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  1. Thanks for that! It can be challenging at times. I'm hoping this one goes quickly when the transfer happens. There's a bit of work after that because the IP address will change when we move, but hopefully it won't be a long drawn out process.
  2. A fire in the data center is requiring our server to be moved. There may be some downtime over the next 24 hours while this is done, but the data center host assures me that we won't run into the problems we had last June. I apologize for the inconvenience!
  3. Do you have a YouTube channel with your sailing adventures? My wife and I watch several of the sailing channels, and I'd love to see the Spindrift in action for cruisers.
  4. As you can see we lost a couple of messages here with the botched move to a new server. I apologize for that. The hosting company was not able to migrate the mailboxes on our customer's sites so I had to revert to the old server. Evidently "complete migration" doesn't include your email addresses or inboxes.
  5. Sometime in the next two weeks I'll be upgrading the server again. The forums will be down for 2 or 3 days. I'm adding faster NVMe SSD drives, more "reserved" resources (RAM, disk space) and moving to a new data center that is connected to the famed One Wilshire data center in Los Angeles. Most of you won't see a difference because of this, but it should provide faster response time for our members in Australia and New Zealand. We are also expecting the move to reduce the number of "momentary freezes" that have been happening on our older, less resource heavy server. No one has complained, but they drive me nuts. This move is only possible because of our Supporting Members and ad revenue that helps keep us up and running. Thanks to all of you!
  6. You can get them directly from Stevensons Projects at https://stevproj.com/WkndrSls.html That's where I got mine way back when. Very nice Rolly Tasker sails at that time.
  7. I had BoatUS insurance on my boat. You can get liability only, current value, and replacement value for the hull. I just had the liability only coverage and added on water boat towing since my local harbor was one of their service areas. They include salvage coverage and fines from spilled fuel (an unexpected cost if your boat sinks along with your outboard). I don't recall if it included coverage while I was towing my boat. I think I added that coverage through my auto insurance but I don't recall. I remember checking my homeowner's policy and it only covered boats from damage while stored on the property, not liability on the water. I never had the misfortune of having to make a claim, so I don't know how well they do.
  8. I apologize for the recent downtime. The forum software people pushed an update that failed, and it took several days to fix. They have re-issued the update so I was finally able to finish the task. They are pushing everyone to their "cloud solution" at a much higher cost, which I am resisting. I may have to change software, but I want to avoid that; it's a painful, time consuming process that takes days to migrate all the posts, images, etc. Anyway, we're back. I will wait at least a week before applying any non-emergency updates from now on.
  9. Cubitron discs are my new go to for sanding discs. They are much better than anything I have ever used before, and the dust extraction through the mesh is fantastic. I haven't used them on epoxy, though, just metal and wood.
  10. I looked back at your posts and found the pics! And thanks for the source of the name "Muckla" - the books have been translated to English here in the US under the names "Festus and Mercury" (no reason given for the name change; in the UK they have the original names).
  11. I live in CA and there's a lot we can't buy any more. I see that Amazon still sells lead sheet to us, so it must not be on the naughty list. Not that I am building anything that needs it right now. Now that I'm retired I might take on another building project. Wommasehn - do you have a picture of the boat this centerboard is from? My Google search for a "Mucklas Centerboard" boat was unsuccessful.
  12. It's in amazing shape for being in the centerboard trunk for 25 years. I haven't sourced lead in about 20 years, and have no idea how I would find it now. It used to be that tire shops would give you their used lead weights from tires they replace, but I'm not sure they still do that.
  13. We're approaching our 47th in a month, so we got married just a year after you.
  14. Update Aug. 1, 2022 at 6 PM Pacific time: We have completed the move to the new server, with some configuration items still to be finished. Please let me know in this thread if you see anything odd! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Older message: We will have a planned maintenance window within the next few days. I'll update this post when the date and time is fixed. During that time the forums will be closed. messing-about has been growing and we are moving to a new server. We are doubling our RAM and bandwidth to accommodate the growth. The new server also has 50% more processing power, and will be using all SSD drives for storage. The result should be a faster experience for you. The server move will require the forums to be paused, with no new posts allowed during the transfer time. This will take several hours due to the size of the forums, but should be completed within 24 hours once started. I want to thank all of the Supporting Members for helping make this move possible. Their support has been crucial to keeping messing-about online!
  15. Tom renewed his domain with me this past May, so he was still active at that time. And it looks like his site is still up.
  16. Supporting Members now have access to RSS feeds of the Forums! Look in the lower right to subscribe using your favorite RSS reader.
  17. It was a database that crashed. Sorry it took a while to fix!
  18. The BYYB site was basically abandoned and I was stuck with it because I provided the hosting for it. I continued to host it for several years, and still buy the domain name renewal every year, but had trouble finding the time to keep up the maintenance on it. So I turned it over to the Tapatalk people to keep the forums alive at least. No idea why you were "permanently banned" from there, but it might be some automatic thing the Tapatalk people do. Anyway, there are a few of us former BYYB people here!
  19. With all these really really old people around here I may need to add more ranks than just 14 of them! Or adjust the point values so there's some differentiation between all of us!
  20. Well, afraid to tell you that you have the highest rank, Grand Master, which means you must be very, very old! Like me!
  21. That's a new feature the software has. They indicated it would look at post count and time as a member, but obviously it didn't do that! I'll have to dig into the config and fix it! I don't want any of you thinking you're getting younger.
  22. UPDATE 1/5/2022 - I upgraded to sending email via SendGrid instead of this server, so that should allow better deliverability. Please let me know if this works better for your subscription notices, etc. If you are trying to register and don't receive the confirmation email please send an email to me at frank@acumenconsultingcompany.com. Send it from the email address you registered with and I'll approve your registration manually. It happens. I know Outlook and Hotmail email services are filtering out the registration confirmation email, and others may as well. This is sometimes done before it hits your inbox or spam folder, so you won't see it even if you search. I apologize for the inconvenience. Spam filtering is inconsistent and this happens from time to time.
  23. The proof is in the pudding, as your boat held up very well. Weight is an issue for me too, so we will be going that route.
  24. Did you glass it as well as use epoxy? I read where a lot of builders have skipped glassing the hull and they hold up just fine (assuming marine grade plywood). My wife and I may start on my long delayed 10 this year.
  25. I follow a few cruisers on YouTube, and Sailing Florence Around the World uses a nesting dinghy instead of the inflatable kind most use. I thought it looked familiar, sure enough, they did an episode on their B&B Yacht Designs Spindrift that their father built for them right before they started their journey around the world:
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