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  1. I just ordered my masts from http://www.onlinemetals.com/index.cfm. Here is what I ordered and the prices. The sizes were based on availability, UPS shipping cost and Bill Heil & Graham's recommendations. They indicated an overstock on 2.5" for what it is worth. Qty Description - Size Price Total 2 Aluminum 6061-T6 Bare Drawn Tube 2.25" x 0.065" x 2.12" Cut to: 96" $33.26 $66.52 2 Aluminum 6061-T6 Bare Extruded Tube 2.5" x 0.125" x 2.25" Cut to: 96" $42.84 $85.68 Shipping Cost: $28.04
  2. Thank you Frank and Double 7 for the new photos. It looks great. I will do this on my CS 17.
  3. Rob Macks of Laughing Loon kayak has recommended polypropylene as a protector of the keel on kayaks for abrasion protection. I am thinking about using it on my CS 17 keel instead of stainless or bronze. I have already used in on the leading edge of the rudder and centerboard. Or maybe Xynole cloth? What do you all think of this idea? Thanks
  4. Gordy did an excellent job on Scotts boat. That boat is the reason I chose to build the CS 17. It sails fantastickly. We were out with our sailing club and the winds really started to blow. Gordy owned the boat at that time. He just dropped both sails and moved one to the third mast step and sailed like it was a calm day. I believe Gordy had also increased the sail size. However, for where we sail here in Florida that is probably a good idea. The way the boat handles is a real tribute to Graham's design.
  5. double 7 I think your idea sounds great and the picture of the top is exactly what I was thinking about. However, I am still having trouble understanding how the socket pipe is attached. I don't understand how the rubber bands are attached to the boat. Maybe some more pictures of it would help. Frank I tried to download the pictures and was unable to do it in the usual way where I just hold the curser in the upper left corner and am then able to click and download. Would it be possible to get the pictures set up in the same way others are set up. I really like his idea, but am not at that point in construction yet so need to save. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Charlie for all your valuable info. I am not planning on having much bright work on my CS 17 but when I get to that point your info. will really come in handy. Now that I retired on 1/1/05 I am started on the boat again. Dale
  7. Charlie, you have done an excellent job. The boat looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing all your construction shots, ideas and now final shots of all your efforts. Dale
  8. Great job on you boat and thanks for the info on Cetol. I too am trying to decide to paint or varnish. I have been leaning toward paint but will check Cetol out. I have a long way to go before finishing will rear its decisions. Dale
  9. Tim, Great job on you boat. I like the way the open stern worked out. That is what I plan to do also. You are an incentive for me to get going again. I went 3D almost a year ago but have not progressed since then. My wife has been sick so have not had time. She is now doing better. Also, 4 hurricanes slowed progress with evacuations, etc. I am retiring on Nov 30th so hopefully will then be spending full time on it. No need to apologize for your craftsmanship. Hey, you are sailing that is what is important. Send us more pics. Some of us need the incentive. Dale
  10. On my CS17, I did the same thing that Charlie did on both the centerboard and rudder. However, I used polypropylene which was recommended by Rob Macks of Laughing Loon kayak fame. Actually, I bought the polypropylene from him. I used 2" wide strips. Since I have not completed my boat, I have not had a chance to test it yet.
  11. Sorry about the double. Don't know what happened.
  12. Thanks Graham for the great shots. Do you have any photos of the button knobs you spoke of? Tks
  13. Thanks Greg for great information.
  14. Greg, Here is the info for "Messing About in Boats" Magazine 24 issues per year $28 per year 29 Burley St. Wenham, MA 01984-1943 Phone 978-774-0906 No recording machine. If you contact Bob Hicks the editor, I believe he will send you a complimentary issue. The magazine is not a glossy. Articles are written by folks like us on this forum. Some are good and some are not so good. I like the variety. Dale
  15. Greg, I just started a subscription to "Good Old Boats" and love the 1st issue. However, I still think "Messing About in Boats" magazine is my favorite. It is great to get so much boating stuff every two weeks.
  16. Tom/Graham, what is the date for the Great Race this year? Also, do you have a website for the sponsor. I need to plan some vacation time. I am very anxious to have my CS17 done before then and also to see Tom's Bluejacket 24 for which I have purchased plans.
  17. While you all are planning your expeditions. Don't forget about the famous messabout in Cedar Key, FL. It usually occurs on the weekend nearest May 1st. It is great fun. Many home built boats of all types, motor and sail. I have gone for about 6 years now and have really enjoyed it. Dale
  18. Thanks Brent, Brad and Graham for the Great ideas and pics. Gives me more to think about.
  19. As I was taping seams today, I was thinking, always dangerous about propulsion when there is no wind. Oars are a last resort. We have some tide to worry about in the inlets. I was previously thinking a 2HP outboard. But had this idea of puting an electric on the rudder. Any ideas from you all out there. Was also wondering the best placement for a heavy battery.
  20. I might recommend you check out Amazon.com/toolcrib. They have a lot of products mentioned and also sometimes have some valuable customer response writeups which have helped me make tool decisions in the past. Dale
  21. Yes, I am am member of the West Coast Trailer Sailors and we do have great events. I sail the 10ft long John Marples yellow tri Bananas that I built several years ago. If you look at some of the old photos on the site you will see my Bananas with her spinniker flying. Here is my copy of the url. Hope it works. Dale http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/index.htm
  22. Charlie, living in Florida I know do not go north of the state line after Oct 31st. I bet you will be driving as fast as you can to get back south when you hit the snow and cooooold air. Dale
  23. You aroused my curousity. I went 3D on my CS17 recently. I measured it. It is 5'6" which will be increased by about 1 1/2" gunnels. So mine will be 5'7 1/2" it appears.
  24. Well, I just went 3D a couple of weeks ago on my CS17. All of a sudden my garage got very much smaller. So far I am able to work ok. My garage size is 11' X 18' with an 8ft wide door. I built a frame on wheels so I can move out to driveway when I need a lot of room but have not needed to yet except to clean up once in a while. I am using RAKA and it is working fine. I have used System Three on previous boats with great success. Your building size sounds great. I wish I had that much room. Go for it!
  25. I asked Graham what size engine to get for the CS 17 I have just started and his comment was: "Generally a 2 HP outboard is fine for an auxiliary"
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