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  1. Today we launched Tom Thumb, our Catspaw 8 at Kurnel on Botany Bay. It was better than expected. Tracked straight and rode well with plenty of freeboard with two adults and two children. The little old Evinrude 2 hp pushed along at a sedate speed. A bonus was that it fits and sits perfectly in the VW Transporter with no frame required.
  2. Hi Rattus, The gunwales are an Australian timber called Blue Gum ( a eucalyptus). It comes up a lovely rich red and it is as hard as Hell. I have trid to use a variety of timbers, there are a few bits of Jarrah, Radiata Pine and Pacific Maple plywood. The centre seat is Tasmanian Oak and there are a couple of other odds bits.
  3. The new tender a 'Catspaw 8' and to be named Tom Thumb is ready to splash !
  4. Thanks Gordy, I hope to launch her this coming weekend. I have enjoyed the project and am thinking of what I can start next. I do have as et of plans for the Belhaven. Hmmmm
  5. Well I am nearly finished my Catspaw. Photos of the work in progress are on my SmugMug site. http://boatin.smugmug.com/Boats/The-New-Tender and attached is a recent photo.
  6. Work has progressed somewhat after a few layoffs. I was trying to get the boat finished so my best mate could see it launched but his Big C beat me. Photos of the project are uploaded here: http://boatin.smugmug.com/Boats/The-New-Tender
  7. Started on the tender again after a layoff. Trial fitted the keel and deadwood.
  8. Thanks to all for your comments. I wasn't enjoying the way the epoxy went on with the brush. So this morning went out and got a 4" roller. What a difference, so much quicker and a lot more economical. The results were a major improvement Thanks again guys.
  9. Ha s anyone tried this. I bought a handfull of cheap brushes from the local supermarket (about $2.50 each). When I got home I got out my little tubes of superglue (also cheap stuff) and seperating the bristles while holding the brush upside down dropped superglue around where the bristles were held by the metal band to the handle. After giving the catspaw 8 a covering of epoxy and taping the seams I only ended up with about half a dozen bristles on the boat which were easily removed. That was out of a total of 7 or 8 brushes.
  10. Well, It must be the drugs but when I checked the 'twist' his morning It's Gone. So now the inside seams have been taped and the outside sanded smooth and holes and voids are filled. Tomorrow I will tape the outside and then start on the bulkheads and seats.
  11. Thanks Graham & hokeyhydro, Yesterday I taped the inside seams with a few mm of opposite twist. Following your advice I will set up a bit more negative twist then instal the seats and the panels for and aft to make bouyancy with a bit more neg twist. I will see how it sits tomorrow first. Catspaw With A Twist.pdf
  12. With the rear level and the front tiedown realeased the difference was 12 mm (1/2")
  13. Thanks for your input Hydro, This is a bit of a twist and easily seen by eye Just measured the difference at the bow. Marked it then released the tie on that side and the difference was 12 mm or about half an inch.
  14. I have now 'tack welded' the dingy together and have ended up with a twist. Should I just make sure it is level again before I do the fillets and tape or should I put a bit of opposite twist in and then the fillets and tape ? Hoping someone has been through this before and can share their experience.
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