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  1. My photos are approximately 3MB each and they will not load.  The message I get is:   "Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload)"


    You can upload up to 16MB of files (Max. single file size: 2MB)      is shown when I go to the image loading interface.


    I wonder why the other user isn't getting any kind of error message like you are getting? Maybe they are being blocked by his browser.


    The 2MB limit s a server-side (PHP) limit not the forum software limit, and I missed that. I adjusted it to 150MB for the server (the software should limit you at 8MB for forum images). Can you re-try?

  2. Wasn't the single file max size 8mb before?  I used to be able to post the same photos that now don't work.


    It came over as 1MB in the move, and I had increased it to 2. I just re-set it to 8MB per image, increased the maximum image size to 1366 x 768 (from 800 x 600), and set the individual storage limit at 750MB (up from 500MB before). Can you try another pic to see if it uploads?

  3. Thanks, guys. One user has reported issues, and he's not getting any error messages returned ... just gets the upload in progress icon but it never completes. I don't think it has to do with the settings on the back end (I increase the size of image allowed, and the space per member allowed just now). I'm looking to see if there is some conflict between the board software and security software when the IP address changes.

  4. Can some of you try to upload images to this thread? I have at least one member who is having trouble uploading pictures, and I don't know if its the board, or the new IP address (and his security software), or some other issue.


    I can upload images, but I want to make sure others can.

  5. I have moved the forums to a new server in preparation for restarting my hosting company.


    Let me know if you notice any difference, good or bad, in the forum performance.


    You may have to log in again, as the cookies that allow you to auto-login sometimes change in a server move.

  6. Now that I'm no longer required to divest myself of other businesses, I am considering re-starting my web hosting business. However, it will be a premium service with a minimum $10 per month fee, focused primarily on small business and hobbyist sites.


    If you hosted with me before, and feel that $10 a month is worth the level of service I provided, please let me know. I have two commitments already, so I only need a few more.


    I will be very selective about the type of sites hosted on the server. Wordpress sites will be allowed, but other "content management systems" may not be allowed, as they pose a security risk if not frequently updated. As before, only "family friendly", non-controversial sites will be allowed, with no adult content, political debate, or otherwise controversial content. Even legal "debate" sites tend to attract hackers who try to compromise the server.


    I will continue to provide free hosting to the existing non-profit sites (such as http://byyb.org).


    Payment will be by credit card or Paypal payments. Semi-annual and annual payments by personal check will be considered for businesses, and if I had success with you in th past using this method.



  7. This is not the record low - I'm guessing the record low was before I logged on.   1 user(s) are reading this topic

    1 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users



    "reading this topic" means fellow forum readers in the exact same topic as you. If you look on the forum index page you'll see how many are online reading *something* on the forums. Right now, I'm the only one reading this topic just like you were, but the forum index shows 28 people on line (7 members, 19 guests and 2 anonymous users). Google and Bing are among the guests.


    Still, we're a really small community. The Wooden Boat forum is more than 10 times our size with over 33,000 members. I don't know if they have purged their membership rolls at any time, though. I periodically remove people who haven't visited in the past year, so our 2,807 total members are active members (many never post, but log on and read things).

  8. It was 315 total, members and guests. I don't recall why it was that high, but I always suspected the old software counted the visits incorrectly. I think it counted multiple visits by the same person as separate visits; the new software counts the member as visiting that day if he visits once or 100 times. A lot of people will check back in several times a day if they have a question they are interested in, etc.

  9. We actually had 315 on the old software one day. Most online at one time was just over 100 ("at the same time" means within a 15 minute period with that software, so its a little deceptive).


    So far we're good on the reseller account I have, so cost is definitely not a problem! Archiving the older posts really helped with the server stress and doesn't seem to cramp anyone's style.

  10. Ripping is problematic on a radial arm saw ... I had an piece I was ripping kick back and go through the drywall and out the stucco behind me. I guess that could happen with a table saw as well.


    I hurt myself with chisels more than anything else. I follow extreme safety rules now ... I'm never in the shop, so nothing in there can cut me ....

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  11. I was not aware that the designer of the Weekender, Skipjack and other Stevenson Projects boats, Peter Stevenson, has passed away.


    The only obituary I can find is this one from one of his publishers:




    Titles by the Author Peter Stevenson

    Born a Navy brat while his father worked at the Pentagon in 1941, Stevenson was whisked away to New Zealand where the family got a ringside seat for the war in the Pacific. He spent his first three years there learning how to walk on the lawns of the Japanese ambassador's house (the Ambassador had taken a quick trip for the duration).


