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  1. Here are some more photos. Actually, everything is done on the model except the sails, combing and gunwales. The combing and gunwales will be mahogany just like the big boat. The Big boat and the model are now at the same stage of completion.
  2. Tom, Great job on the panel. The doors are just like in the BIG boats. They give it that nice finished touch. I think I am going to stick with portable electronics but I may build in a small portable electronic 'glovebox' to carry the radio and gps. Thanks for the photos.
  3. Wes, See my separate post on the model I am making. Dale
  4. I am making a model of the CS 17 I am building. I just started it a few weeks ago. I think I am doing it in backwords order. You are supposed to build the model first. I have my real life CS 17 almost done and then start a model. I am making it in the same way the big one was made. I used Birch Plywood Aircraft 1/64th" for the bottom and topsides. I used masking tape instead of wire stiches and it worked great. I used hot glue when doing the butterfly flat to 3D. Used quick set epoxy and Titebond wood glue on the rest. I used Birch Plywood Aircraft 1/32" for the bulkheads and seats, etc. For the wood pieces I used balsa. I think it was about 1/16 thick by 1/4" and also 1/8" square. The masts are 1/4". I took my CS 17 plans to Kinko's and copied them at 175% which allowed me to use the plywood at 2ft length to best advantage. Then just used a sewing marking wheel by running it on the plans over the wood which marked small holes and cut out with a heavy duty scissors. Made the centerboard and rudder directly from the expanded plans using the sewing wheel also. Both centerboard and rudder will function as in the big boat. Painting and epoxy/varnish will be the same as the big one. A few early photos are posted below and will take some more tomorrow. Everything is done except the sails now. View the photos from bottom to top Chronologilically.
  5. She is looking great Tom. We are are about the same stag of completion. The bottom and topsides are faired and I will prime today. You may have already mentioned this in another post, but what have you installed under the mizzen thwart? Would you please post a close up of it? Thanks
  6. congratulations are in order. Going 3D is a really big event and you have cause to celebrate. Go ahead do it. I am looking forward to the photos.
  7. Congratulations Graham and Fred! A new record WOW. What an effort! Since I took pictures of your departure, I wish I could have been there for the arrival. I woke up about 2AM this morning and was so excited about your progress, I checked the satellite site and saw that you were already there. I second the comments about the WaterTribe site. As of a few minutes ago they still had not posted the winners or their arrival times. GREAT JOB GRAHAM & FRED.
  8. Bill & Oyster, Sorry I missed you both. Hope we will meet another time. Per the satellite it appears that Graham got there around 1AM but the WaterTribe site is not showing it so we still don't know the results.
  9. Hi everyone, Here are my photos of the start of the WaterTribe this morning. Dale
  10. Just for info. Here is my CS 17 going 3D in an 10' X 18' garage. It was tight.
  11. Thanks for all the comments guys especially Charlie. Your explanation was exactly the way I did it. I did have a helper but I could have done it by myself. It did want to roll quickly through part of the roll but was easily containable on the 17. Well, I did not want to mention the temperature. I probably could have had shorts but was not working quite hard enough. With sanding and finishing I will probably need shorts since it will be work. Temp lately has been in mid 70s. Sorry for the green stuff, I will edit it out next time. Don't want a mutiny.
  12. Thank you Charlie for your photos of the Princess rollover. They really helped me in rolling over my CS 17 "Lively". She is now ready for me to prepare and paint the bottom and topsides. We used two comealongs and an old ancient wood block and tackle. We took the block and tackle apart and used one block with each comealong. The blocks had two pulley wheels but we just used one. It made the rollover a piece of cake. We did have one problem when we first tried it in my garage. The roof was not high enough. So we found a wonderful camphor tree in my front yard and it worked great. Here are some photos.
  13. I just completed making a birdsmouth hollow spar for the upper 1/3 of my CS 17 mast. I had never done it before and I enjoyed it very much. You will too. If you are not aware there is an excellent article in WoodenBoat Magazine on Bird's Mouth Hollow Spars which I used specifically to determine the sizes to make the staves. Wooden Boat July/August 1999 number 149 page 31. I did all my calculations in metrics. It was much easier to calculate using the percentages. I spent about 4 hours making the staves on the table saw. It was very tedious because they were very small. If you are going to make oars you will have the same experience. The next day I took about an hour to glue up both of them. It is best to have two people to do the glue up. They came out to the right size so I guess I did the calculations correctly. I used a power planer to ruff them to almost circular. Now my next step is to sand them smooth. If you need more information, let me know.
  14. HI jordyn, Your dog looks like a boat dog to me. If you ever come to Florida, I would be happy to take you and your dad sailing. I do not have any granddaughters so it would be nice to meet you and your dad in person. Dale
  15. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. We all had the same or similar questions. Hopefully, someone on the forum will be able to help you.
  16. Thanks for continuing to post great photos. You do seem to really enjoy your sailing trips. The scenery down looks like a wonderful place to sail. You continue to give me the incentive to keep at it. I am now hoping for a March 11 launch of my CS 17 "Lively".
  17. Thanks Barry for the site and which include plans for the steam box. I guess I will try the steam method. I will also construct a form like to photo above to make the bend in the bow coaming.
  18. Here are my oars and mounting. They are based on Graham's plans and seeing the way he mounted them. I shortened the total length to 8' 8" and adjusted the other measurements proportionally. I used his ideas of tubes extending into the forward compartment but sealed to prevent water from entering it. I am very happy the way everything turned out. Thanks Graham
  19. This year Cedar Key is May 6th & 7th with some folks coming Friday and leaving Monday. I am planning to have my CS17 done by then and to bring it. It is a great weekend. I have been going up there for about 10 years or more. Just laid back sailing, exploring, and meeting people. Everyone is welcome. Come on down to Florida and visit.
  20. Can anyone help with steaming a 11/16" thick mahogany for my CS 17 combing. I am just about at that point. A neighbor gave me a bunch of mahogany which he got as part of a Chris Craft restoration project. It is 11/16" X about 4 or 5" and about 12' long. I plan to use it on the combing and have already used it on the deck and foredeck rails. I may even have enough for the rub rail. Do I need to build a steamer or do you think it will work with the boiling water towel process? Thanks,
  21. Graham, Glad to hear you will be coming down for the WaterTribe. I will probably come down on Friday just to check things out and see if you need any help with anything. On Race Day, our West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron will be coming to see all the boats off and then head off to breakfast while you guys do what we all wish we were doing. Anyway, hope to see you then. Let me if I can do anything here for you before you arrive. Dale
  22. Congradulations. She looks great. I agree, all the help from the forum folks really helps a lot.
  23. congradulations Charlie, I only dream of such a wonderful shop! As I have said before, my shop/garage is 18'X10' and does not leave a lot of extra room for the CS17 I am building in it. I would not recommend anyone build a 17 with this size shop. Anyway, your shop looks great and so organized.
  24. Hi Graham, Thanks for the anchor roller plan by email. A couple questions, if you don't mind. Will you store the anchor on it while sailing? Tied on/down? Where will you store/keep the anchor rode? Thanks,
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