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  1. Ok Brent. Here are some photos of "Lively". I am still not finished. Made a trip to Atlanta to visit my son and have not had a chance to get back to the boat yet. I am going to add another post on my concept of bow deck hatch in the near future.
  2. I just returned from a trip to Atlanta to visit my son. We will definitely have to sail together sometime. congradulations! Get us some pics on your next outing. I echo other comments above on a motor. That is why I purchased a Honda 2HP 4cycle. We used it a lot on a dingy on my tri sailing trip. I think it will work out great on my "Lively" if I can ever get back to her for several coats of varnish. PS: let me know if you find any great places near ATL to sail. Maybe there are some motorless lakes or low HP lakes.
  3. A great looking boat and a great color. My son lives in Atlanta, maybe we could get together for a sail this summer. I plan to take it up there sometime. Dale
  4. congradulations! The boat looks great you can be proud of it. My "Lively" is getting close and looks very similar except I have a white hull bottom and topsides.
  5. I was notified by someone in our sailing club that Robb White has died. I just could not believe it so I checked it in the local Newspaper in Thomasville Georgia. I have included his obituary below. I had the chance to meet Robb a couple of times and have corresponded with him a couple of times. He was truly a great person. We in the small boating community will miss him. His writing in Messing About in Boats was just wonderful and the articles in Wooden Boat Magazine were also nice. We will all miss you Robb. I for one will be sending a contribution to his chosen charity. Birdsong Nature Center (800) 953-BIRD (229) 377-4408 / fax 377-8723 2106 Meridian Rd Thomasville, GA 31792 BirdsongNC@aol.com Dale The Thomasville-News reports the following obituary on May 18th, 2006. Robb White, local writer and boat builder, died suddenly on Tuesday, May 16, 2006. He was born on June 4, 1941, in Thomasville. A graduate of Thomasville High School, he served in the United States Navy from 1959 to 1963. He attended Florida State University and graduated from Valdosta State University with a degree in biology. He taught science in Jefferson County, Fla., for 10 years. He is survived by his wife Jane; and his sons and daughters-in-law, Sam and Pam White and Wes and Erin White. He was the grandfather of Rosalie, Will, Neil, Rebecca Jane, Claudia and Allison White and the brother of June White and Barbara White. In accordance with Robb's wishes, after cremation his family will lay him to rest without ceremony. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Birdsong Nature Center.
  6. Brent, Well I just returned this afternoon from a 10 day sailing trip on my nephews 31 foot Farrior F9A tri. And also a car trip to Summerland Key about 25 miles from Key West. Both trips were just perfect. On the sail trip we sailed from Clearwater to Ft. Meyers and then trailered back. The tri is a duracore wood boat. We were hitting 9 knots on some days having a ball. He trailers the boat everywhere. He lives in Walnut Creek, CA. His son sailed it in the Bahamas for 7 months two years ago. However, it is a very big boat and took us about half day to rig and same to de-rig it. I will stick with shallow water sailing in "Lively". In the keys I caught a 25 lb dolphin fish. The biggest fish I have ever caught. This was the first time I did any deep water fishing. I am not a fisherman. Anyhow, to your question. I will get some more pics up next week. Basically, all I have left to do is to sand and apply 3 coats of varnish to the deck and spars, mount the hardware, centerboard and rig it. I want to take this moment to give a special thanks to Ray. I followed his directions on building the combing and it worked very well. I am very pleased with the results. Another side lite. We used the 2HP Honda 4cycle air cooled engine I plan to use on "Lively" on my nephews rubber dingy for the sailing trip and it worked like a charm. It is a great little motor.
  7. Scott, I am not sure about 4200 but most of that stuff will last a long time opened if you store it in the refrigerator. Just hide it in the back and your wife will think it is something special you are saving. She will be right.
  8. Don't worry Frank. Most boats can float the trailer if it remains attached. It happened to my brother-in-law during the Mississippi River floods and he rescued some folks that way. He eventually wondered why everything was so slow. We still raz him about it but those days long ago were rather hectic.
  9. I filled my masts with foam Noodles. They were a little to big for my mast size so I just sawed them into quarters or eights depending on which section of the mast they were going into. I just used a jig saw to cut them. The top of my mast is birds mouth fir sealed at both ends which are shown in a previous post.
  10. Charlie You said you have used it on varnished surfaces. Would you recommend using it on the forward deck on my CS 17? It will be varnished. Thanks
  11. I used a lot of dry wall screws from the outside in to the inwale. Did it by myself. These were used in a temporary manner until epoxy set then removed. I kept them high enough so that the rub rail will cover all the holes eventually when you get to that point. I also used a lot of spring clamps. You will be ok just go for it.
  12. Thanks guys for a very interesting and informative thread. I am not planning to add any lead to "Lively" my CS 17 but you never know what boats you may be building in the future. Dale
  13. Thanks Tom. I have now received the Messing About April 1st issue with the article about Loon. I read it with great interest as I have their other articles. Dale
  14. Wes, The model is looking very good. Keep the photos coming. Lets continue to hear from Joe and also Missy. Dale
  15. Dan, Which issue is it. I don't see it in any issues I have. However, I did discover that I may be missing the March 15th issue. At least I have not found it yet. Thanks
  16. Jake & Wes, Modeling. After having used 1/64" for the hull sheathing and 1/32" for the bulkheads and seeing Wes's model, I think the next time around I would use 1/32 for the hull sheathing and 1/16" for the bulkheads. I guess we should ask Joe his preferences too. Joe what do you recommend?
  17. Thanks Brad for the link. I don't know how I missed it the first time but I did. Graham and Fred look so smoooooth leaving the dock!
  18. Graham said: If you watch the video that the chief took of us leaving Flamingo on the watertribe.com site.... I went to the WaterTribe site but did not find a video of Graham sailing. They were all kayaks or Wizzard sailing. Can anybody tell me which video it is or where to find it on the site? Maybe I just missed it. Thanks,
  19. Thanks Graham for the mystery explanation. Sounds like a great electrical solution. Thanks also for the additional info on the staysail and your use of it in sailing the race. The placement info will be valuable to those using a staysail.
  20. Hi Graham, I have a question for you if you don't mind answering. I took the first photo of your boat at WaterTribe by holding the camera under the mizzen thwart to capture how you did the centerboard cleat. However, when viewing the photo I noticed something over to the right in photo (port side) and I cannot figure out what it is. I don't remember seeing anything under the thwart when looking at the boat. Can you tell me what it is? I hope you can see it in the reduced thumbnail photo. The second photo shows the cleat which you have under the deck on each side of the boat. What are these cleats for? Thanks, Dale
  21. Congradulations Graham & Fred. Great Job! I enjoyed seeing you again, watching and photographing the race start this year.
  22. Wes, The decks are the birch plywood finished with two coats of epoxy. The center thwart is mahogany/pine finished with epoxy. The rest of the boat is painted. Semi Gloss on inside and gloss on the outside just like I will finish the real one. Dale
  23. Wes, Your model is just fantastic. Keep the pictures coming. I agree with you that building a model first then the real boat is best. I wish I had done that. The model building process helps you visualize the various steps needed to complete the boat.
  24. Wes, Show us pictures of your model as it progresses. Personally, I think it is generally a mistake to modify a designers important things like hull design. Modify the small unimportant stuff but not basic stuff like hull design. Build Reuel's sharpie if you want round stern. I also have and like Reuel's book.
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