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  1. Well, the disk space is one issue, but the real problem is the CPU load and memory usage when a lot of users are online at the same time. The archiving of the older posts is supposed to help with that. So we'll see what happens.

  2. Well, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the forum death may have been exaggerated.

    I moved my accounts to a new server, and the host has agreed to let me try archiving off posts older than a year old. Archived posts will still be accessible, but you won't be able to post in them. That saves about 30% of the load on the server.

    We'll monitor the resource usage and see if the new server can handle the load. If not, I will try pruning some of the older messages to try and see if that helps. We still may not be able to keep the forums open long term, but at least we have a few things to try.

    Thanks to all of you who wrote to me with suggestions; I didn't think about archiving as a way to solve the issue. We'll see if it does. Here's hoping.

  3. Computer will no longer allow me to upload pictures.... why? I dont know, works fine everywhere else.

    See if you can upload now. You may have hit the upload limit I set a couple of years ago. I increased the limit from 75MB to 150MB, and the individual post upload limit from 5MB to 8MB.

  4. Well, it is now accepting the edits to the stylesheet without throwing the error,so whatever was causing it will forever remain a mystery. You may need to refresh your brower's cache, but you should see two changes ... the seach box is now below the black bar at the top, and the logo area has been reduced a bit to allow more forum content on the screen.

  5. I'm late to this one, and I know ilnadi has found it. But for the benefit of others who might use the now-fixed search box to find this post, here is how to set your signature:

    1. Click the your name in the upper right of the screen to reveal the profile menu.

    2. Select "My Settings"

    3. Select "Signature" in the vertical tabs along the left side of the screen.


  6. I haven't been able to find a fix on the software support forums. When I try to edit the template, the software is throwing an error that the support staff doesn't understand, and can't help me with. I am waiting for a converter that can reliably convert the forum back to either phpBB or SMF. I don't mean to whine, but I thought paying for forum software would give me better support, but that's not the case!

  7. Thanks for the input, I just need to make up my mind and let her know what to print.

    I have a hat from Cafe Press and it is my favorite hat. Super comfortable but the quality of the printing is just so-so. Actually it's not very good to be honest. Maybe it was the logo or the material for the hat. But I was not impressed.

    Yep, I no longer offer anything through them. Really spotty quality. The coffee cups faded. The mermaid designs were from my sister, who is an artist, and she gets upset everytime I bring it out in front of her. So I bring it out every time she is over, of course.

    The designs look good, and I agree on the navy and kahki. If I get rich in my new venture, maybe I'll even buy one from you (don't add that into your sales forecasting model, though!)

  8. For my Weekender, I used a large car cover. They are cheap ... about $40 at the time at Costco ... and are made of a breathable fabric that never stuck to the latex paint I used. They lasted about three years. PeterP's solution would be much longer lasting, and you could really make it fit well if you sew.

  9. Back when I was working for a manufacturer, we had occasional stainless failures due to mixed materials. We had stainless roll pins that had steel roll pins mixed in the batch. We tested them with a magnet as stainless is non-magnetic (except for some low grades of stainless).

  10. Wow! That's a great shot of a bat flying. I love bats.

    We had bats in our bedroom walls, but our bats here are quite a bit smaller than that one. The Mexican Fruit Bat is a mouse-sized bat that, like all bats, forages starting at dusk. They also have a very active social life that starts around 2:30 AM, when they return to the nest and party like college kids. I had to get rid of them because I was jealous of anything getting that much more action than I was. The solution was to hang bird netting over their entrance that descended about a foot down from it; when bats fly out, they fly down, But the netting prevents them from flying back into the space. Then you seal up the space, and the bat problem is solved.

    I never got anywhere close to that good a picture of them flying out at dusk.

  11. I can't find a fix for it, I'm afraid. At least not yet. I'm unhappy with both the cost and the difficulty of running the software, but up until recently it did really well at keeping spammers out. That changed in the last few days. I'd like to revert to either SMF or phpBB free software, instead of paying each year, but there are no converters available for this version of the software yet.

