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  1. Very!!!! clean neat looking work! kind of unusual to see, but very nice!!!!
  2. So Sorry this project is over for me, Truly wish someone would take over with the love and care I put into her.
  3. As much as I hate to this dream is going to the burn pile soon, so if anyone knows of someone that could be interested please let me know. It just has to go. Its a great hull, been built and always stored inside out of the sun and rain.
  4. Yes, the whole build is on the forum unless they have been deleted I guess I should check. https://messing-about.com/forums/topic/7737-28-foot-crusier/page/2/#comments
  5. I strip built this hull in cypress and is glassed inside and out with 17oz bi-axle fiberglass. I have about $6500 dollars in it. It's free to the first person that will come and get it. It sets on a trailer that is NOT road worthy but can be used to get it on another trailer. I have access to a crane for a fee to load also. This is a very solid well built hull, I just don't have the resources or the health to continue with it. Message me if your interested. Scott
  6. Thanks Graham, I'm using epoxy primer and two part paint. This will be the first time I rolled it on , usually spray it.
  7. Getting ready to glass bottom. How long does epoxy need to cure before painting? I'm going to set it outside in the sun for a few days and let it bake. Will that be long enough with the hull getting hot?
  8. On the Belhaven it calls for filling that space with expanding foam after coating in epoxy and before putting the lid on. Not only is there nothing to vent then, but it also adds some impact resistance to the area. Scott
  9. Yea Chic the one I brought you had all the seats and bulkheads in. This one was not very far along, just past folded open with the front bulkhead in and most side planking. I actually bought rights to three so I still got one that's not started.
  10. I started this spindrift over 10 years ago, it got set aside for other projects shortly after I got started. But I was needing something to do this winter that would fit in the garage so out she came. The bottom of the hull is 1/4 inch meranti and the sides are 3mm oakume planked with 1/4 inch mahogany. The transom is rounded mahogany and the front deck is mahogany and birdseye maple. I'm moving along at a good pace now so I will bee posting a few pictures along the way for those that are interested. There is a lot of customizing of this boat, its the basic design with some pretty's added. She will come in 40 to 50 pounds over weight I'm sure but she will sure be purty! Heres a pic of the deck roughed in.
  11. Chic I used off white glass bubbles from Raka then mixed maple flour slowly till it was close. Worked pretty good, thanks for the help all. Sanded real easy, looks good now sanded, we'll see what it looks like after everything is coated. Might have a picture tonight on a new spindrift thread.
  12. Got some filling today on some areas that get painted, I'll do a little experimenting and see what I come up with Chic. Know what you mean on the softer wood around the filler Reacher. My first boat was an Penobscot 14 planked with Okoume which is super soft, ended up with a finish not that great.
  13. Chick the hardwood flour I got is maple and when mixed it turns dark brown, the pine flour turns light brown. I tried some dust from sanding of this maple and it also turn dark brown. I haven't tried mixing other items with it yet.
  14. Anyone ever used woodworking filler under epoxy? I always use epoxy with some sort of filler, but this job I'm doing is a little different. I have some screw holes in the deck of my spindrift deck that after the screws are in there just isn't enough room to bung them. My decking is 1/4 inch Birdseye maple and I want to finish it bright. The wood is very blond and the epoxy fillers are just to dark. Anyway Im thinking of using regular wood filler which I can get to match pretty good. Myself I can't see any problem with using it, but most of the time I don't think about everything.
  15. I used the Rustoleum marine paint on my Belhaven's cabin, decks and cockpit the first time. Looked good at first, but couldn't get stains of any kind to clean up completely. It was tougher and harder than the Kirby's I had used on the hull though. Just a little info.
  16. I also was thinking of Tom, I stayed at his dock on the creek once. Don't remember the lay of the land for sure, but ten feet of surge wouldn't be good.
  17. Two cents!! The rectangle opening ports always are pleasing to my eye on a traditional looking cabin such as yours. The oval look better on a modern looking cabin such as on the new core sound series. Have fun ! Scott
  18. I once built a model air boat with 049 on it. It ran great in the driveway or in the yard but never ever would it start when I would take it to the lake! I would try everything at the lake to get that darn thing started of course my son was with me so I couldn't throw a fit and stomp it into the ground. We would drive home and it would start right up. Had to be some kind of gremlins involved! True story must have drove to the lake a half dozen times and not once would that little 049 entertain us!
  19. Looks great don't ruin it by putting any of those manual drive systems in. (Oar locks) Like the zero turn mowers they take two hands to operate and you cant hold a sweet tea or in my case a beer!
  20. Chic you are a master boat builder! Love the stretch's you have done on this jessie design. I've been wanting to do a slightly stretched (10%) Belhaven, strip built for a few years now, maybe some day. Scott
  21. We are slowly letting women take over the world You could always cut a deal with her, build in the garage or the living room! That's giving her two choices.
  22. According to the boat foundation of North America vent size is to be computed by this formula. First take the length of the hull, multiply by the horse power, then divide that by the size of the fuel tank in gallons, then multiply that by the age of the fuel line, divide by two if its a plastic tank or by 4 if metal tank. Now it gets tricky Rx4+27-N23x 2.2= ?? All crap just go get a VS can trace it out and bore a hole, with a glass of tea in hand. Scott
  23. Seldom does a week go by I don't think about my Belhaven. It's simply a stable comfortable 19 foot boat. As for performance she is quite capable in the right hands. My biggest problem was I always loaded her down to much. I took anything and everything I wanted, my lockers were always packed. But that's what comfortable cruising was to me. I did ten thousand islands several times with the boat carrying close to 600lbs of stuff not counting people. That's just the way I went. I'm pretty lied back when it comes to sailing, Seldom ever adjusting a sail unless changing directions. As long as the boats moving forward, to me all is good, drives performance people nuts when their on board. I have a Islander 28 sloop that's everything in want in a bigger boat. Bob Perry said this was his favorite cruising design and I understand why. But the trailer boat is special in that I can travel around doing the inland lakes and rivers that I love. Love this little boat and I will build another in the next few years for a trailer able boat. Don't think you can go wrong with the Belhaven unless you want to be on a plane all the time she wont do that. Scott
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