    Back in the States after the war with a bit of an English accent, he and his generation discovered that no toys had been built during the War so they had to make their own, building what they couldn't afford or find on the shelves at any price. Some time later, with his own kids to raise, he found the same situation, and built the toys that appeared in his book The Art Of Making Wooden Toys.


    During this time, Stevenson and his older brothers had become fascinated with the sportscars that the G.I.s were bringing back from England. Stevenson was able to tag along to some of the earliest roadraces on the West Coast where Allards did battle against the big American Cunninghams.


    Later, Stevenson did volunteer work at the Briggs Cunningham Automotive Museum where he was able to talk with some of the visiting racing greats like Juan Fangio, Sterling Moss, Reid Railton, and Innes Ireland, as well as interview one of the characters in Driving Forces, Rene Dreyfus in New York. At the museum Stevenson was also able to get the cockpit feel and handling characteristics of vintage race cars before they became precious icons.


    Stevenson wrote vintage motoring features for national magazines including Road & Track as well as in his book The Greatest Days Of Racing with an introduction by Grand Prix champion Phil Hill.


    Stevenson passed away in June of 2012 and is fondly missed by his family, friends and all of us at Bentley Publishers. Link to this obituary: http://www.bentleypublishers.com/author.htm?id=47


    I know for many of us, Peter Stevenson introduced us to fair winds and gentle seas, and greatly improved our lives. HIs passing brings me a meloncholy I can't quite explain.


    Words never seem enough, but at least they let us know that we are not alone in our feelings. Please feel free to share how a Stevensons Project changed your life, or simply made you happy.



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  12. App update:


    We have added an app that works for Android, Kindle Fire and others (including Blackberry). Our mobile symbol:


    Posted Image


    iPhone and iPad users can use the free forum software app in the first message in this thread in the app store: https://itunes.apple...d521920635?mt=8

    Name of the iPhone app: "IPS Communities "


    iPhone, Android and Blackberry users can use Tapatalk ($2.99).


    Within the Tapatalk app, search for "messing-about"  and connect.


    Note: mobile users visiting messing-about.com on a phone browser will get a one-time notification that an app is available. I can't disable this notification, but they assure me it is a one-time thing only.

  13. Chick Ludwig suggested a separate place to share boating and cruising stories, where any boat-related story would fit in well. I have added it to the Boating section.


    Boating & Cruising stories do not have to be related to boat building, but they can be. Anything you think would be interesting for others can be shared there, from great boating places to interesting trips you just want to share.

  14. messing-about is mobile powered! Our mobile symbol:




    iPhone, Android and Blackberry users can use Tapatalk (it is now free).


    Within the Tapatalk app, search for "messing-about"  and connect.


    Note: mobile users visiting messing-about.com on a phone browser will get a one-time notification that an app is available. I can't disable this notification, but they assure me it is a one-time thing only.

  15. One new feature is pretty nice; a typical quote looks like this:



    The forum software has been upgraded to the latest version this morning.


    You may see some differences in the editor, etc., but all the functionality should be present (plus more). Please ask any questions here.



    To split that quote apart and answer each sentence while you are composing a reply, position your cursor between the lines and press ENTER. The quote splits apart as shown below:


    The forum software has been upgraded to the latest version this morning.



    You may see some differences in the editor, etc., but all the functionality should be present (plus more). Please ask any questions here.

  16. The tabernacle can rotate. It could be mounted in the mast tube just like a mast.

    Just my $.02 worth.

    (What ever happened to the cents sign?)

    Use ALT-0162 or ALT-155 to get this sign: ¢

    You have to use the keypad numbers, not the top row numbers above the QWERTY keys.

    (How sad is it that I'm only able to answer questions about computers now? I really need to get back in the boat!)

  17. Try it now ... there's a setting to override the "mailbox full" message, which I just did for Members. I need to find where the settings are for how many PMs you can have ....

  18. Yeah, I had a friend who admitted to me that he was really into the Disney heroines. It was one of those awkward moments when everything just fell silent, and then someone changed the subject.

    I just took a look at your blog ... I hadn't noticed it before. I love the Cooper Jr. design, and if I had the money or time, I would build a boat like that. Massive commitment, though!

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