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  1. It's been interesting getting to know this boat a bit more. It has far more cockpit room than the Weekender (as it's ALL cockpit), and is twitchier and brighter feeling (with the same rig on a boat which weighs less than half the weight), but the stately feel of the Weekender is also nice for more relaxed sailing. The mellow afternoon feel of the Weekender is really nice too (or even more so in the Pocket Cruiser!) Both have their plusses.

    I'll let you know when I take it down to San Diego again—I go right past Oxnard and we could sail for a couple of hours on my way past!


    That would be great! I'm hoping to stay in this area, but make sure you check with me first. The job situation may take me back inland (at least that was the most promising job interview, but they haven't called back after the second interview!)

  2. Hmmm ... I can't seem to find a limit for the total size of attachments in a post. I upped it to 50 images maximum per post a while ago, and the text can be up to 1024k. I'll have to ask and see where they hide the option for limiting the cumulative size of the images.

    Maximum image size is 1600 x 1200, and the software then resizes it to 300 x 300 maximum for the thumbnails. Larger images will be reduced to the 1600 x 1200 size.

  3. Hah! It isn't lack of quality controls I fear so much from Chinese Goods nearly so much as rank fraud and dishonesty and complete disregard for life safety!

    Lets see, Melamine in pet food in milk.. Why? So it can fool quality control tests and make more money and who cares that it kills the customers and their pets!

    Well, the Chinese are pretty strict about this ... they executed two of the people involved in the scandal. There were six deaths according to that Wikipedia article.

    We avoid as much food as we can from foreign countries (it is common here to get produce from Mexico and South America). We buy most of our produce now at the Farmer's Market (my wife works for the State Ag Department, and she actually knows which of the vendors are farmers and which ones have bought their produce at the supermarket!)

    I guess noticing the quality creep is a sign of getting old; I remember my Dad complaining about the same thing. Its one thing when you are talking about a tee shirt, but quite another when its something that is a safety issue like boat building plywood.

  4. The short time I ran my own I was absolutely amazed at the time I spent dealing with spammers trying to register. I know what a hassle it can be. And with just 2 days of creating my blog they had found it. Amazes me.

    On your Wordpress blog, look into using something like Disqus as your commenting system. It solved my comment spam issues on my blogs.

  5. I should not have told you it was the software doing it! You would have thought I was some kind of Anti-Spam King!

    Every now and then one gets through, but the software does a good job of making it easier for people to register (they just respond to an email and they are in) and keeping out spammers. We do get dozens of spammers, but they are caught during the registration process automatically.

  6. The software does it's best to try and hide things from you.

    I can't figure out why the images don't show up when you first upload them; you need to click "Preview" before they show up so you can insert them into the body of the post. There are like a gazillion settings with this software, but it does do a good job of keeping the spammers away, so I'm keeping it!

  7. messing-about is one of the web's friendliest amateur boat building forums. We have over 66,000 forum posts, and 1,975 members (last purged in March of this year to remove members who have only logged in once). We have plenty of room for growth, and even though I may need to eliminate other Internet pursuits to cut costs, messing-about will be "one of the keepers". I would like to see 2,000 members by year end.

    You can promote the forums by clicking on any of the "social media" icons when you run across a great discussion:


    You can tweet, Facebook like, Google Plus-One, Digg, add to Delicious, share via Reddit, add the link to StumbleUpon and email the link to someone specific. You have to be a member of these social media communities to generate the link for their members, of course.

  8. I'm definitely in the "small boats are best for day sailing" camp. I had more fun in my Weekender than in my Potter 19, and I suspect I'd have more fun in a Super Skipjack than I did in my Weekender.

    Part of it is the time and money involved in maintenance, but also expectations. You expect more from a big boat, and it often disappoints. A small boat surprises you every day.

  9. Just recently finished and launched this new Vardo. I'm pleased with the project . Learned alot. Will begin building a Chuckanut 15 footer soon.

    Tried to attach pics. No luck please advise.

    You should see a "Attach Files" dialog below the editing box, with a "Browse..." button to select the file on your computer to upload.

    "New Members" don't have permission to post photos or other attachments until they graduate to regular "Member" status (it prevents porn from being uploaded into the forums by spammers). "New Members" have to have from 1 to 3 posts before they automatically graduate to full "Members" status. You are upgraded now, so you should see the "Attach Files" section.

