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  1. Got the short shot lashed and oiled. Used red cedar and 3/8 okoume plywood.
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  2. That is why the engineer in me could never build a traditional boat. I couldn't stand the thought of designing something and not being able to build it exactly. Then it being to unstable or having bad manners after all that work. Plus not being to reproduce the same hull shape again if I wanted. Not against traditional boats, just no interest in building one.
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  3. Steamed the coaming cap this evening.
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  5. Build of #24 spent a couple of hours going over all the information out there on the internet and your recommendations and came up with a 50 watt semi-flexible solar.panel, 30amp charge controller, and a 35 amp-hour agm battery to start off my power supply if I need more storage the batteries are small enough I can add an additional one quite easily. The next thing will be the switch distribution panel, more time on the internet
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