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  1. Frank I think that the group as a whole is a great reflection on your attitude and common civility in administering these fora. Well done
  2. I'm at the intense thinking stage. I think this is ofen the most important stage of a project. The old how, what, when, where, who and why's are flying arround in my head. Lots of the decisions I make now, I know, I will totally ignore once I get going. But I need to decide early on otherwise I will confuse myself. Once all the problems have been thought about, then I feel able to just go ahead and wing it. I think that actually sticking to plans is very over rated.
  3. Bob that is by far the best post I've ever seen on a boat building forum, or anywhere else for that matter. Your writing is concise, informative and just plain valuable. Very much appreciated Bob, thanks.
  4. If some entity is trying to send a message, I cant think of a more spiritual medium than a Core Sound.
  5. Good to hear that you two hit it off. Nice looking boat, but I don't envy the drive.
  6. Wow Bob your tools are good enough for a calendar on their own. To say I feel inadequate is an understatement. Lovely punt, the appeal is the form fitting the function. It's a tool but somehow more than that. Hope you enjoy it over here.
  7. Almost wish there was a sound track, although you just cannot reproduce the sound, and shake, of a big butt hitting the ground. Beautifull saw work, you can tell by the even breaking along the hinge it was perfectly predicted. Can't wait to see the boards being milled, excellent post.
  8. Make sure you have a centrally located refrigerator and coffee pot. Much more productive to be able to offer guests a cold one or a hot one without leaving the workshop.
  9. It would also seem that the majority of US citizens didn't support it either, so put your self on your own "sh*t list". I'm British, I also happen to be English, but why you singled out one of the countries in our kingdom is beyond me. And the Spanish, come on now, I'm totally proud of those guys, considering how the US has treated her allies in the past. I realize that you are a little exuberant because of the success of the operation but, just a little thought before posting, please.
  10. So guys what is the optimal bow joint size? And what recommendations are there for a support? I was thinking along the lines of cradles for the front and rear bulkheads and the temporary frame cut to size minus the hull thickness. Do you think some longitudinal support is needed between the frames ? Or maybe notch them and use a central support along the keel? I've even thought of hanging the hull from the bulk heads, but it doesn't seem so practical. It's a tricky one to visualize before building. On the plans it looks quite flat down there but I'll bet there is quite a curve once every
  11. It's OK Frank, think garage, think shed, think who will help you launch it, think what size rig you would need for the trailer. Now remember Frank if you can launch it and trailer it on your own, you will sail it more often. Be carefull Frank, big boat lust is a disease that will have you confined to the darkness for years, you will lose contact with all your friends, your marrage and family will suffer, and finally by launch day you will have lost contact with why you built it and stay at home and polish it all the time. Be carefull Frank that kind of thinking is dangerous.
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