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  1. Rick I am planning on coming to Washington to see everything that is going on. Scott
  2. I have a spindrift 12s I will sell cheap. It is quality built and 80 percent finished. I am going to visit Graham soon and I can deliver it along the way from Indiana. PM me if you are interested. I was building it for a customer that was all mouth and not serious. There are some custom changes that Graham approved. $700 will take it, I have very much more than that in it. Scott
  3. Got trailer modifications nearly done to move our 28 to the boat shop. Hope to have her rolled over and in the new building by the end of the month. Along with getting to work on it on a more regular bases I will be working towards getting heat in the shop for the winters to come. Still have to get out and see Graham soon about other design features soon.
  4. On my Belhaven, when trailering I had a short rubber keel roller mounted on the trailer under the CB to let the center board ride on . I was always concerned of the extreme force of leverage on the up haul hardware while trailering. While on the trailer I would relax the uphaul to take the stress off the hardware. Scott
  5. Chic why not just build the 17 instead of trying to cram everything into 15 feet?
  6. I used VC performance paint on my Belhaven, very good stuff. Only thing I didn't like about it was it stained easily. On my next Belhaven Im going to use Coppercoat.
  7. Doug if you mount a small 1/2 inch wide, 1/4 thick by say 18 inch long strip on each side of the sail track the spirit will only be rubbing on wood. Graham had me add this teak strips to my Belhaven because the sail track would dig into the spirits on certain points of sail. Scott
  8. I just seen a new Horizon cat on Ebay for $44,500 that makes a Belhaven one heck of a deal!
  9. Frames just are not needed in this type of construction. For one thing a boat built with 1/4 inch ply you actually have a 1/2 inch thick X overlap horizontal frame where the planks overlap. I built a Penobscot 14 and it had stringers running horizontally but they were in reality just to keep the boat and planks fair thru the building process with minimum bulkheads and temporary frames. Scott
  10. Up late tonight and for some reason it just occurred to me, that I can't understand how this engine well is going to work in anything but very moderate seas. I remember having following seas in some rough conditions that the transom mounted motor on my Belhaven would nearly be flooded with water. A few times the water came right up to the bottom of the engine cover for a few seconds before the boat would rise and let the wave pass underneath. It looks to me with this type of motor well that the cockpit could be flooded very easy in rough weather and no way to evacuate quickly or completely. I had a long shaft motor on a bracket that when the motor was fully down the engine cover was part of the way below the top of the transom. I remember thinking about this on a Belhaven build where the builder mounted the engine in the cockpit sole but for some reason I didn't notice this or see this part of the thread on Malingno's build.
  11. I'm not to worried about the resin saturation, I am using Raka 127 resin which is pretty thin to start with. I also have a feeling that the 425 cold weather hardener is only a bit faster than the 610 fast. Raka says that the 610 will cure if it has 24 hours at 50 degrees, the 625 they claim in the 40's, I don't know if that means 49 or 41 degrees.
  12. Thanks for the info. I have more keel laminations to lay up and would like to get going on them.
  13. Has anyone used Raka 425 hardener? Its their cold weather hardener , they say it will cure in the 40's. It mixes at 4 parts to one part hardener.
  14. Chick when I go out to Grahams I can bring the one spindrift. If you know of someone that would want it or if someone that's sees this post would like to buy it let me know.
  15. Working on our 28 once again. Sanding and working on the keel wood tomorrow. On Christmas break we are going to start building the rollover jig, which should prove interesting. My wifes cousin has a crane and can get the boat from the pole barn to the new shop but can't help with the turn over. I'm planning a visit to Grahams in February to get the bulkhead plans, tabernacle plans. I would like to get the structural bulkheads in this spring so I can get the beta set along with the shaft log in. Then we can start thinking of interior layouts. Still trying to collect lead for the ballast, but it takes awhile to hunt up 3000 lbs of the stuff. We are about 2000 lbs short now. When I was in a Key West boat yard in October they cut a 800 lb lead keel off a boat and sold it to a salvage dealer, would have loved to had that chunk. Anyway we are starting to move forward again. Scott
  16. Brent it's a great solo and couple boat. Its not a fast planning boat like the CS and CSMK3 but loaded down with all the comforts and storage for two weeks out along with two batteries that I always carried she would still do 4 to 6 mph. Much faster than that on a broad reach. She will plane in the right conditions and not loaded heavy. Go ahead jump in there and get started.
  17. Ken I knew he was a brilliant man.
  18. Randy Beckson makes some where the lid covers the screws and the opening groove. Yellow really is the best . Hope you have fun with her and yes post some pictures! Scott
  19. Almost ten years ago! Where does time go? I still miss this boat, would love to build another some day. Even thought about building a bare hull to sell, instead of working on houses for extra income. Scott
  20. Not unless there is an act of God!! I will not be able to get going real good on the boat till spring. No heat in the new boat barn, but I will get some things done over the winter. I hope to be in the water in two years but realistically it will be three. Even then I may have to use the boat as a trawler until I can afford the sails and all the rigging for a 28.
  21. Great post Jim! I have much trouble keeping my priorities where they should be, I wander off sometimes only to pay the price and come back. Sometimes my faith and a walk around our 28 foot hull is all that keeps the dream of cruising and doing the loop alive. Scott
  22. Chick here are the two boats.
  23. I did Ten Thousand Islands twice in our Belhaven. It was some of the best sailing and R&R we had on our boat. Liked Panther key and the backside of Whitehorse key the best for camping. We went the second week in January both times. We launched at Port of Isles and took the 8 mile canal trip to the islands. Much wildlife to be seen in the canal, including manitee's. There are many rules for camping and exploring the islands that are inside the Everglades park boundries. without a camping permit you have to anchor a 1/2 mile off shore and you must not be on the island after sunset. There are many islands that not included in the park to camp and explore at will without all the red tape and enforcers.
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