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  1. Thank you very much PAR and Tom. I am also worried about the abrasion so will try to space it off the boat and leave some ventilation. The gentleman who will construct the cover said that Sunbrella will breath which should help avoid moisture buildup but not sure if it will help the temps.
  2. I am trying to decide which color boat cover to get for my Marissa 18 'Salty'. I want to get a dark charcoal color Sunbrella but am worried about it getting too hot under it and causing epoxy degradation. I have been told the dark colors last longer and I like it best. I live in Clearwater Florida. High temps in summer usually go no higher than 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Boat is on a lift. Do I have much risk here? Anybody out there have any information or opinions about this question? thanks, Dale
  3. Lennie, I agree with Allan that 1/8 th inch will not make much difference. However, did you try it on several flat surfaces or just your MDF box. I would try it on your granite counter tops in the kitchen. This will also be a true test of your wife's committment to the boat construction project. dale
  4. WOW Lennie, you are really making quick progress. She is looking great. dale
  5. Lennie, I am confused by your photo. I don't think I have ever seen a center bulkhead still in the boat when preparing the seat longitudinals. Is this something that Graham recommended or is part of the kit boat process. I think it would be helpful to be able to view the full length of the side seat longitudinals to be sure they are straight and level. Are you doing something different with this center bulkhead? dale
  6. Lennie, You are making great progress. Your boat looks great. Keep up the great work. My favorite song to listen to while building was by Guy Clark "Boats to Build". dale
  7. Thank you Garry for sharing your article. I enjoyed it very much. I am more of a trailer sailor guy but can appreciate you thoughts. dale
  8. Lennie, My opinion based on building two of Graham's boats and others is that fir works great just about anyplace on the boat. It is not too heavy, very strong and fairly easy to work. I have had no problems with cracking as your advisor has suggested. You have to get straight grain I think mahogany is way overkill particularly if cost is considered especially on a place like the inwale which will not even be seen. Sorry, you had the problems with blow out. Did you epoxy the seams before going for the inwale? Epoxy even without glass may have helped hold everything together. dale
  9. Great photos. I love them. Lennie, Go for the varnish. You can always paint her later. If you plan to keep the boat covered, the varnish will hold up very well in Florida. You have seen my 'Lively' and she I am ashamed to say is 5 years with basically no maintenance. I plan to bring her into the garage and do some serious refurbishing this year.
  10. Steve, Have we seen photos of your build. If so where are they? tks, dale
  11. I have attached a photo so you can see how I mounted the motor on the transom. I also should mention I used a 20" long shaft.
  12. I agree with Ken. I have used my Honda 4cyl 2HP on my CS 17 'Lively' since day one and have been happy with it. I have had a couple of problems with fuel though. NEVER NEVER use any fuel that contains ethanol. All my problems have come from either very old fuel or ethanol. The other thing I do is turn the fuel switch off and let her run until she dies. Then when I get home I unscrew the carburetor drain at rear of engine to get the remainder of fuel out. More recently, I have taken the advice of a motor expert and actually siphon all the fuel from the engine if I think I will not be sailing for quite awhile. (this is probably overkill) Since I have started doing these things I have not had any problems. dale
  13. Gezz, that deserves a shot of Capt Morgan instead of a shot of Pikes Peak but that was nice too. dale
  14. Many real lumber yards carry 5/4 stair treads. You might try to find them. dale
  15. Congratulations on your start of a great adventure. Dale
  16. I agree. I definitely would not remove any of the transom. Add to it to make a flat if you need it. dale
  17. I guess I missed the date. When is it? tks dale
  18. Wes, Just want to add my complements on a great video. I enjoyed it very much. Except for a different hatch, 3' longer and a rear deck she reminds me very much of my 'Lively'. Thanks for taking me sailing on your boat. dale
  19. Here is a photo of my Marissa 'Salty' in Fighting Lady Yellow. Sorry about the photo. the colors do not show up very well in my garage. I am getting close to finishing her.
  20. Here is a photo of 'Lively tubes under fwd deck.
  21. I got my wire from Graham and it looks like the photo Howard posted. dale
  22. I built 'Lively' from scratch since there were no kits at that time. I would have done the kit if available. I consulted with Graham about the lowered deck aft and he told me how to do it. I have never been sorry I lowered it to seat level. I do still have significant storage under the aft seat. I wanted it this way because i knew I would be putting a 2HP Honda on the boat and it would be much more accessible. Graham may be able to modify the kit for the lowered seat or tell you how to do it if you would like. I would suggest if you do the aft higher deck that you make a cutout for a small motor unless you are a pure sailor. I do not like motors very much but cruising with our club there are many times where it is very convenient to get out channels, etc. I have seen photos on this site of flush aft decks with a cutout for a motor. The only other thing I modified from the plans was my forward deck hatch. I did not like the hatch sticking up. I thought it was ugly so I made a flush hatch similar to the way they do on kayaks. I have never been sorry about this change. There is so much storage on the CS 17 that I rarely even use the forward deck hatch. I have been to the WoodenBoat School many times. I think you should not have a problem building since you have had the class. Getting the time to do it is always a problem for me. I seem to have too many hobbies in retirement. . Just call or email me when you would like to visit and talk boats. I will find time. I love to talk boats, sailing, etc.
  23. I am in Clearwater. Our trailer sailing club goes to Cayo Costa and have been down as far as Ft Meyers and the Everglades on adventures. I would be happy to answer questions or show you my boat if you would like to drive up to Clearwater. Check out our website and you will know when we are coming your way. http://ftp.ij.net/wctss/wctss/ Where are you located? Dale
  24. I did the same think Wes did. It has held up well. However, the reason I did it was because I needed the additional thickness to screw the snaps for my canvas cabin. Dale
  25. Boarding Ladders. Here is the one I put on 'Lively' https://www.wholesalemarine.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Garelick+Stainless+Steel+Transon+Ladder+Step Here is the one I bought and will put on my Marissa 'Salty'. Which is almost done. http://www.wholesalemarine.com/garelick-compact-2-step-stainless-steel-transom-ladder.html
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