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  1. Stew and Aphers, Thank you both for posting your comments! We went back to check the numbers and geometry on the S11N as we always do and in the process you helped me discover that we STILL have an error in the S11N templates and the kit with the aft seat. Aphers comment clued me into it. It's something I fixed nearly 2 years ago in the plans but the templates for some reason did not receive the update so I'm now drafting a correction email to the affected builders and hope to "save" some of them. To answer your question about the nesting bulkhead location, you have it in the correct place. As was noted, the bow sits well above the top of the transom so there will be ample space for it fore and aft in the stern half of the boat as you can see below. Depending on how far forward you taper out the keel strip it will sit roughly as shown. Just make sure your nesting bulkhead is "planar" i.e. flat in all directions when you put a straight edge across it especially athwartships. There is more than enough "wiggle room" for an 1/8" deviation from the plans in it's placement so consider it perfect. In the case of the stern seating parts as mentioned above, use the dimensions shown in the cut sheet located in the plans for the stern seat tops, sides and fronts. These dimensions are correct. The seat top in the templates is too wide at the front end and does result in an interference with the bow half (much to my embarrassment). It's ironic since we "updated" the Spindrift designs to 3d models and added a lot of detail to the plans including the shapes of these aft seat parts only to have this happen. The original plans only included their location in the stern of the boat and the builder is meant to frame them in and pattern the pieces to the hull as built as Aphers did. A wise move but hopefully going forward this will be put to rest. T
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  2. So, yesterday evening, we went for a motor in Local Honey. I brought along a Lewmar 2.2# (2 kg) plough anchor I bought some time ago, because it was cute and cheap. We also had my 4# Danforth-ish along. I did an anchor drag test on both in the foothills sandy-mud-clay (listed in least to greatest percentage) that we are blessed with. I set them in about 12” of water, with about 2’ of chain. Neither anchor was able to set! Granted, this is not coastal Carolina pluff mud. BUT NEITHER WOULD SET!!! I’ll bring them both to the Messabout, for coastal testing. I had always considered the baby Lewmar a toy, and this test confirmed it. The Danny was a surprise, however.
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  3. Not sure if we're talking about counters or power skiffs or what anymore here. But i did want to add that my experience with Halcyon tracks with Kennee's, especially in the last year or so, when I think Total Boat improved the mix. It's pretty good stuff, not up to "real" varnish, but definitely worth using unlike some of the other water based products. We have used Halcyon at our volunteer shop, where short recoat time is always a plus because the kids or other workers are only on hand for a couple of hours or so at a time. With Halcyon, they could get two coats in one session and come up with decent results to boot. The soap-and-water cleanup is a real plus in that setting as well.
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