the scroll box contrast in the right hand side?

    I can barely distinguish it from the shaft with my laptop.[/quote']

    Funny you should mention that ... I think that's the routine that is confusing Netscape. I suspect you're using IE, right? The light scroll bar is a function that applies only to IE, so I'm thinking of scrapping it when I get back into town.

  8. :roll:

    OK here i am trying to deside what wood to use for the keel' date=' and have run into a quandry, the plans say pine, fir, or other wood, I love fir but clear fir is like gold along with clear pine. So I thought why not use 2x? and surface it down with a planer, {too much of the New Yankee Workshop}, but then I relised that most 2x? is green wood and would need to air dry, so again I thinks what about reclaimed wood, it is older and more stable, (just make sure you get all of the old nails, screws, ect out of it). Another thought I had was what about voids useing the S4S that is on the shelf, OK back to the planer and a smooth surface, so what way do I go I love collecting toys (tools)


    John, I had 2x douglas fir No.2 or better resawn to make my keel 1x's ... I detail it on my site at http://users2.ev1.net/~fshagan/weekender.htm

    I wouldn't recommend going that route because resawing causes differences in thicknesses between the boards, so you have a lot of finishing work to do. But feeding a 2 x 12 x 14 through a planer does make sense.

    The keel doesn't really need clear wood. No. 2 or better is fine ... its a 3 lamination construction, so even if you have a knot fall out, just fill it in with epoxy and you're set.

    With either resawn or planed 2x material, you are right, it does have some moisture content left (even if it says "kiln dried"). You have two choices, you can either sticker it and allow it to air dry some more, or do what I did .... glue it up within a day of having it resawn. Flip the boards during lofting so that the growth rings go opposite directions, cut them out, and glue them up right away. The extremely wide glue line from this lamination should serve to keep the keel from cupping. Mine came out flat, just by laying on the garage floor after glue up. One builder has a keel that has a curve in it ... 1/2" or something like that ... and no one can tell while sailing it that its there.

  9. Hey! Don't say that! I was feeling really smart for "figuring out" what you were doing.

    (I learn by doing, and you guys keep forgetting I've had this software for a month, so I've already DONE all these things.)

  10. Thanks Frank' date=' but it's hard to "right-click" on a Mac. :)[/quote']

    Oops. :oops:

    Try this:

    In your browser, position the mouse over the the image that you would like to copy.

    Click and hold down the mouse button. A floating menu will appear. Select Save Image As from the floating menu. The standard Mac dialog box will appear.

    Select your working folder.

    Select the Save button. The image will be saved into the working folder.

    I think that still works; got it from a clip art site a while back.

  11. I think you're probably hitting the "back" button on your browser, right? Just scroll down and click on "submit" after editing. If you hit the "back" button it reloads the page, so it will come up blank.

  12. Paul' date=' I decided to try Mozilla. Seems to work well and has a pleasant surprise for users of Netscape. It copied all the bookmarks, address book, the works, so no maddening moving of files to a new browser. I'll try it out for a week or so and report back on impressions. Thanks for the tip. Now if it will just help me to copy a nifty little pic to use here for a signature.[/quote']

    Right click on the pic and select "Save As" to save the pic to disk. Then you can just upload it by going into "Profile" and uploading it as an Avatar.

  13. Having internal ballast of any kind (or a very shoal stub keel) involves some sacrifice in sailing performance. But it isn't necessarily significant, except compared to all-out racers -- my Mac 26C rates about a 220 PHRF. Distinctly slower than a J-24 (who'd want to cruise in one of those?), but rated a bit faster than a fin-keeled Catalina 25, for example. For me, the gunkholing capabilities are very much worth the minor speed tradeoff.

    I'm always a little amused at discussions of speed in sailboats. Unless you're racing, of course, but even then, the actual speed of the boat is a minor issue. But most of us sail around, and enjoy the whole process, including the times when we are just bobbing along. We aren't too worried about the difference between 6mph and 6.2mph!

    Pointing ability is another thing, as I've found my little gaffer is much slower getting to a destination, even though it can out perform many boats downwind (and in light airs, I can sail when they are motoring.) I wonder how the cat-ketch rig does in light airs? I suspect it points better than a gaffer, which should help in the "VMG" ("velocity made good", or something like that).

  14. Karl Strambaugh's Redwing is very simliar to the Weekender in design, and it has several versions for power cruiser style. Same flat bottom, but it doesn't have a keel like the Weekender, and it is much wider at the transom.

    I would think you could easily adapt the Weekender to this sort of design, and stick a 10 hp outboard on the back for great performance. The cabin could be raised and steering put up where the bulkhead is with a raised pilot's seat. The bowsprit wouldn't be needed, or at least not as long (or, you could replace it with a potato canon). Might make a nice looking pilot house cruiser.

  15. The "klez" variety of worms will snatch someone's address book and doctor up the infected emails it sends out so that the emails look like they are coming from another email address. So you get blamed for someone else's unclean machine! And the person with the infected machine doesn't get any feedback on it.

    You can refer them to this link for more info on it:


    Diabolical little devils. :evil:

  16. Cool. I'm anxious to see how the plywood keel thing works. Finding 1 x 12s is probably the most common question we see ... good ones just aren't available like they used to be.

    I couldn't see from the pics, but are the keel bolts recessed into the bottom side of the keel with washers under the heads? I would think a washer would capture all three laminations under it, helping with the strength.

  17. Konrad's your man for that kind of thing! He has done the ice racer thing, although if I remember correctly, building an ice sailer is much easier than building a Weekender!

    The ice sailing speed record is held by an ice boat with a gaff sail. Could skate downwind really, really fast.

  18. Update on the problem:

    PhotoPost emailed me my password to their support forums right away, and I posted a question just after mid-night Central Time. Scott, the administrator, responded within minutes.

    They are compliant with all the HTML standards, and should have no problem with Netscape (especially the earlier versions like 4.7). So the problem is in my coding for the page. I think I know what it is, and without boring you with all the details, I think it involves a missing file that is used by Internet Explorer only, but that Netscape is choking on (which is typical for both fat, bloated pigs of software packages ... unlike the rest of you guys who like one or the other, I hate 'em both, and I hate their parent companies as well! A pox on their houses, both of 'em.)

    Anyway, I think it will have to wait until I get back in town. But I've at least narrowed it down.

  19. I noticed some slowness on the 'net last night. My new host sent out this email alert regarding the speed across the net:

    Good Morning,

    Once again there is a virus like worm spreading between servers throughout the Internet and causing major routing problems worldwide. This problem has pretty much brought the Internert to a crippling slowdown since midnight [Eastern Time] last night. The problem which is affecting all Internet servers is the work of a Microsoft server exploit similar to the "Code Red" virus which appeared in the summer of 2001 and is STILL bouncing around the Internet today.

    CNN and others are reporting this problem as being in the waning stages after a night of nearly shutting down huge portions of the Internet, but my opinion is that it will be just the first wave. Your website and all websites will most likely continue to load slowly all day.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing you. More reading on the subject can be found here:




    So even though we are now on a Linux server, and the data center we connect to the Internet through is all some variant of Unix,, the NT and other MS servers out there are still affecting us, and the rest of the Internet.

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