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  1. New client this morning; hoping it will be a full time contract!

  2. Still waiting for TracFone to release my number to Virgin - it's been 15 hours so far.

  3. Why low interest rates may cost you more. http://t.co/obKStdc2

  4. Work, who needs it? Well, actually, I do!

  5. Hmmm ... the governing authorities have decided that financial advisors must not have official company sites on Facebook. Financial advisors are prohibited from using testimonials, and the Facebook "Like" button is considered a testimonial ...

  6. Listening to WSJ This Weekend; boy am I late this morning!

  7. 'morning twit friends!

  8. I score better on the law questions quiz after I've had two scotches (Chivas Regal 12 year Premium, a gift from my uncle). I think God wants me to drink more!

  9. Reading "Buy and Hold is Dead (Again)" by Solow. Very interesting.

  10. Finally scored higher than a 90% (got a 93%) on the first section practice test. Section 2 all day today. Full name of the test is "Series 65. Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam". Next time I'll choose a test with fewer words in the title.

  11. Decided to try the financial services self-employment position my last boss introduced me to a few days ago. I'll be studying over the next few weeks in preparation for my Series 65 test to become an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

  12. I am in the office and available via Skype (see hostkabob.com)

  13. I'm in the office until 11 PT / 2 ET

  14. Taubes on food reward and insulin resistance http://t.co/w2SFqu1T

  15. A local CSM job for a manufacturer was just posted; I would love to avoid a move to find a position!

  16. My cousin w/dementia & stage IV cancer has been declared competent by a phone salesman, so they can charge her $1200 a month for "marketing services". Uh, folks, that's elder abuse in this state!

  17. New post: Buffet and Obama Lie about Taxes: http://t.co/gYCEqKyD #hhrs #tcot #gop

  18. New Post: Frankenfoods, what has man wrought? at Low Carb Age: http://t.co/YCTXwjoJ #lowcarb #paleo #diet #realfood

  19. I just joined KPI Library! | KPI Library http://t.co/gsgPeNr via @kpilibrary

  20. A faster Internet: new CDN system for DNS lookups: http://t.co/pQIKOqU

  21. Good time to clean the bottom of the boat: http://t.co/vrBNnWl

  22. Just tried spaghetti squash for first time - wow, it was like spaghetti with meat sauce! #lowcarb #paleo

  23. New post: Johns Hopkins: #lowcarb, high-fat diet poses no arterial risk http://t.co/XD8mYj5 #paleo #lchf #diet

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