  12. I am executor for an estate, and two of my cousins are probably heirs (the lawyer will have to confirm this, but they are the heirs to their mother's estate, and she is named in the will). I am looking for:

    Louise Decker Mullis

    in Concord, Kannapolis, Mooresville or Salisbury NC

    Richard Decker

    Born and raised in the area, but may be in Florida now.

    Finding directory information is nearly impossible now; every place you look they want you to sign up for a auto-renewal subscription.

    They can confirm I'm not some sort of Nigerian Prince scam by checking with their Aunt Mary (sister of their late mother Jackie). Or remembering that I am the son of the woman Louise is named after.

    Have them contact me at my fshagan@gmail.com email address, or PM me and I'll give my cell number out to them.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    (BTW - Got an enemy? Make him executor of your will. That will teach him!)

  13. The Links Directory is back! It has been upgraded to work with this version of the software. Please add your favorite links!

    The categories are:

    • Personal Sites (for any member's personal site)
    • Members Commercial Sites (boating related commercial sites; let's patronize our member's businesses!)
    • Members Non-Boating Sites (non-boating commercial sites our members run. Who knew insurance agents could build a boat?)
    • Associations (any class, club, or other boating association)
    • Boat Building Plans (Duplicate links allowed from Members Commercial Sites)
    • Charters (Your favorite charter companies)
    • Cruising (Your favorite cruise line, cruise travel agency, etc.)
    • Forums (Other forums you like)
    • Vendors (Great vendors for fellow members)
    • Resources (sites with tons of information for boaters)

    Because I'm going "non-commercial" with all of my sites, I will be removing all advertising. The Links Directory will not have sponsored links or affiliate site links; I'm simply interested in adding content that is worthwhile to our members.

    But I need your help! Add your links today!

  14. Mike Stevenson might chime in; he pops in from time to time. The BYYB.ORG site is a good one as more of the Stevenson Projects folks gather over there.

    I don't think the plans have been updated since 2006, but I remember that either the Weekender or Vacationer plans had the folding mast and cockpit drain plug incorporated into the plans not too long ago. Something like that.

    I built a Weekender, the little sister to the Vacationer, and I think its the perfect size for a little day sailer with style. Very fast to set up and launch; I was often in the water in 15 minutes (rig, launch, tie up and park the truck). The Vacationer may take a bit longer. I'm not sure the extra size of the Vacationer is worth the material cost and extra time to build, as it still doesn't provide headroom in the cabin, etc.

  15. Ray if I had invested in a good balanced and bond fund like I had a family member advise me to, we would have been about $200,000 better off. But I went for the big money in individual stocks and that didn't work out to good.

    For the first two years we will live aboard for 4 to 6 months and after that hopefully full time.


    If you can keep invested a bit longer, you may regain some of the losses. I'm back to just above the 2008 pre-crash levels (4% up). I recently switched from 95% stocks to using low cost ETFs for 70% stocks, and have 30% in bond funds (originally at equal amounts for 10-year Treasuriers, short term Treasuries and Corporate Bonds). I'm at least ten years from retirement, so that percentage of fixed income will increase as the years go by.

    The ten year Treasury fund has been growing like gangbusters, but I suspect that's about to end, so I took the gains and reduced 10-year from 10% to about 2%. When interest rates rise, the bond funds tend to fall.

    BTW - a lot of people holding bonds lost money in 2008 - 2009 too. It hasn't been a good ride for people handling their own portfolios in the last few years!

  16. One of the guys even asked if I'd like vertical or otherwise for the grain orientation once I get to the gunnels/keel/stringers. Frankly, I'm not sure, so I thought I'd ask.

    Vertical grain is also called straight grain, and it is preferable for bending and strength. You'll have to look at the cost differential when you get to that point to see if it's worth it.

    Finding a good local source of lumber is great. Shipping costs can easily make up the difference, and more, for on-line sources. Plus, you get to pick through the pile to find out which piece is meant for you.

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