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  1. All paint was AwlGrip. Moon Dust - cockpit & deck Matterhorn White - cockpit & deck Whisper Grey - bottom and interior cockpit Fighting Lady Yellow topsides Sunfast Red - Bootstripe AWL-G9093Q AWLGRIP TOPCOAT FIGHTING LADY AWL-G7214Q AWLGRIP SUNFAST RED AWL-G8035Q AWLGRIP TOPCOAT WHISPER GRAY AWL-G8003Q AWLGRIP TOPCOAT MATTERHORN WHITE AWL-H3002HG AWLGRIP AWLCAT #3 TOPCOAT BRUSHINGAWL-G8035Q AWL-D1001G AWLGRIP 545 EPOXY PRIMER GREY BASE AWL-D3001G AWLGRIP 545 EPOXY PRIMER CONVERTER More information for you on stuff I used. Teleflex HK4200 Hydraulic Bays GAR-19513 Garelick Compact 2 Step Stainless Steel Transom Ladder Hope this helps, dale
  2. Mike, Here are a few photos of 'Salty'. See attached. Hope this answers your question about the steering system. I apologize for the poor quality of the port side shot. dale
  3. I don't think I have ever mentioned this on this forum. A long time ago I had an O'Day Daysailor (my first sailboat). It came with a magic-tilt trailer. I loved both boat and trailer. So naturally, when I finished my CS 17 'Lively' I purchased a tilting trailer. I have never been sorry. It allows me to launch the boat from ramps or beach. I have never gotten the hubs wet and therefore have never had an problems with bearings. It is hot dipped galvanized. Sorry, I do not have any photos of the trailer or of it in action. dale
  4. Mike. Congratulations on choosing a very fine motorboat. I launched my Marissa in Nov 2013 and have been enjoying her very much. I agree with just about everything you said, including the total cost of about 20K. I ended up putting a 60HP Yamaha on my 'Salty' and I think on hindsight the 40HP would be adequate. I definitely wanted fuel injection so had to go for bigger than the 25HP. Even though I consider myself a sailor, I followed the typical motorboater mentality and went for the largest HP Graham said I could put on her and of course the dealer made the 60 seem like it cost less than the 50. She really flies. However, with the higher horsepower I can always run at lower throttle settings if I want to. One thing you mentioned was hydraulic steering. I have it, but really wonder if it is worth it or not. You might try to test other lower cost systems to see if you like them. I did it on the advice of a neighbor who is used to big inboards and said I had to have it. Keep the photos coming. Bring your questions to this forum. I will be happy to help if I can. dale
  5. Quote from Brent above "The aft seating area of the boat makes a great lounge area for stretching out on a lazy sail. Imagine laying flat with your feet up on the seat, an arm draped lazily over the tiller, maybe your head propped up on the transom while the boat moves sweetly in a whisper of a wind, you completely relaxed." This is exactly what I do on my 'Lively'. dale
  6. Brent, It is good to see such a great CS design coming to fruition. She is looking great and I like the color. I like the idea of the foam construction you are using Good job, thanks for keeping us informed. Does she have a name yet? dale
  7. Quote from initial post "The only time I have considered the Core Sound any thing close to tender is sailing single handed. In this case I have found it more effective to shorten sail rather than add ballast because I reduce the angle of heel and the boat is still light enough to pop up on plane, even with the reduced sail area. I sail mostly alone an only weigh about 160lbs. I have found the above to be completely true. dale
  8. Thanks Gordy. Just loved it. My kind of race. dale
  9. Lennie, Not sure what you mean by seams but if you are referring to the combing, mine is 4 lengths of Mahogany. Two shorter pieces for the forward curve and two long pieces one on each side. My combing is 1/4" mahogany for the combing but then I added a 5/16" outside piece down to the deck so it gives an appearance of a little over 1/2 inch. I actually did this because when I added my canvas cabin I needed this thickness to screw the snaps to the outside of the combing. Since you mentioned laminating, maybe you are planing to laminate the combing with two 3/16" pieces and that is great but my suggestion will use a lot less wood. I like the thicker appearance much better than the original 1/4" only. I had to steam bend the curve at the forward cockpit. If you do steam bend, I recommend you view a UTube video by a boat builder using a plastic bag and steam while on the boat. He did it for the gunnel. If you can not find it let me know. I think I can find his name on Off Center Harbor. I butt joined the combing pieces together using straight epoxy and the seams show darker than the mahogany but it is really not noticeable. The way I did it, there are only three glue lines. Hope this helps. dale
