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  1. Good luck in the future Ray. Come visit the forum once in a while. I always enjoyed your comments. peace, dale
  2. Two things. If my memory serves me correctly (it does not always) Graham capsized in heavy weather in one of his EC adventures. Maybe he could comment or Allen or Doug or someone closer to the situation.. I think I mentioned it previously on this forum, but I once fell off my CS 17 when letting out a reef. I was able to get back in the boat with great difficulty and it was in fairly protected water (I am not as young as I think I am 72). Therefore, I recommend to everyone; add a boarding ladder to your boat. Dale
  3. I will add only this to Chicks comments. I live in Florida. Big time humidity. It has not been a problem for me. Occasionally, I will get some blush and it just needs washing off with water. Caution, anytime you might even think there may be blush, wash. It is easier than dealing with the problems it can cause.
  4. David, I am one of those folks that did not glass the outside or inside of 'Lively'. She was launched May '07 and I have had no problems with her at all. I have already stated in more detail on this forum. What I did do is cover the keel and 4 inches on either side with Polester fiber for better abrasion. I also put a 6" wide and about 4 feet long piece on each side of the bottom where the chine is. This protects her as she leans over on the beach. I have beached her many times and am happy with this arrangement. By not glassing you save weight and epoxy. I did use three coats of epoxy everywhere. I guess I should add, I did glass all seams per the plans. Dale
  5. Is that an Evenrude Etec on her? If so, I would be interested in why you chose that engine. I am still debating which engine to get for my Marissa 'Salty'. That is assuming I ever finish her. dale
  6. I would not bother with the third mast step. I have one and have never used it. The problem is you almost have to make the decision to use it before you leave land. Because if you are out in weather heavy enough to want to change to one mast/sail you cannot do it because the weather is too heavy. Ever since I switched from sleeve sails to a track with two reef points I have not worried much about high winds. Double reefed I have sailed in over 25 knots and been comfortable by myself. I have no opinion about the lug sail idea except it would limit the flexibility of two sails and ability to reduce both of them. I would suggest you sail the cat/ketch rig first and you will never go to the lug. dale
  7. I agree totally with MisterMoon as quoted below. The only difference is my 'Lively' has a hollow mast drain tube made of epoxy to drain outside the hull. I was made by plastic tube which was then pulled out. dale "My boat has a little copper drain line that goes into the bottom of the mast step. I also sprayed it with McLube every so often and it's easy to pull. I personally don't don't see much need in an assistance device. The rig isn't all that heavy and hard to set or pull."
  8. Thanks Alan for the tip on the rollers. I was just thinking I needed to order some more. Dale
  9. Please show us more photos of your beautiful boat. Thanks, dale
  10. Stand on a slick CB. Now that is a excellent thought. How might that happen? dale
  11. I sprayed my alum with Rust Oleam enamel. They held up OK for a couple of years but after 4 years now they are looking bad. I would not recommend doing what I did. Next time I think I will try a 2 part epoxy paint or something like that. dale
  12. Thanks Scott. Will look for Rescue Tape or equivalent. dale
  13. Sorry, I also have a question. Is there a formula for the bushing diameter relationship to the bolt or screw diameter?
  14. I may be wrong here but I thought you were supposed to us un-thickened epoxy for bushings like this. Thickened will not soak into the wood as well and or be as strong?
  15. Here is a copy of part of my trip report for Cayo Costa State Park taken last weekend. However, one problem occurred. As I was sailing, I noticed water beginning to accumulate in the bilge. I finally determined that the Anderson Bailer was working very efficiently in reverse (well not quite that bad but was leaking). It was not a problem because I was moving at planning speeds so whenever the water got a little deep I just opened the bailer and it worked very well extracting the water it had just allowed in. This is the first time since 'Lively' was launched about 5 years ago that I have had any problem with the bailer. I was not worried because I have seen photos of the CS 17 test capsized. When up-righted they have very little water still left in them. So the extent of my problem became apparent when I stopped sailing and landed on the beach. Then the water slowly came in and I bailed when I felt like it. Fortunately, I was grounded most of the night Friday so I just slept with a little water in the bilge. On Saturday morning, I determined to see if I could tape it shut so a bunch of the best WCTSS guys helped me lift her up and put the anchor locker under her. I washed her down and tried the duct tape I had on board but it would not stick for some reason. Ron saved the day by offering some plastic tape he had from Sailright. It worked perfectly. Problem temporarily fixed. The tape held all the way back to the dock. Conclusion: Before five years, check and replace the bailer gasket. The photo shows her up on anchor locker ready for taping.
  16. Redwood will weather and last forever if used for siding homes, etc. I have some that I removed from my 1940 built home and through it out in the yard and after about 10 years it is still in good shape. I built a redwood stripper canoe about 30 years ago. It is fiberglassed on both sides with 6 oz glass and has held up very well and still going. However, I used some of it on some floorboards on my CS 17 and they have broken and split several times. The wood as you say tends to shatter. Dale
  17. Tom, Were you at the start of the EC? If you were I am so disapointed I did not get to see and talk with you. I would have invited you to breakfast with the WCTSS (West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron) (big name not stuffy). I know everyone would have enjoyed speaking with you. Aren't those Core Sounds something. I remember I bought the plans for 'Lively' the year before Graham won the EC Challenge in the Green CS 17. Seeing how well the boat does in these races makes me even more proud of my CS 17 and of Graham's design expertise. I love my 'Lively'. She has taken very good care of me in some interesting situations. Congratulations to CS boats and there crews in the EC and all the competitors in the race. Dale
  18. Thanks Howard. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks also to Rick for your reply. I think I may try the bow chock. dale
  19. Anybody know where I can purchase a straight chock for the point of the bow? Also to stay on topic. I fabricated a SS Bow roller per Graham's plans for the bow of 'Lively' and it has worked very well for 4 years or so now. Thanks, Dale
  20. In my Marissa, I glued all the foam on the floor upside down before gluing it in. dale
  21. I built my "Lively" CS 17 almost 5 years ago now and used Okoume exclusively for the plywood. I varnished the decks and painted the topsides and interior with system Three. I did not fiberglass anything except the seams. It has held up very well. There are a few dings on the topsides but no other problems. However, I did cover the small exterior keel with xynole and it has served me well because I frequently pull the boat up on sand beaches. I also did add a 4 " strip strip of xynole on bottom outboard next to chine. It was designed to protect the boat as she leans to one side or the other and it has done just that. By doing this I saved a lot of weight. Look at the photo gallery on our West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron and you can see photos of Lively or the many post I have here. http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/
  22. Ray, Good to hear from you. Hope your 2013 is more to your liking. Isn't it stange how life gets in the way of boatbuilding sometimes. I am still trying to find time to finish my Marissa. dale
  23. I am still not done with my Marissa. The hull is complete and upside down painted and just a couple minor things left to do before turning her upright to finish and paint the inside. I specifically asked Graham what HP the Marissia will take because I had a dealer hasseling me about it. Graham responded in writing that Marissia will take up to 60 HP. I still cannot make up my mind about what engine to get. I am still leaning toward the eTec or the Yamaha but keeping Gordies recommendations in mind. Thank you for all the engine weights above. dale
  24. Whenever I give my wife an estimate as to when I will finish something, she just automatically multiplies by 3. dale
  25. Gosh Gordy, you just multiplied your 2 ¢ worth by 10 fold and/or 20 fold. You are getting more valuable by the minute. My 2 ¢ worth. thanks Frank for this valuable info for me a computer idiot. dale
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