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  1. I'll say  --  Close hauled all the way.  At least you two finished.  Not sure where/how we lost our steam, but we had some great sails and an even better experience.  Made it to Goodland and called it a week.  I think about it every day.

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  2. Piano hinges worked very well on my exterior hatches (CS 17 Mk 1).  They called for what seemed like very tiny wood screws, No 4 or 6 if I recall, but they hold amazingly well, because they go in about every inch.  I believe I ordered the SS hinges from Defender or Jamestown.  I gasketed with stick-on material from the hardware store sold for car windows.  They have stayed very dry, even in full submersion (we'll not get into that....)

  3. On 1/29/2022 at 4:49 PM, BradW said:

    n addition, if you are putting on bottom paint and will be cruising the boat, likely it'll be sitting around with a bit more payload aboard than normal, so I'd consider running the bottom paint an extra inch or so higher than DWL so it doesn't develop a line of grunge on the topside paint while sitting.  My big keelboat had that stain line just at the boot stripe, so I had it raised up when the yard repainted it.

    Another option, depending on your personal level of finickyness, is to raise the bottom paint level as noted and then paint a boot stripe above it, using bottom paint for the boot stripe.  That way you have protection well up the boat, plus a boot stripe, to boot, ha.  Of course you also have to mask about 3 times, or have a really steady hand.  Up to you whether it's worth all that.  I just run the bottom paint on my big boat up higher. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Reacher said:

    Nick C, (or any other float users)

    Is the weight of the float noticeable when raising the mast?

    Thanks for the photo, PP. 


    I have yet to test the float, fortunately.  I did turtle once.  It was very traumatic, and that prompted me to get the float and make a some other improvements and additions (for example, sailing with safety lines rigged ala Howard Rice, barely visible in this photo.


    As to Nick's question, I notice just a bit of extra weight when raising the mizzen, and can feel the added air pressure if there is a breeze when raising.  I don't know how to quantify it.  "Half a pound"?  It's not a lot, just a hair more than when it wasn't there.


    I put mine on the mizzen, because if I'd have added the extra shaft to the main mast, the length would have exceeded the specially sewn pocket in my cover.  Like someone above, I didn't feel the extra length on the main mast would add that much to the righting moment.  Adding the shaft to my mizzen makes both masts the same length.


    I recommend naming your float.  It's good to talk to it sometimes.  Mine is "Moby Turtle."


    It will act as a wind vane in all but very light air, which can be handy.


    I feel better with it up there.





  5. On those small cups, System 3 sells a small kit that includes a few of those cups for mixing.  You pour in, say, 30 ml of resin, then run it up to 45 ml with hardener.   It can't be as accurate as a scale, but it seemed to work just fine.  It can be used for far less than a "pump" worth, so good for very small jobs.

  6. On 11/29/2021 at 6:58 AM, Chick Ludwig said:

    The resin magically turns back to liquid---including what is in the pump.

    I can't say I want to challenge Chick on anything, but then again it's warmer in NC than in Wis.  I used the hot water method to uncrystallize the stuff, and it was fine, but, man, those pumps just wouldn't clean out.  That little ball bearing in there stayed mired in goo, no matter what I tried.  Had to get new pumps.

  7. I liked the b&b epoxy and definitely like the "special blend" thickener.   I thought the hardner turned solid a little quicker than others (for example no problem with system 3 hardner) so be sure to keep it warm over periods when you're not using it.  I noted the same problem with Total Boat.  If you have to store it for a few months, be sure to take the pumps out and dry them or they will clog up irreparably.

    I used west in the past, but the liquids turned color with time and seemed brittle to me when dry.  But the west publications on line are free and helpful.  The b&b epoxy, in contrast to west, seem "friendly" when solid.

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