  10. Joe, she looks great. Good job. Does she have a name? How about some photos of her sailing. dale
  11. Carla & Graham, Hang in there. We all wish you well and a good recovery. Dale
  12. Lennie, As you know, I have had the Honda 2HP Air cooled 4 cycle since launch in 2007. I have had a few carb problems but never any over heating. I would recommend the Honda. The only real problem is that it is very noisy and vibrates. On the other hand it gives great incentive to turn it off and get to sailing. The quiet when turning it off is wonderful. dale
  13. It has been a long time since grasshopper. I loved that show. Thanks chick for the video. Lenny, I am sure I have mentioned this before but just want to mention it again. I used System III Water based two part paint on cockpit, topsides and bottom. I rolled and tipped with foam brush and it came out very well. That was back in 2007. 'Lively' has basically had no maintenance to date and you saw her. She has been kept outside covered with a tarp. Her paint is still in excellent shape. However, the varnish is in sad shape. With the medical condition you mentioned, I would not use anything except waterbased paints if I were you. I would also recommend you use two part paints. my 2 cents worth. dale
  14. Alan and Ken, Thanks for your comments. They are thought provoking. Alan, I like your explanation of how you use the stock configuration. I usually sail by myself so am sitting on the side deck. I very much like the mainsheet configuration for the reasons you have given. I will have to practice your idea of adjusting the mizzen sheet by feel instead of turning to look at it. I have also had the sheet pop out and cause problems like Ken has mentioned so that may be affecting my thinking. However, so far I have not capsized her but have come close a few times. dale
  15. Why do people insist on changing excellent proven designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? and then wonder why they do not work!!!!!!!!!! dale
  16. It sounds good so far. Still wishing an excellent recovery. It sounds like she is in good hands with Beth being there. dale
  17. Graham, Maybe I am missing something. Would you explain your thinking of why it is better to have to turnaround away from the forward motion of the boat to adjust the mizzen sheet. It just seems totally awkward to me. thanks, dale
  18. Par/Paul? Thank you again for an excellent explanation of your changes. I like all of them except the angle alum. I think I will re-fit 'Lively' with Yours, Tom's and Brent's sheeting for the Mizzen. I like the sheets in front of me. dale
  19. Par, I am very impressed with your changes. I was referring to flexibility of use, i. e. seat removed access to motor, etc. not flex of hull. However, I appreciate you additional explanation of what you did do. Questions: Did you carry the seat face risers mimicing the sheer forward to its conclusion at fwd bulkhead? Did you completely eliminate the aft bulkhead? It would seem that with the aft seat removed the alum angle would have a tendency to cut your leg since it is very thin compared to a square wood piece? It also seems that both the curved transom and the seat risers curving would be a lot harder to construct. Also, I love your mizzen sheeting arraignment. I have disliked Graham's arraignment since I launched 'Lively'. I plan to change it when I bring 'Lively' into the garage for a re-fit this summer. Do you like this arraignment? Actually, I was going to go to the sheeting that goes along sprit and down mizzen mast but was not sure how well that works. Several folks like it but was wondering if there might be confusion between sheets if both were in front of you. I do not like turning around to sheet mizzen. dale
  20. Par's idea sounds like a good one to me. I only have one aft hatch on the starboard side and it is not convenient to shove stuff over to the port side. His way would require access on both sides but seems much more flexible at the loss of some flotation. dale
  21. Carla/Graham, Hope all goes well and Carla has a full recovery with all her problems fixed. Dale
  22. I agree totally with Peter. My 'Lively' has the open aft cockpit and I have never been sorry. I use the motor infrequently but the convenience and access to it is just so much better with the open aft cockpit. dale
  23. Lennie, I am pretty certain that they are 2" inside diameter as I mentioned on the phone. Don't buy oars. Build you own. I think Graham has a plan for just some simple curved blade oars. I made mine. It was not that hard. Dale
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