  10. When I cleaned my Dacron sails, I used a process similar to this one from Yacht Pals

    -- Cleaning Dacron sails --

    • Make sure you clean your sails on a nice smooth surface. Not on the pavement or gravel (don't want to be sanding the back as your scrubbing the front).
    • Mix a mild soap solution in a bucket, or use this solution: Dilute 2 Tbs Woolite and 1-2 cups vinegar in 1 gallon water.
    • Lightly brush with a soft bristle brush. Do not over brush or use too much pressure.
    • Rinse completely with fresh water. Removing all soap residue.
    • Hang to dry completely in a well venilated area.

    I used a generic equivalent to Woolite that we had, and one cup of vinegar. I laid my Potter mainsail out on the grass, and used a soft bristle "car wash brush" to gently remove the dirt. I had a couple of mold spots as well, and spot treated them with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water. I think that solution might be too strong. You don't want to do too much damage to the resin or whatever it is that makes the cloth stiff.

  11. Hmmm, I did go on their site within the last few days. So far I haven't seen any problems with my system yet. I'll keep an eye on it though. It's always nice to see people using linux. What I love is the fact it's free, and if something did screw it up, all I have to to is wipe it and start fresh. I keep all of my files backed up on a separate drive. About 14 months ago I got so infuriated with windows and all of the virus problems. With what was left functioning on my system, I took the leap, and downloaded ubuntu. I never looked back. I have it installed on all of my computers, and none of them have had a problem yet.

    Ubuntu is great. The only caveat is that some devices, like cameras and webcams, don't interface well with linux. You just have to make sure whatever you buy has drivers for it. I actually have Ubuntu running XBMC for my media center PC and it is super stable.

  12. I'm just gonna throw this out there. You really should switch to linux. I switched over a year ago, and have had absolutely 0 problems with infections. I can go onto any site now without fear of screwing up my computer. I can even make it look like the latest version of windows if so desired. I use the ubuntu version. There may be better versions of linux out there, but ubuntu is my favorite so far. If your just looking for a reliable way to browse the web, then this is the best. Not to mention, it's free!!!! Just my 2 cents worth.

    The server is linux (CentOS, the opensource version of RHEL). The BYYB account was infected with a linux-specific piece of malware (well, actually, it was a javascript vulnerability, I think, but it could easily have infected your Ubuntu system).

    A Linux desktop does enjoy "security through obscurity", since very few hackers are writing malware to target them. Its a little different for the server market, as most of the web servers are Linux. You are probably safer with Linux than with Windows or even the Mac, but you still have to be careful.

    I'm looking at a new job in another city, and if I get it, I'll be "commuting" (heading there Monday morning, staying until Friday night and driving home). If I do that, I'll set up an inexpensive Ubuntu system for my temporary home (or buy another laptop).

  13. I did the initial clean up and have the site back up (mostly). I'll follow up with Craig about what needs to be rebuilt, but the Forums and the Gallery should be working now.

    I will run the scan every few hours to see if a re-infection occurs. I still haven't found the source of the original infection. If it re-occurs, I'll put up the maintenance page again and see if I can identify the source.


  14. The site has been taken down with a "Maintenance" page put up. I expect to be able to have it back up by tomorrow night (or sooner, depending on how it works out with my aunt this morning).

    Chris, if you get a chance can you visit the home page and see if AVG picks anything up? I want to make sure the exploit isn't coming from elsewhere on the server.


  15. Yes, there is something there that I'm still not catching. I found "Malicious Toolbox 9" exploit code in many of the files and cleaned those last night. Because it isn't actually a virus, the virus scanner is not picking it up. But now Chris is finding another exploit.

    I think I'll need to take the site down temporarily. I have an ill aunt I'm helping this morning, so it will be tonight or Sunday before the site is back up again.

  16. Overnight, I installed a CentOS linux, cPanel approved virus scanner on the server, and checked all of the BYYB files for viruses. Everything seems clean. Please let me know if your browsers are still identifying any threats on the BYYB site.

    All messing-about and HOSTkabob.com hosting customers are on the same server. Customers can find a new "Virus Scan" icon in cPanel to scan their site anytime. Or contact me and I can do it for you. Scanning is a resource intensive activity, so try to do it during an off-peak time. Like the middle of the night!

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