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  1. Graham, Please add me to the list also. I have been thinking about how or if I wanted to have one. This will help. Thanks
  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Graham and Carla and to all the folks on the forum. I have enjoyed all the posts and received some valuable information from this forum. Thanks everyone. I WILL finish my CS 17 in 2006! Dale
  3. Thanks Graham for your input. Stinkpots are always a problem with sailboats. I don't like them much but decided it would be nice to have when the wind died. In fact, this is my first sailboat ever to have a motor in about 30 years of sailing. On the environmental side, I am just finishing a set of oars to the plans I received from Graham. I will post a photo later. One other thing I will mention. When I met Graham at the WaterTribe event last year he pointed out to me that the U-bolts on the transom should be mounted vertically so that's what I am planning to do. Net, mizzen sheet will not foul the U-bolts or the rudder tiller. Of course, I am sure they will somehow miss the motor also.
  4. Here are some photos of what I have done for the transom and motor setup. I don't know how it will work in the long run but the plate on the aft transom is a cutting board I swiped from my wife's kitchen. Maybe she won't miss it. The cost was right. I hope it is ultraviolet proof. We will see.
  5. Thanks Graham. I appreciate your quick response and thoughts on placement choice. I am intrigued by your ideal of two compasses, one on each side deck. I will give it some thought. I can probably get two smaller compasses for about the price of one large one and since they will be much closer, I should be able to read them if I can find the right location. I will probably be sailing by myself most of the time so do not have to worry about it being obscured.
  6. I noticed on Graham's CS 17 he had mounted a fairly large compass (5" ?) on the forward combing. Is this the best placement for it? Can an old man like me see it from the helm? I was thinking a bracket compass (removable for storage) mounted on the aft of the centerboard trunk. I am also bewildered by "direct read card" "flat card" or combination. Any help or recommendations for placement or type would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks Brent for the invite. Please keep us informed as to your plans. The only thing I know of going on during the period you mentioned is the Big Cedar Key, FL messabout. I think it is on the weekend of May 6-7 next year. It is usually the first weekend in May. It is a great event. I have attended for many years and it is a lot of fun with many different boats attending. I was hoping to see several B&B designs there next year. Maybe you all could make it down to FL to attend it.
  8. Brent, I too would be interested in a trip like you describe if you would like company. (that is if I can ever get my CS 17 done). I am now shooting for Christmas. Everything takes 3 times as long as I think it should. This is my first year of retirement so I should generally be able to fit a trip into my "busy schedule". I have been busier now than when I was working.
  9. Rob, Please post some closeup photos if it is not too much trouble. I am getting close to the point where I will be having to deal with these things. Thanks
  10. Great job Scott. I wish I had thought of that before purchasing mine.
  11. Thanks everyone for your feedback. What is so great about this forum is all the helpful folks out there. I really appreciate your feedback. Because of all the comments, I have decided not to drill any holes and to opt for a 8" deck hatch mounted on the seat side. I actually had seen this setup on Graham's CS17 when he was here for the WaterTribe in March. I didn't think I would need the extra storage so was going to take the cheap route. However, in light of my thoughts on pressure and your comments I will go for the hatches. Thanks again
  12. I am completely closing the forward side seat compartments. I have heard that a small hole should be made somewhere so that pressure will equalize within the compartment as it heats and cools. Any suggestions as to what size the hole should be? Thanks
  13. I cannot speak for the 20 but I am building the 17 in a garage that is 10' X 18'. Basically, with workbench, stationary tools, etc. around the sidewalls, I have about one and one-half feet on both sides and 6" at the bow and stern. I too put the boat on a frame on casters and it has worked out OK. However, I would definitely recommend more room. It seems like I always have to move something to get anything done. I have my tablesaw on wheels and move it out to the driveway for cutting anything large.
  14. Jeff & the boys, A great story and pictures. Thanks for posting it. It keeps us slow builders going and dreaming. Keep your adventure stories and pictures coming.
  15. Back to the boat carriage. I thought I would post a photo of my portable building frame. You can see the supports under the boat that were used when the boat is upright. Hope this helps.
  16. There is a very nice photo of Travis boat at the BEER event on our local sailing club site. Go to #9 and look for it. Sorry, it does not show the Staysail. http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/photo.htm
  17. Aw yes, we all learn from our mistakes. I have made enough for everyone. Your boat looks great. I just love the concept.
  18. Rob, Great shots, thanks. Please post some plans or measurements for the best of your greek boxes. They are really intriguing.
  19. Great work Tom! Thanks for all the pictures especially of the new "sailing glove compartment" or power panel or nifty storage space.
  20. Thanks Rob. Your photos are exactly what I needed. I now understand how the front needs to work. I will try to figure a way to make the tops a little thicker. I was actually planning to put the closed cell weather stripping foam on the hatch top as you suggested. Thanks again.
  21. A second thought. If you could provide any measurements in this area, I would appreciate it.
  22. I need some help on the cockpit side hatch. Specifically, the front portion. I want to construct it like Grahams, but in plywood instead of constructing with fiberglass. From a previous post, I have photos of the back and side gutters so I think I understand these. However, I cannot figure out how the front portion works. I can not quite envision how it will seal in this area. If anyone could post a photo of the front portion of the side hatch and provide any help with this area of the hatch, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  23. An observation. The rudder cheek on one side had warped in a twisted manner. I had not worried much about it. Recently, I threw it in the back of my Honda CRV to take up to the Sea Pearl dealer to see about purchasing a metal bracket for a motor. I actually, forgot about it for a couple of weeks. When I went out there recently to put something else in the car I saw it again. You can guess what. It is now perfectly straight. Maybe it is the heat and humidity here in Florida. It was epoxied on both sides. Hey, I don't know how these things work but I will take it.
  24. Graham, If possible, please send me a copy of plans for the mizzen staysail. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  25. Scott, your boat is looking great. It looks as though you are just a little ahead of me. I just installed the centerboard trunk. Tom, I love the idea of a mini-locker. I have been thinking of a convenient place to have the GPS, compass, etc. Please post a photo.
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