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  1. Frank,  I'm trying to hit all available bases in getting my website back on line after being left out in the cold.

  2. Don,  After my reply on your post about the transom, the thread died.  Since my suggestions are completely counter to the plan your took in repairing it, I expected some kickback.  Instead there has only been silence.  As an engineer, although not in structures, I am pretty certain that my thoughts on the forces involved are correct and that a knee as seen on many plans is the wrong way to handle this issue.


    Even if the transom were strong enough to transfer the force through the knee to the keel, the result would be a hollow or hook in the bottom just where it would do the most harm.  Such knees are a bad idea on a boat powered with an outboard.


    Just wondering how this was seen by you and others as I certainly did not mean to shut down an active thread...............Tom

  3. Frank,

    Is there any way to set the time on the forum to local time?


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